Heather Fay shared her beauty secrets with "Cosmo Chic" readers!

Heather Fay, who has toiled to have her music heard without the backing of a record label, is now poised for a run up the charts with her first single, released at the end of March this year through Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Dist. 

Leggy beauty Heather Fay sparkled in her bikini on the covers of glossy magazines showing off a stunning figure and her unbeaten body.  Makeup artists recognized Heather as the most beautiful star who doesn't even need makeup!

Today, in an exclusive interview to "Cosmo Chic", Heather confessed what price she payed for her beauty and what she does to look amazing despite the tight schedule.

CC: Hi Heather, great to see you! You look stunning, as always!
HF: Thank you so much and it’s great to see you as well, thanks for having me!


CC: Congratulations on your single "The One"! Are you happy with your choice of the label?

HF: Yes! Thank you! I am thrilled with the set up that I have as an artist.  Having artistic and creative control along with the support and respect that every artist needs within their team is a great position to be in.

CC: You have a pretty tuff schedule now. Despite this you manage to look fantastic, from toes to hair :) What is your usual morning beauty routine?

HF: I start every day off early with meditation, which is very important if you want to glow from the inside out. Mind, body, and spirit all three are very much connected. Also before I even get out of  bed I have a glass of water. This helps your body to wake up and start functioning properly. On top of that I drink hot tea every morning with a tablespoon of coconut oil stirred in. Coconut oil is an amazing source of organic energy, it’s really good for the brain and helps you get through the day. With all of these morning habits you begin to glow naturally without the need of much else to look and feel great! Water, tea, and coconut oil are great for you skin, hair, and nails as well so you can’t go wrong with these three essentials.

CC: What make-up brands do you use in your day to day life? Do you have some preferences while your professional makeup during your shows?

HF: When it comes to mascara I have to use the pink and green Maybelline. For lip creams and liners I really love NYX, they have a lot of different options for lips and you can’t go wrong with any of them. When it comes to the pros I just let them do their thing! I will say that I enjoyed it when a make-up artist used Fenty Beauty for my make-up. It went on great and the way everything was packaged and presented was beautiful!

CC: All make-up artists admit your stunning beauty and very little necessity for make-up. Evil tongues speak that you had your nose, breast and lips done. Is any of this close to reality?

HF: I guess I will take that as a compliment!  Lol. I can appreciate that some might look at me and think that I have had surgery done but NOPE, I am all natural and have not had any work done!  #TeamNatural

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