Interview with American music producer J Chamberlain

CP: So Chamberlain you've been making music for awhile. What inspires you? 
It's Several things honestly. As a music producer or "beat maker" I feel free when I'm in my creative zone. I feel I have unlimited freedom. It's very full filling to display my creative skills. I want people to get a natural high from my music. 
CP: Your from a small town in Texas. How did growing up in Texas affect your music style? 
Well growing up in Texas by Houston screw music was a big deal. That music is legendary down there. I grew up listening to everything. I would listen to rap station, 97.9 the box and the alternative/pop type station 104.1 KRBE. I just never wanted to be closed into a box. I think a lot of Texas music is closed into a box. It's crazy because I'll start working with a rapper from the Houston area and they say they want to be unique. They end up trying to sound like some other southern rapper that they really like and it's just kind of lame. 
CP: You've had some music deals and placements. Do you feel you can open up the door for more local Texas rappers and other independent artist internationally?
I just want to work with great artist that want to make great music. Artist that want to set their own trend and not scared to think outside the box. Just real people that have the passion but know that it's a business. They need to have a budget to promote their music. Some artist want someone to hold their hand. This is the wrong business for babysitting. You either going to push your product or you not, period. 
CP: What have you learned in the last few years about yourself in your music journey? 
I've learned to just be myself and never get caught up in believing your better than you really are. You can always get better and you must continue to develop your craft. You can't get complacent and hurt your brand. I just focus on grinding harder each day and finding a way to be successful.
CP: We can talk about music all day but tell us what's your favorite things to do in your spare time? 
I like to chill at the beach and wake up to that ocean view and relax. I will take myself out to the movies on a "me date". Just to go watch a movie by myself. My other favorite thing is attending sporting events. I'm a big sports fan and a Dallas Cowboy fan forever. 

American music producer J Chamberlain


CP: What projects do you have coming up?
I'm continuing to make new beats monthly, work with new artist on their projects, and working with GQ Radio. I have some tracks in my catalog I want to release. I'm just trying to put it together for a quality release. I will release some music late in 2019. My website will have the updates on all my upcoming projects. I'm shopping some tracks around and getting interest. I just don't want to rush it and it's not done the right way. 

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