"Rich&Beautiful" March is featuring KNOTTY: World's Lightest & Slimmest Multi-functional Folio/Clutch/Messenger or Laptop Bag.

World is spinning over faster and faster… Trends come and go but true classics persist. In the busy world of business and pleasure here comes the unprecedental bag that combines all you possibly need! KNOTTY ClutchBag is the first portable clutch bag of its kind that not only looks sleek and fashionable, but is also highly organized and compartmentalized so you can use it for work, laptops, play, and even dates. At KNOTTY brand, we want to capture the connection between what you wear, why you wear it, and how you wear it. The KNOTTY ClutchBag does just that – it fits where you are with where you’re going, and it looks great the entire time. Every brand in existence today treats bags as either fashionable and fun or professional and boring. There is no in-between. You have to come home and change your folio or work bag for something like a clutch that is more appropriate when you go out on the town. There’s no bag that is able to do it all for you, from just one structure No more switching after work. No more boring and generic work bags. Now you have your KNOTTY with perfectly organized and functional compartments! Not least, no more forgetting and loosing stuff due to bag switching… Wii-hiii! It’s a perfect solution for business people who appreciate their time. A dress to impress bag!
We are excited to welcome Co-founder & CEO of KNOTTY brand Mr. Saif Taj and designer Mrs. Tazeen Saif of for a few k-naughty questions.
R&B: KNOTTY has really revolutionized the understanding of the functionality and style of the bags! It is both a life saver and fashionable accessory. How did you guys come with the idea?
Saif: Clutches and folios are on the rise even with men as people want to carry light and have their everyday business utility items available on the go. In addition to this, people prefer having a single bag to meet all their needs – whether they’re going to a business meeting or having a casual day out. I realised that no multi-purpose bag like this was on the market, and decided to create one. We live in an age where convenience is essential. A bag like ours, which has an easy-grab pen pocket and dual slots on the rear for storing and swapping business cards, can provide great value to consumers. I know this because the concept for these features struck me when I was out travelling – I would reach for my pen and business cards and struggle to find them. And people buy laptop bags based on their tastes, and colours and designs are generally pretty similar across brands. So we decided to make our designs really unique. 
Tazeen: A bag isn’t just an accessory, it needs to fit in with who you are and where you are going. So yes – it’s a clutch, a folio and a laptop bag all in one! This concept really sets us apart.
R&B: What kind of background do you have in business and how did you guys meet? 
Saif: My father has been into the leather business for 43 years. He has played a long successful innings manufacturing and exporting Equestrian leather goods worldwide. But now retail is the new E-tail. It’s time to shift energies from wholesale to e-commerce sales as by the year 2025, 90% of all that sells will be online. So, its interesting to work simultaneously on two business modules where one sees the new opportunities to explore with design and sales channels whilst banking on the old ones.
My wife Tazeen is a housewife, always ready to listen to my ideas and goes an extra mile helping me to be more creative. She has amazing dressing sense and is filled with creativity whether designing a dress or turning things around, this way she keeps her life and mine balanced in all ways. (Smiles)
Tazeen: Well, as my husband Saif said, I am a housewife with no background of Leather.(Smiles) My father was in fruits business which is totally different from leather. But, living in this family opened new doors of genre. I am glad that designing Knotty ClutchBags was a new experience from designing my own wardrobe unfolded a new chapter in our life.   
Read the full interview in "Rich&Beautiful" March issue.
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