"Cosmo Life" July is out!

Cover Girl of July Issue is a holywood actor and comedy queen Yui Shibata, leading actor in “Stalking Elvis”.

Creating a movie based on a real story is not always a simple thing to do. While some stories basically write themselves, there are also some that are very challenging and you do need to figure stuff out on your own. “Stalking Elvis” is a great movie that features Yui Shibata in the main role and the entire thing is based on true stories from factual mentally insane lunatic stalkers.
This is a SAG-AFTRA movie directed by Joseph Guinan. Josepth has been a casting director in Hollywood for a very long time. His specialty is casting people of color and a lot of his films/TV series feature those non-white actors. He is the creator behind Miss Igetu Soun, one of the most iconic characters in recent memory. It’ s truly exciting to see how everything comes together into the movie, and the casting of Yui Shibata is indeed perfect for this role. The name on its own is very catchy, it’ s similar to a Bond girl name, and it immediately attaches to your mind in ways you would not imagine.


The fact that this is based on a true story brings in a rather meta experience to say the least. You rarely get to have something like this to begin with, and the entire thing is so distinctive and also quite iconic that you will enjoy it immensely again and again. 

Written by Ella Herada. Read the full article in the “Cosmo Life” July Issue.