Phinova & Anfisa: the story of success

Phinova & Anfisa is totally becoming a huge successful EDM duo. The duo which was formed in the autumn of 2015 in Shanghai, China, consist of Phinova (international MC and hypeman) and Anfisa known as DJ Anfisa (popular as a fashion DJ in Asia).With the release of their most recent single 'Bomb', a collaboration with Hip Hop producer J Strong, and the closing of a successful tour in China, they are now preparing to tour outside of ASIA.'Bomb' is their third release and follow up to their previous singles 'Power Bank' and 'With You'. Their first release "With you" rushed into the Spinnin Records talent pool and was featured on MTVrock official website and Billboard music. As a result, they also get involved with massive Instagram and Twitter support. "With you" was added to several playlists including the Spotify playlists and the single with huge streams in Google Play.The ever-impressive artistry of the China-based duo of Phinova and Anfisa has never failed to surprise the audience. Nominated as the best upcoming EDM artist in 2018, this dynamic duo has electrified the ambiance with their hard-hitting EDM release ‘Dedication’. As suggested by the title, this track is a motivational shout out to all those who are grinding their mental and physical health to reach the ultimate goal. The soul of this track relies upon the enchantingly energizing and heart-thumping beats. The inarguable proficiency of both artists can be well-observed through the dynamic impact of this sonic delight.The duo are quite active and popular on social media promoting their music. Besides Google Play, Soundcloud is used as a playground to release "non-official" tracks for free downloads, gaining about thousands or songs for Soundcloud blogs for repost.Before they started producing together as Phinova & Anfisa they have been active since a resident deejay / MC at different clubs in China. Phinova has been MCing for top 100 DJs such as Mike Williams, Bassjackers and Diego Miranda and performed in Japan, Korea, China, Ukraine and Russia so far, whereas Anfisa has performed as a Porsche and Baidu international and toured many festivals in Asia.Phinova & Anfisa are a creative duo with different mindsets creating a unique universe around them both in the studio and while they're performing.
Besides being very talented they also have lots of experience with LIVE touring, enabling them to perfect their craft, their dj and MC skills.

LC: Hey, guys, how are you doing today?

P: I’m doing pretty well and I’m so grateful to be here today with the “Lounge Club”.

A: I’m good actually dealing with the cold weather.

LC: We are so exited to have you on the cover. It’s especially cool since Anfica is famous as a fashion DJ. So my first question is to Anfisa: how would you describe your style?

A: My style is just a mixture of feeling and emotion as an artist I always try my best to recreate myself and my taste. I grew up in Russia were at my young age girls were so into getting updates in any type of new trending styles back in a day. But now is another vibe I have learned to listen to myself my, energy and my feelings. So I think my style is more like a freestyle without any boundaries.

LC: Do you mix brands in your closing same as tracks? What are your favourite designers?

P: That’s interesting! Anfisa and I are working to develop a clothing line so we don’t really think about other brands. We just do it according to the mood!

A: Exactly!

LC: Wow, that is so coll! We are looking forward to this launch, guys! Is chinese fashion different from European and US one?

P: Chinese society is almost 5000 years of history and the fashion scene is totally something intense and unique just as food and other sectors. But nevertheless Chinese youth are getting day by days close to Western fashion as they also riding according to the influence of social media. But I still appreciate some pure traditional Chinese fashion designers.

A: According to me there is a huge difference. In China tradition and culture will always be the front door of any fashion creation even if the modern society is taking over.

LC: What’s your favorite city you performed in China?

P: Shanghai is always the craziest place to perform the crowd can still follow the viens without the lyrics. 

A: Especially the lantern festival!

LC: So we understood Anfisa is responsible for beauty in your duo and phinova is more about music. Did we get it right?

P: Actually we both are just in to all the process together.

A: Yeah together! But we know already what we have to do and how the process will be. For example, we use our strengths and weaknesses to get the whole puzzle. And we just use a natural connection to know who and how we can make each decision as we know each other very well.

P: That’s really how we decide for dresses and tracks even a picture and the music we gonna perform and how the track gonna sound.

A: Any way I’m the one in charge of everything that concerns the beauty side the fashion taste with presentation.

LC: How did you guys came up together as a duo?

P: Anfisa is a real inspiration for me. We knew each other even before I get into music industry. She was already a great international DJ with a lot of experience. She’s my inspiration and kind of mentor. So I remember when I was playing as resident MC in Guangzhou at Hepburn Club we were always on the phone.

Read the full interview in the "Lounge Club" Ferbruary issue.

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