Exclusive interview with Kai Michaels Fly Secrets brand creator. Fly to the sky!

Fly Secrets is more than a brand, it’s a way of thinking. Successful people have no limits in goals setting. We all look to the sky! Fly Secrets hopes to inspire anyone who wears or sees these clothing to have an uplifting day and believe that anything is possible!
We interviewed Kai Michaels to get to know all the secrets of Fly Secrets.

CP: Hi Kai, thank you for accepting the invitation! How are you feeling these days? It’s a brand new world we are facing.
KM: “Hello, thank you for having me here today. Yes, it is a brand new world. No, I cannot complain. Things are moving slowly, but they are moving.”
CP: We love the idea and mindset of Fly Secrets. It tells that everything is possible when you put your mind to it! And it is a great help in the pandemic nowadays not to give up! How did you come up with the idea for your brand?
KM: “I just happened to be in my car one day. I picked up my sketchbook, and started drawing the pilot character. I thought, “I can create a whole universe for him”. At first, it was just for my eyes. When others starting noticing my art. The characters took a life of its own. People really seemed to enjoy the concept living life above. Which is the basic concept of Fly Secrets.”
CP: The clothing of Fly Secrets are not only original, but also comfortable and cozy. Was this the idea behind the design?
KM: “Yes. From the very start, all of my designs have been hand-drawn. I usually keep a sketchbook. At least one or two with me all the time. Just in case inspiration hits. As far as the clothing itself goes, the moment that I found a specific material that I liked. I put out an example of a few friends and others to receive feedback on the material. I got great results for one, and I stuck with it”
CP: You have not only the clothing, but also phone cases, basically things that are highly visible in everyday life. Do you plan to extend the accessory line?
KM: “Yes. Very much so. The accessories will be extended to, but not limited to stickers, posters, hats, socks, and backpacks. The sky’s the limit!”
CP: How long did it take you from the idea to having the full line of products?
KM: “Honestly, everything came slowly. Started from sketching to locating a printing service, getting orders put in for samples. Once those samples came back and posting pictures on social media to get feedback, then I would sit in Photoshop to produce mock-up. So I could see what they would look like virtually.”
CP: How long does the production process take?
KM: “It usually takes a week to a week in a half.”

CP: Nowadays it’s been tough times for everyone. What is your secret not to give up and stay in positive mood?

KM: “Yes, it has been a tough time. Honestly, I have been building relationships lately, and the people that I have been in contact with have been giving me great feedback. The positivity is what keeps me going.”

CP: What is your biggest dream right now?

KM: “To spread the message of Fly Secrets across the globe. I would like to open my own stores, and give a platform for up and coming artists and fashion designers as well.”

CP: What is your motivational quote of the day?

KM: “Our minds are a limitation, but we all have wings to fly. All you have to do is believe”

CP: Thank you so much, Kai, for making us Fly to the Sky today!


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