Hollywood Model and Actress Kiersten Dolbec takes to the Red Carpet in Cannes

Hollywood Model and Actress Kiersten Dolbec takes to the Red Carpet in Cannes, France on May 20th, 2019. The actress also has a mysterious role in the End Game, Avengers which was not released in the final cut. Kiersten walked the 2019 World Premiere “purple carpet” for Avengers Endgame in April of 2019 in Los Angeles.

Here in Cannes, France, Kiersten was a guest of the World Premiere at the Festival de Cannes for the newest documentary about the famous soccer player, Maradona. The Maradona film premiere was directed by the Oscar Award winner, Asif Kapadia. “What happens to a child star when you grow up, lose your gift, have to face challenges like family,” the director explains. “Family stuff is personal stuff, messy and heavy. Amy and Senna never got to the point in their lives where they had to deal with that.”

The premiere was excellently portrayed highlighting the emotion and drama of the soccer player in a way that was relatable and pulled on the heartstrings of the many at the premiere. The world-famous soccer player went from fame to shame, and eventually almost lost his life to addiction. This movie is a testament to the human spirit that transcends even the expert world-class soccer skills that the great world class winner, Maradona was able to perform during his time.

Kiersten Dolbec was interviewed on the red carpet and commented, “The work of the Director Asif Kapadia is always excellent...This film highlights the struggles of people who are trying to cope with bias.” The film itself showed how the former world-class soccer player was highly regarded by some and by others was scorned. He lived a questionably luxurious life, with great fame, and with it came to an expected amount of pressures and circumstances that influenced the direction of his personal life. The amazing take-home point is his sheer determination in spite of drug addiction, public and private enemies, he still brought the team to victory to be one of the all-star soccer players of all time. #KierstenDolbec #CannesFilmFestival #FestivaldeCannes #Cannes #Maradona #Worldpremiere #Hollywoodactress

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