Gisele Bundchen cover girl of "Cosmo Chic"

Gisele Bundchen shares her beauty secrets for "Cosmo Chic" November issue!

CC: Your everyday makeup... 

GB: Chanel Mascara and RMS Hygienic Lipstick.

CC: And the most shocking?

GB: For me, the only reason to “kill” make up is Halloween.

CC: Three cosmetic products you can’t live without…

GB: Concealer cream and RMS hygienic lipstick, Chanel Les Beiges powder.

CC:  What cosmetics will you never use?

GB: I think I tried everything - this is my job.

CC: Share the secret of beauty that is known only to Brazilians.

GB: Drink water with natural coconut milk.

Read full Tips&Tricks and enjoy Giselle's beautiful pictures in "Cosmo Chic" November issue.