Christine Reidhead on success of the book, Covid-19 situation and nonprofit AfrikRising activities.

Educator and Humanitarian, Christine Reidhead, is an Assistant Professor and the Founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Organization, AfrikRising. We asked Christine to comment on the current situation with Covid-19 that we are facing and took a chance to talk about the success of her book "GET THAT JOB!”, activities of nonprofit AfrikRising she is leading, work at Navajo Nation, podcasting and much more in our exclusive interview. 

CP: Hi Christine, with Covid-19 breakout, it
’s a brand new world we are facing! How self isolation has changed your lifestyle? 

 As a professor, it seems much busier! We have been working around the clock finding the best solutions for our students to continue their education with the lack of computers and internet access as some live in very remote areas of the Navajo Nation. Distance education is resurging and is becoming the new thing. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a little scary as our community has been hit pretty hard with the virus, so were all trying to stay quarantined and staying safe. There have been three straight 57-hour weekend lockdowns mandated by the Navajo Nation President, to try to prevent more spreading of the virus.

CP: How about your work as an assistant professor? How has it been affected? 

 We now work 24/7 to assist with connecting students to have online access and reconnecting with their instructors. Its been a huge challenge as both instructors and students have had to make adjustments dealing with family, school, housing and finding the financial means to stay afloat. Academic eligibility sometimes feels it’s on the backburner when you think about the bigger picture of life. Our students are strong and resilient so I know we will get through these recent challenges. Its always difficult for anyone to experience change, but once we look back on it, we will see how much weve grown from the experience. I feel this will be a great and memorable experience for all of us, in the overcoming of enormous life changing challenges.

CP: You are the founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Organization AfrikRising. What are its recent activities? How the work has been affected by the global pandemic?


 We just completed a project at Oluyole Cheshire Home in Nigeria, Africa where we took food into the home of the disabled. We are currently working on another project called, Project: Face Mask, in Lagos, Nigeria. An upcoming project is scheduled to begin in Ghana, Nigeria where we will provide food to families. Our most recent project was delayed due to the closure of Africa, just as we initiated the project. But, we are confident we’ll be able to make this project happen for the families in need. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it will only take longer to achieve our projects but will continue by preparing for the planned upcoming activities.



CP: We’ve learned that you work on the Navajo Nation. How long have you worked there?

 Ive worked at Navajo Technical University (NTU) for about eight years. I love working here and love the people. NTU is located on the eastern region of the Navajo Nation and serves approximately 1,200-1,500 students annually.

CP: You also hold weekly podcasts bringing up the nonprofits, sports talks, advocacy, the Tribal College Movement. Why did you choose podcasting over, let
’s say now popular youtube or instagram blogs? 
CR: Podcasting is fun and I really enjoy it. I
m not sure why I went that route instead of those others. I just enjoy talking to people as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I try to tap into to learn a little more about them and their successes.

CP: We can
’t but mention the brilliant success of your first book "GET THAT JOB!" ACE your JOB Interview - Every Time! That became Amazon #1 bestseller. Congratulations! To your mind, what were the key points that made your first writing experience such a huge success? 
CR: Just lots and lots of hard work from the time that I get off my 8 to 5 job! You definitely have to work around the clock at every angle you possibly can reach. And, just keep hustling. Anything worth doing takes a lot of work.

CP: Do you plan release of the second book? 
CR: I should release my second book this month. I
m pretty excited about this book. I feel I’ve learned a lot with my first book and now am just trying to improve every day.

CP: What other projects have you done recently? 
CR: With the coronavirus pandemic in our lives, assisting with the immediate challenges it’s brought has been a major focus of ours at NTU. So, a lot of my time is spent helping with it.

CP: It
’s amazing! You find time for everything, and it is so inspirational to listen to you! What is your motivational quote of the day? 
If you have dreams then wake up early, put on your boots, and start your hustle. Avijeet Das

CP: Thank you so much for finding time to talk to us in this uneasy situation. We are truly hope the world becoming better! And it is important to stay motivated and keep going, exactly like you do! 

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