Meet Todd Barrow, Texas Based Independent Country Artist

Cosmo Press presents an exclusive interview with a Texas based independent Country artist, Todd Barrow. Get to know more about Todd Barrow and be sure to visit his website after our interview:

CP: What made you decide to jump into the music industry or music business?

Its in my blood. I was born in a musical family and at a early age began performing both instruments and vocals. Another reason is the adventure involved with the music industry. No other thrill like it.  

CP: What do you think makes you stand out from all the other aspiring and upcoming artists in your genre of music?

I was called to do this as a artist/musician/songwriter. Fueled with a passion like a Nascar driver or a bull rider. Music is constantly in my heart and spills over into great country music. Competition makes me work harder to be my best.

CP: If you could collaborate with ANY artist/band… Who would you choose and why?

I would like to collaborate with a variety of artist but here are a few. Blake Shelton, Dolly Parton, Kenny Chesney and Neil Diamond.

CP: What do you think is your biggest Advantage and your biggest Disadvantage about being an Indie artist?

Love all these questions! My biggest advantage is the freedom to self manage my music career. Disadvantage is capital that the big labels acquire for their artist.      

CP: Do you prefer the Independent route or would you rather sign to a major record label, and why?

I see the benefits for both being a Indie artist and a signed artist. I would be open minded to signing with a major record label if the terms were agreeable. The integrity of my music and staying close to my roots Is important.

CP: Out of all the songs you’ve released, what do you think is your Best song and why?

My best song is Guadalupe River. Inspired by true events and recorded with some cool musicians formally with Miranda Lambert. 

CP: Do you miss the era of CD sales OR do you prefer the new wave of music streaming?  Explain…

Totally miss the CD sales era. Streaming is only making the Big companies richer!!! CD’s are more personal in my opinion.

CP: Between creating in the studio OR performing live on stage, which is your most enjoyable one and why?

I enjoy all the dynamics of studio recording and a place to get creative in production. However I would rather be on a stage in front of a live audience. The energy level is so much better!!!

CP: During your entire journey through the music business, what would you consider your Worst experience?

My worst experience would have to be dealing with some owners at a bar that made me get off stage because they wanted a certain sound of country. Mind you the crowd was going crazy and rushed the stage to get me back up there. Wrote a song called, “Concho Palace” soon to be released.   

CP: What would you consider your most successful or proudest moment in your music career, so far?

My proudest moment actually happened a few weeks ago in Nashville. I was asked to perform at the George Jones for a charity event. It was called Kickin Cancer in honor of a young female country artist who has leukemia.  

CP: If any, what discourages you the Most about music industry these days?

Wow! This could take awhile but in a nutshell a lot of talented people are not getting in the game. It is so overcrowded and hard to find your place. This is from talking with discouraged artist when I’m out performing.  Need more depth in songwriting. Take time to really prepare a song before releasing it.      

CP: What inspires you the Most about the music industry these days?

The endless opportunities to go global. Access to the same tools & processes that Major labels use. That is good news for the Indie artist.

CP: If you wasn’t in the music business or industry, what do you think you would be doing with your life instead?

I think I would be a veterinarian.  Sounds funny I know but I adore my dog, cat, chickens and parakete.

CP: What is your latest release and where fans can find it?

“Hell and Back” is my latest country release. Available on all digital stores such as I-Tunes, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora.

CP: What is on your agenda or what can fans expect to see from you in 2019?

I’m working on releasing an EP this year. Speaking with music supervisors about song placement in TV/Film with companies like HBO, Netflix, ESPN and Paramount Pictures.  

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