Kelvin Boon reveals secrets about how to become a model!

Kelvin Boon is the founder of BoonModels, a world-renowned modeling agency with branches all across the world. Most notably in New York, Washington DC, Tampa Florida, Dubai (UAE), and Mumbai (India). In addition to this, Boon Models received  Excellence Award by the US Institute of Trade & Commerce in 2017, 2018, and 2019 and is the number one modeling agency in Washington DC at the time of this writing.

An engineer by profession, Kelvin has been involved in the fashion industry since 2013. He showed excellence with modeling projects for some of the largest companies in the world, L’Oreal, Vogue, Samsung, CVS to name a few. Kelvin Boon is a regular participant for New York and DC Fashion Week shows, Signature Element, Sagamore, Virgin, Georgia Pacific and a face for more than 100 other companies that use him as their go-to man for modeling projects.

Aside from astonishing success in the fashion industry, an engineer by profession and creator of a patent-pending Artificial Intelligence Powered marketing tool AI Insider, Kelvin currently resides in Washington, DC.

To open up the possibilities for youth, Kelvin shared his precious experience in  his book “Secrets To Become A Model”. He teaches A to Z of industry specifics and never-before revealed details that will help you break into the modeling world and become a star. If you are considering a career as a model, this book will be a Holy Grail on your way to success.


We interviewed Kelvin to get all the tea about his book!

Read the interview in "Top Fashion" august issue! Grab your copy here