Meet Rocky Wallace: cover star of "Cosmo Life" November

We met Rocky to for a fun blitz. Check this out!

“This record really has meant everything to me”. - Rocky confessed. “2020 was an incredibly difficult year for me, as it was for so many people. I was very out of shape mentally and struggled a lot with my mental health. To now be in a place where I feel rebuilt and stronger, more confident than I ever have is a huge accomplishment for me at this point. This ep is really a result and reflection of how I feel like I’ve kind of reinvented myself over the past year+. It’s fun, it’s light, it’s confident, it’s me.”


We met Rocky to ask all the tea behind the release and share it with you!


CL: Hi Rocky, we are happy to present you as a cover story in “Cosmo Life”. How are you doing?

RW: I am doing great! Thank you!


CL: We are so excited about your new EP, so are your fans. You confessed, that 2020 was difficult for you. What was the main trouble that made it hard?
There were a lot of aspects about last year that were really challenging. I was sort of forced to confront some things that I’d put off dealing with, and in dealing with those issues I sort of unraveled. But through that process I gained a lot of healing and strength that I didn’t have before.


CL: How did you manage to regain your energy? Can you share some of your top go-tos?

RW: THERAPY! I cannot stress this enough! I found a great therapist, who I still see, and that was the biggest game changer. I had a really hard time writing music last year. Everything I tried to write was so dark and bleak I  just struggled sharing any of it. So I worked to find new ways to be creative. I stared journaling, drawing, I created vision boards and started a side hustle and all of it brought my creativity back and the ideas started pouring out. 


CL: When it comes to energy and health, what is your favorite thing to get back to normal after hard work?

RW: For me it’s really quiet and stillness. When I’m anxious, there are these beautiful trails I like to walk and just meditate and quiet the voices in my head. 


CL: What are your favorite beauty products and SPA?
Oooo this one can take a while! More than anything, I am obsessed with skin care. So finding the right products and regimen that works for me has been great. I have sensitive, combination skin that is a little more on the oily side. I use an Elizabeth Arden toner, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine Solution eye serum, and an Elizabeth Arden moisturizer. I also start off skin icing with a solution I make myself!

CL: What is your favorite song from the EP?

RW: I really love all of these songs and my favorite song changes with the day but right now my favorite song is probably “What Are We Waiting For.” It’s so different than anything I’ve ever done before and I’m really loving the vibe.


CL: That’s exciting! It has a very bold vibe, so summer and beach, isn’t it? Speaking of which, what would be your first country you’ll visit when the restrictions are lifted?

RW: I’d love to go back to Italy! I have family there, so I’d love to see all my relatives!


CL: You worked with your co-writers and producers, Frankie Jason Turner, David Shelby, and Matt Geroux and tried to create a collection that’s light, energetic and fun. 

We think you more than accomplished the mission! Was working on the EP as much fun as the music?

RW: It was the most fun I’ve had working on a project! My team is a collection of the funniest humans alive so there was never a moment they didn’t have me laughing at something stupid. 


Read the full interview in "Cosmo Life" November issue!