Marina Kufa: "I broke the Guinness Record"!

Marina Kufa — abundantly warming and charismatic producer AND HOST of NOW News Of The World, that has and continues to be an inspiration to a large number of her fan base. With her devoted 15 years of experience to the media/entertainment industry, she has helped broaden the horizon of being the voice and drive of global humanitarianism through her talent! Marina Kufa is honoured with Guinness World Record with ITAP as well She produced several documentaries accompanied by NAT-GEO. You can see her Hosting show Red Carpet Of Hollywood with top celebrities. She works with public relation teams of CMPR producers of THE VOICE and ZTPR. You can see her every year on few out of may on red carpets like All Star, Pro Boxing, Make A Wish Foundation, George Lopez Foundation, Harold and Carole Pump Foundation with A list celebrities. Recently she Marina had produced documentary film — Round Earth Test in collaboration with National Geographic. Action and Stunt Actress — worked on Miami Vice, Rock of Ages as well as Step UP 4 Revolution, Charlie’s Angels as well with Carlos Santana on FIFA music Video “Da Rum Jeto” and David Tutera show with Dennis Rodman. Marina also got her hands on production of the film directed by Wes Miller written by Emmy and Oscar nominated Douglas Day Stewart. Currently she launched NOW Music channel that already had 5M hits in a week. 

R&B: Hi Marina, glad to see you today! What’s up?
MK: So excited to be here! Thank for Having me!

R&B: Always sunny, always looking gorgeous! You created a lot of impact through your various projects! Do you sleep at all? What’s your time management secret?
MK: Thank you so much. I surf with the sharks and Dolphiens... haha in Laguna Beach CA, the secret is to stay connected to the universe, surround yourself with negative ions and learn how to use them.

R&B: Your fame started from PlanetE!, is that correct? What was the most memorable moment from behind the scenes?
MK: My hard work began way back in Miami where we shot Miami Vice movie. The most memorable moment was converation with Jamiee Foxx when he relly took his time during brake and expalined to me (european) the meening of the word MOJO (print on the T-shirts), that was made specifically for the movie.

R&B: I can’t wait for asking you about your Guinness World Record! That is huge! What was the cause? Tell us all the details!
MK: Now, this was more than a dream come true! I was contacted by ITAP rep one of the sourses to do full coverage on this World Guiness Record thet took place on the race Track here in CA for electric vehicle that was made 90% out of recycled batteries and other electronics. My crew thought this is fantastic procect, so we took it on. We were driving this vehicle for 4 days straight non stop to reach the desired mileage that broke the WGR as the first recycle vehicle in the world. The full documetnary is coming out soon. So this is how I got in to the Guiness Record, we just became part of the ITAP TEAM and got to WORK.

R&B: You recently collaborated with National Geographic on the documentary, was it tuff experience for you? What sacrifices did you suffer to make it happen?
MK: One of the most interesting adventures, I tell you… I was contacted by Independed Investigation Group to do coverage on Round Eart Test. Basically flat earth belivers are arguing with scientists on earth shape evidence so there for the scientists decide to prove it. Both of groups were present, Flat and Round earth believe groups. So — we did it again! We did 3 days of scientific experience in colaboration with National GEOGRAPHIC. What a amazing experience! Our documentary is going to be released Dec 1st 2019. It is  called “Round Earth Test”- Dont miss it!

R&B: You are going to be the Red Carpet host in upcoming PRO Boxing World HeavyWeight Title in LA. When the magic happens? Is it invitation only event? How can we follow?
MK: I'm so excited! I can wait! This is going to be a WAR like they said - Ronald "The American Dream" Johnson vs Sergio "Tota" Ramirez. You have no idea. Keep it in mind —Tota already lost a fight with Johnson previously, but is not giving up. Johnson said: "You asked for it? So now You gonna Get it!" Heavy Weight GBO Ron Johnson is trained by the legend of Boxing World Floyd Mayweather Sr. Another legendary trainer will be there — Milton Lacroix with his rising Star Nicolas Irizarry. Milton trains Youtube Sensation Logan Paul and many other famous celebrities. I’m truly honoured to be "Supremacy Showdown" Red Carpet host. Come join us! And take a picture with me on the Red Carpet — we will have selfie contests on instagram for all the fans! You'll find out more when you get there. Magic will take a place October 12th 2019”. Supremacy Showdown "Pico Rivera Sports Arena 11003 Rooks Rd Pico Rivera CA 90601. This place is "on fire" already! We are also have fighting undefended 8-0 with 4 nockouts La Cobra and Brandyn Lynch "Bad News" 9-1 with 7 kos the nephew of Eddy Murphy.

Anyone can purchase the tickets are on sale:

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