Exclusive Interview with French pianist Aurelien David 

 Our exclusive interview is with Aurelien David, French recording artist, singer and pianist. Today, Aurelien shares his time between Germany, France and Israel. Aurelien David’s first album “Adon Olam” is an eclectic mix of pop ballad, influences from French Chansons and reinterpreted traditional Hebrew texts and melodies, accompanied by a piano arrangement inspired by classical composers.

Aurelien David began playing the piano at the age of 7. He received classical training with renowned international concert pianists and singers. At 16, the path was set for him to pursue a career as an artist, but he decided to study engineering, politics and business instead. After completing his master's degree at 21, Aurelien began his successful international career. 7 years later he founded his own company for international development cooperation. Since then, he has been traveling around the world working for government institutions, helping to realize sustainable projects. For a long time, he has been dreaming about reconnecting with his first passion by producing his own music. Inspired and surrounded by great people, he finally decided in 2018 to launch his own label and realize a project that is very important to him, the album "Adon Olam”.

Glam: Hi Aurelien how are you doing today? 
AD: I feel fantastic. Full of energy, right in the middle of a creative rush.

Glam: What’s up in your music life now? What are the ongoing projects today? 
AD: I am currently recording my next singles, building up to my first album, working on my first music videos concepts. It is a very exciting and vibrant period in my life. I have so many ideas, things are happening at a mind-boggling pace at the moment. It’s crazy.

Glam: Your album “Adon Olam” is sort of a mixture between poetry, prayer and classical pop music. How did you come up with this? 
AD:  I have a deep connection to Judaism and was always captivated by this musical heritage. I want to radically break down all boundaries between religions, music styles, languages, the old and the new. 

Glam: Actually, you’ve been playing since you were 7, but “Adon Olam” is your first album, right? How comes you only recorded it now? It is quite particular, memorable, signature voice of yours. How did you come up to your personal expression in music? 
AD: As you say, I have always played music, all my life. I was trained as a classical pianist and singer, but decided to study engineering, politics and business instead when I was quite young. Then I launched my international career, which was very successful and kept me traveling a lot. I kept doing music all the time, but of course I was caught up in my daily business and projects with a lot of responsibility and little time. I wanted to do a music project that is very personal for a long time, and now the time just seemed right to just do it! I decided to follow my heart, be brave, and try to make something unique. I love the timeless motives, melodies and deep feelings Hebrew music expresses, I believe it comes from the soul and touches something universal. 

Glam: You’ve had your share of experiences besides music: studying engineering, politics and business. Do you regret that you spent time on those things instead of going to music right away? 

AD: Not at all. As I said, I always played music. And in my career I really had the opportunity to see the world, realize big projects focused on sustainability, things that made sense to me and make a contribution to do good things – and don’t forget, it helped me gain true insight on the human condition, which is the basis of inspiration for my music and my message as an artist too.

Glam: How long did it take to actually put your album together from the idea to the final product?
AD: It has been an extremely dynamic process – especially considering I have a “day job” that keeps me flying all over the world on other projects. We started about 6 months ago – and I expect to be finished recording the first album in 2 or three months. So it is still work in progress. 

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