Mick Mill: the hottest and most successful rapper from Philadelphia

Meek Mill loves motorcycles the same way Mick Fanning (Australian surfer - approx.) Loves big waves. Or how Jimmy Chin (National Geographic photographer - approx.) Likes to climb a four-mile cliff. This is a dangerous hobby, because of which he may one day cripple or even die. Although, if you knew how much violence and death he saw in his youth, you would not attach much importance to this. “This is the only time I feel at peace,” he says, “to ride on the rear wheel and accelerate to 60 miles per hour. Just ride with your bros. No gangster bullshit. This is ... freedom that you can’t get anymore. ”

Mick is the hottest and most successful rapper from Philadelphia in the last two decades. He has millions of sales, several high-profile beefs and a break with Nicki Minaj. He twirls a pack of noodles from a vending machine in the Chester County Prison Visitor Room. This is a rather confined place: men in orange robes are sitting with their loved ones, deprived of the opportunity to lean closer to touch them. Involuntarily there is sadness. Mick, by his own decision, rejects all visits from anyone except his lawyers and several friends. “I will not let them come,” he says of his family, very large and incredibly united. They all live 15 miles from the walls of this prison. “If they see me like this, with a matted beard and a shaved head, then I will reconcile myself to being here. And I’m not going to do it. ”

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