Ugo Lanaro. American dream: from ashes to fame

Paris-born in  an artistic family of a producer Mick Lanaro and iconic hair stylist Valerie Gerin, the world would say that little boy Ugo had it all. Ironically, his life was far from being perfect. Often rejected and having no friends in childhood with rare mom’s attention and having not seen his father for years, the boy was left by himself. Early enough, Ugo grabbed the his life by the horns and took independence in everything he did. He travelled the world alone: lived in Singapore, Spain and France and NY, USA. He’s always had a passion for music. Following his dream, he released the first single “I’am away” with a great success. On his rise to success, there is only one thing he never did: Ugo never took anything for granted.

CL: Hey, Ugo, great to have you! How are you today? 

UL: Thank you for having me that’s an honour ! 

CL: You’ve released “I am away” which hit more than 20k stream views. That’s quite a bit for the first track! What was your inspiration? 

UL: I’ve always been kind of in the clouds and away from reality which can be a default or a quality it depends. Growing up I learned how to embrace some of my defects and …yeah made a song out of it. 

CL: You reflected a lot in the song about survival and not giving up. Does it has a dedication? 

UL: Yes this song meant a lot for me, when I started music a lot of people considered that I wasn’t good enough or should sing in French or even said it was too hard. That was a challenge, I wanted to achieve it and talk about the subjects that built me growing up such as what you mentioned. Not giving up.

CL: Despite being a “golden kid” of famous parents, in reality you had quite a very difficult childhood. You’ve got your independence too early, suffered harasments and drug problems. How did you manage to get away of those and not give up? 

UL: growing up I unfortunately lost a good friend of mine who suicided and gave up. This event confused me a lot and made me realise at the same time that life is a test, it’s a war. You either win or loose but in both case you will eventually have to fight for it. I just realised that my life was waiting for me to change in order to progress and change. And not the other way around. 

CL: You are releasing a new single “Sober”. Does it reflects your experience of substance abuse and getting clean? 

UL: Correct. It’s also a way for me to confess. Music is a therapy for me allowing me to just say straight what I do and what I feel. 

CL: You’ve not seen your father since early  childhood. Would you like him to be more present in your life? 

UL: Good question. I used to suffer a lot from it. But today I’m older and you know.. When you don’t have any connection with someone it’s like a stranger so I don’t really miss him. He chose to give up on me I have an awesome mom that I love more then anything and that’s all I need. 

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