Exclusive interview with Angela Foxworth

CP: Welcome Angela! Tell our readers a little bit about you and what you do?


My name is Angela Foxworth a.k.a. “A Fox.” I am currently a television talk show host and Customer Success Manager for Xperienc On Demand television, a 2-time Best Selling and 1-time International Best-Selling author, a red carpet celebrity host, the Chief Atlanta Correspondent for 2 Savage Magazine and the reigning Mrs. Georgia Woman US Majesty 2020. I am a woman truly passionate about seeing others win and I use all of my platforms to educate, motivate and inspire.


CP: Great! Now we all know that the pandemic has given us all a “New Norm.”  What does that “New Norm,” look like for you and how do you keep the motivation and momentum to keep going?!


The new norm for me is finding ways to entertain myself at home and not venture out so much because of the pandemic. I do exercise more outside to enjoy the beautiful nature scenes and not get too claustrophobic at home. Most of my shows and business meetings are via zoom now too.


CP: You have been one busy lady! If I understand correctly, you have been apart of 2 Best-Selling Book projects and recently 1 International Best-Selling Book project all during the pandemic. Most people struggle to get one book out: but you have been a part of 3 Best-Selling books. That is Outstanding!  Tell our readers briefly about these projects and what is YOUR SECRET to making it happen?


For me, the pandemic has truly been about staying focused and really working hard to pursue my dreams. Coupled with an absolutely amazing publishing house (Jesus, Coffee and Prayer) and the mentorship of International best-selling author and owner Minister Nakita Davis has made the transition from normal outside life to a new creative and innovative way of bringing my voice to the masses through writing. It has been priceless! The secret is just using the time given to work hard on what you’ve been putting off and it will pay off! 



CP: 2020 is not what most people expected, but you still found a way to WIN.  Through it All, what did you find out about you, and what encouraging advice would you give to our readers?


I realize that I am blessed with resilience and strength that I never knew I had. In the midst of the pandemic, I have also had my own personal tragedies and losses. But, through it all, I am blessed to use my pain and convert it into a passion that has allowed me to elevate. My encouragement for your readers is to push past whatever challenges and obstacles come their way. Speak positive affirmations daily until they become second nature to you and then work diligently, consistently and proficiently on whatever it is you desire to do or become. The results are going to be lasting and you’ll soon realize one victory begets another.


CP: Okay A.Fox~ I know that’s the name your fans affectionately call you!  Tell us one Fun Fact…something Awesome that most people don’t know about you.


Well, I am a great singer, but I am too shy to sing in public!


CP: Thank you again for your time A. Fox!  You are truly a remarkable gem. Anything BIG coming up that our readers should be on the lookout for?


Yes! My television show (The Angela Foxworth Show) is debuting officially on xperienc.tv, so please download the app on your smart devices (XOD Network.)  Soon, I will also find out on September 12, 2020, if I won the title of National Queen~ so wish me luck!


CP: Please also let our readers know how they can keep in contact with YOU!


I can be followed on Facebook as Angela Collins Foxworth and Angela Foxworth

Instagram- @afoxradio and therealafox

Twitter- @theafoxshow



CP: A.Fox, Thank you for your time. Continued to Success to YOU!