MNJgang Luxury Collection Launches Cool Gangsta-Inspired Set of Tees, Hoodies, and Tanks

One of the coolest luxury apparel lines to come out of CAlifornia “Madam Norma Jean GANG” embodies the LA culture like no other brand has. Redefining what the world thinks of gang culture Madam Norma Jean Gang calls themselves a lifestyle gang instead of brand. A gang that represents positivity and street luxury.


“Coming from LA gang culture I decided to create something that was the true foundation of the culture that I was apart of. Take out anything violent or criminal and the foundation is loyalty, hustle, leadership structure and fearlessness. Rewriting the narrative through my eyes someone who lived this.”


In the 1990’s, founder Kitty Peterson was a gang member in Los Angeles.  Having lost over 15 peers to gang violence, Kitty decided to make a positive change in her life by taking what she learned from the streets and turning into the MNJgang fashion brand of today.  Kitty believes that everyone has a little gangsta in them, which is why her line will appeal to many individuals from around the world.


Beverly Hills, CA – Just like music, fashion has also taken inspiration from gang culture. The latest fashion brand to emerge in this genre is MNJgang, a luxury lifestyle collection of tees, hoodies, jackets, and more, all soaked in the coolness of gang culture, minus its violence.

MNJgang is aiming at changing perceptions of gang culture, often misidentified with violence and gore, but never with its intrinsic support systems, brotherhood (or sisterhood), and bonds of love and loyalty. All of these systems, however, are reflected in the new fashion collection from MNJgang, now available online.


I want to change the way people see gang culture because it’s not all bad,” says Kitty Peterson, founder of MNJgang. “If you take out the violence, you are left with the foundation of its culture, which is love, structure, loyalty and sisterhood. All our products represent our different cultures, worldwide sisterhood, beauty, love and the gangsta in all of us.” 


We asked Kitty Peterson about the latest news and launches of MNJgang new collections.

CP: Hi Kitty, how are you doing in this strange period of time?

KP: We are facing very difficult times, it is the big change from being able go outside and travel to just being locked down. Hopefully it will be soon over!


CP: Have you been able to get some positivity out of lockdown? Spending more time with family?

KP: Absolutely! I enjoy my time and try to get the best out of every moment.


CP: We hear that MNJgang is going to launch a new collection of super matte red lipsticks just after pandemic. Tell us everything about it!
KP: We are so excited! It is a long time project I’ve been working at and there is so much thought and work I put into it!


CP: It is so great to create red lipstick for women of different etnicities and skin color! I have not seen the project like this before and I am sure there are so many women that are in search of their perfect shade of red!

KP: The idea for the all red lip collection was to compliment all skin tones. It has always been so difficult to find reds for women of color so I created 7 different shades of reds so we all can find our Perfect red.


CP: You have lots of clothing in MNJgang collection right now: the Unisex MNJgang Hoodie, an All-Over Gang Gang Print Crop Tee, the Women’s Gang Crop Tee or the Unisex Long Rider Kitty Sleeve Tee… How did you come up with the idea to compliment the collection with different shades of red lipstick?

KP: Many of my clients are of different ethnicities and I have seen them sturggling to find a perfect shade for their skin tone. I though it would be great to do this cool gift for my loyal clients as well as for new clients that may want to get the perfect red lipstick into their make up bag! There is a unique piece for everyone and this is what is so great about this collection!


CP: Your clothing line is also made from ecological and recycled materials. It is hard to overestimate the importantce of ecology nowadays! Is the production of these pieces essentially more expensive than casual cotton and spandex Tees?

It’s super important to us that our products are ecological friendly. The MNJgang customer expects a higher quality product from us and they don’t mind paying a bit more then other street wear company’s. Luxury comes with premium prices.



MNJgang welcomes subscribers to for a chance to win the entire "Madam's Only" red lip collection.

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Contact Information
Kitty Peterson (Kitty The Madam)
311 N Robertson Blvd #917
Beverly Hills, CA 90211