The Atlanta Book Hit-Maker strikes again!

Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. is blazing the trail for Women of Faith to exponentially SOAR in this season. With a host of Future Best-Selling books lining up, multiple Virtual Women’s Empowerment events all throughout May and early June, Cosmo was finally able to catch up with the ‘Publisher of Purpose’- CEO and Founder, Min. Nakita Davis!

CP: Min. Nakita Davis, Welcome and thank you for agreeing to meet with us. Lets hop right into it! The world has made many shifts in the past few months. Tell our viewers how your Best-Selling publishing house is effortlessly able to shift and elevate during this pandemic?

Min. Nakita Davis: Well first of all, All the Glory belongs to God.  He is the source of my life and my strength. I am honored to be interviewed on your prestigious platform!  Secondly, I tell my Queen Authors and co-authors all the time, ‘You don’t have to get Ready- if you Stay Ready.’  Although this has been a shift that many of us have not seen, God still reigns, and the bible tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. So, I say all of that to say, my team and I have continuously used all our innate gifts and talents to successfully pivot in this season.

We were already publishing International Best-Selling books and we were already developing authors to level up by sharing their message on larger scales. But we pivoted by adding more Virtual opportunities to connect with Women of Faith.  In the past month or so, we have hosted 3 to 4 Successful Virtual events. The Women Win Author & Business Summit was held in March and received great featured coverage on CBS news 19, NBC affiliates, and many more. Attendees were BLOWN Away by the wealth of knowledge and expertise that our Keynote speakers brought to the table and were ready to SOAR after our 2-day event. Next, Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer hosted our Write It. Speak It. Live It Masterclass and our highly acclaimed Learn & Earn $1,000+ Hosting Your Own Virtual Summit Masterclass- both in April!

The women enjoyed our event so much, that we are kicking off our highly valuable~ wildly profitable Virtual SPEAKER Society Membership May 8th! We still have just a few spots left for Women of Faith who are ready to take their gifts, talents, book, or business, and leverage it on a Virtual Stage that Pays again, and again, and again! The goal is simple, teach Women how to fish in this season by hosting their OWN wildly profitable Virtual Events!

Lastly, our Devo & Glow Camp is kicking off June 8th as a response to Covid-19. Its an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G bootcamp designed to help Women of Faith share their message through a Best-Selling Devotional book in 90days or less. Open enrollment ends June 1st.

CP: Wow, You seriously have a lot going on! I imagine that you are balancing all of this and your family life. How do you keep your sanity?

Min. Nakita Davis- (Laughs) Great Question- I don’t! (laughs again.) No seriously, I give it to God.  I do the best that I can to meet the commitments, deadlines, and results that I’ve communicated to my clients & authors alike. Regarding quarantine home life- I laugh- a lot and Smile more than I frown. Look, life is hard- it was never promised to be easy- just worth it. I also recognize that I can’t do it alone. My husband is absolutely amazing and covers me in the tight spaces. Throw in 2 Great kiddos and we always make it work with the help of Christ.

CP: Great advice- do what you can! So, talk to our readers about your upcoming event. We caught wind through the grapevine that there is another Women Win Author & Business Summit in the works.

Min. Nakita Davis: YESSSS! Gotta love social media and the press. But yes, we are working diligently to bring our guest, BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER in this season. We have expanded the event to 5 blissful virtual days and have included Top international leaders and Stellar Award-Winning Vocalists to our mix. We did not come to play! If attendees enjoyed our debut Women Win Author & Business Virtual summit back in March- then they are going to go through the roof when they see what we have lined up at the end of May! This 5-day Epic International Virtual event will kick off Saturday, May 30th – Wednesday June 3rd.  Queens should follow us to get open registration dates @jesuscoffeeandprayer on FB & on IG.

They Do Not want to miss this!

We still have just a few spots remaining for Powerhouse Speakers, Women of Influence and business expertise- but they must hurry if they want to join our esteemed panel of Glow-getters of Faith!

CP: I know your time is valuable and you are woman on the Go! So just a few more questions. As a best-Selling publisher with all your success. What advice would you give to someone wanting to write their book now- with all the uncertainty?

Min. Nakita Davis: It’s really simple- Just Do IT! Let Go of Your Fear and inhibitions. Let Go and Let God! Somebody needs to hear your voice. Somebody needs to grow from you. Somebody needs your testimony and triumph story. You are the KEY to Breaking Generational Curses- but YOU HAVE To MOVE! If you need help- reach out to us at Book your consultation and lets begin a beautiful partnership that will get you moving form A to Z! With 27+ Best-Selling authors in just 10 short months~ we are anointed and appointed for this THANG!  Let us help you produce your Best-Selling Book and leverage it to step on stage and GET PAID too!

CP: Well there you have it folks! Get with Min. Nakita Davis over at Jesus Coffee and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. for All your publishing/ author marketing and strategy needs. Based off your reviews on Facebook and other sources, I can see why they call you the ‘Publisher of Purpose!’

Min. Nakita Davis: Indeed, Indeed- to God be the GLORY!

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