Victoria Liu CEO of BYPPO Exclusive interview


CP: What is Byppo? 

VL: Byppo is an online ordering app that allows vendors to list their products so that their customers can pay, tip, and place an order quickly through our services of curbside delivery, express pickup, and pre-ordering.

CP: Why did you start it? 

VL: I started Byppo originally because I went to a football game while at University of FL studying for my Masters of Accounting. I was standing in a long line trying to purchase water and realized the problem and wanted to find a solution.

CP:How has it changed today? 

VL: Byppo originally was working with sporting venues and entertainment centers, but now has evolved to include restaurants due to the demand of our services during the pandemic surrounding COVID-19. 

CP: I heard you are offering your services for free. Why? 

VL: COVID-19 has made a real impact on local businesses and many are looking to just surive. Byppo is all about supporting local businesses during difficult times and we know large delivery companies like Bitesquad, UberEats, Postmates, and etc. are still taking a large percentage of their sales. By using Byppo, we are hoping to help businesses through waiving all our vendor fees so that restaurants can keep as much profits as possible.


CP: How has it impacted your business and the community?  

VL: COVID-19 has changed the way many industries are doing business. It has definitely caused my company to pivot at times like these and now that we are offering our services for free for the community, we have seen such a positive feedback. Many of our local restaurants have been so grateful for us and giving them a platform that keeps their business up and running.

CP: How is Byppo different from Bitesquad/Doordash/UberEats? 

VL: Byppo does not do residential delivery like Bitesquad/Doordash/UberEats. We focus mainly on online pick-up orders and curbside delivery where the restaurant delivers the customers order to their car in the parking lot. We also do not take large percentage of sales like these companies do. We are a local startup focusing on our client needs and offer lots of customization for our vendors that many of these large companies do not do. 


CP: How do restaurants get started with Byppo? Can you work with restaurants across the US?  

VL: To easily onboard with us, simply reach out by emailing us at or call 352-226-2820. We can definitely work with any restaurants across the U.S. easily. We are already starting to expand to new states, such as a new restaurant in Boston.

CP: How can people find out more information about you guys?

VL: To find our more about us, visit or by checking us out on the ABC TV20 local newsthe Patch News in Miami, and newsbreak.