Exclusive interview with Lu Tirado — model, actress, singer and IT girl

Today we are happy to have Lu Tirado  model, actress, singer and IT girl  all easily combining in her fragile personality. Easy going and sunny, she shared few insides of her backstage life. 

CP: Hi Lu, we are happy to have you! You describe yourself as a fangirl that occasionally is singing, acting and modelling. It is such an easy attitude to life! Is everything you do comes easy to you?
LT: Some things do come naturally, but I’d say a lot of work needs to be done in order to accomplish bigger and better things.

CP: You've moved to LA at 18, how would you desicribe this city? 
LT: I absolutely love LA, it’s a city full of art, I feel like LA, it’s a city where you can be yourself and express yourself freely with no one judging you, everyone does their own thing.

CP: What made you move to Mexico? Do you prefer it to LA? What's special about it? 
LT: I was born and raised in Mexico City, so pretty much my whole life was here, and my parents decided it was time for me to come back home and persue a normal career, but I’m still working my way into the industry here.

CP: Now you devote your space time to modelling. What was the most fun collaboration you've done? 
LT: I did a boudoir shoot with “cuarto secreto”, it was super fun, since it’s something I had been wanting to do for a while, but opposite to what everyone thinks, I’m actually super shy, so I had to find the courage to do it. It was a photoshoot where I felt the most confident and free, it was an awesome feeling when I started to let go of my fears during the photoshoot, I didn’t want it to end.

CP: How would you describe your personal style?
LT: I have a difficult time explaining myself.  I can’t fully classify as edgy, preppy, boho(y), or girly. I do know that I lean towards modern, looking more for flattering pieces and color, lots of color.

CP: Are you a shopoholic? Where do you usually shop? Which are your favourite designers? 
LT: I don’t consider myself a shopaholic, although, I do love to shop for clothes every once in a while.
I usually shop online, Dolls Kill and stradivarius are my go-to shops. If I do shop in person and I’m in the mood to splurge, I usually go to top shop or free people.

CP: What is more important for you making financial success or having fun? 
LT: Having fun, definitely. I feel that the most important thing about a career, is to enjoy it and have fun, since it is what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, so it has to be something you have to have a pasion for, I never want to do something for the money, that’d be selling out, which is something I’m never going to do.

CP: How did you chose what you wanted to do?
LT: Since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to be an artist, that I wanted to entretain people, I remember watching tv shows and saying that someday, I was gonna be on a tv show, of course my parents, thought it was just a phase, that I’d get over it, but I never did, this has and will always be my career path. But looking back, I think the moment I really set my heart on it, was when my aunt took my brothers and I to see the Lion King the broadway musical, because after that, I could only think of being on a stage.

CP: Do you have any proyects coming out?
LT: Actually, I do! A few days ago, I was honored to be part of Carlos Said’s new music video, which will be coming out later this month, he has an amazing team, and he is an amazing person and artist so it was truly heartwarming to be given this opportunity.

CP: What is your biggest dream?
LT: My biggest dream is to be able to have a stable job in the industry, doing what I love, and making people happy. Also, one being on a magazine cover would be pretty awesome.

CP: How did you learn to sing? You have an amazing voice!
LT: Oh, thank you. Actually, I’ve never taken a singing lesson in my life, my family never let me, since they thought it was a waste of time, and jr was just a phase, so I think it must’ve come naturally, since I’ve been singing my whole life. My technique, comes from trying to imitate Demi Lovato, and also I learned a few things from youtube videos.

CP: What has been the most difficult situation that you’ve gone through or are going through in your artistic career?
LT: One of the most difficult things is finding castings since most of them are invite only and as of right now, I donmt have management. Another difficult thing, is having people bigger than you in the industry, trying to take advantage, promising things they won’t ever do and they end up just stepping all over you. Also, not having my family’s full support is pretty hard. Luckily, these past few months, I’ve found incredible people, who actually want to help me and want to see me succeed, people who believe in me and keep pushing me to believe in myself and let go of my fears and shyness.

CP: Thanks a lot Lu!
LT: Thank you for having me!