This Season, Why Everyone Is Talking About Real Gold Particle Shampoos

The arrival of winter brings with it sweater season and yes, those new boots we have been dying to wear. However, winter's icy temperatures also create hardship for those of us with long hair. We have all experienced how our hair gets tangled and snagged more often during the cold days. 

A little known fact may surprise you. 

Winter’s lower temperatures cause your hair growth to slow down considerably. Your hair grows fastest between May and September. After that, hair growth slows down as the temperatures lower the humidity in the air. Since moisture is essential for healthy hair, lower humidity makes your hair far less hydrated. Lower temperatures also cause your natural oils to gradually disappear from your hair. This makes your hair brittle, more frizzy and easier to damage. 

Problematic is the reality that cold temperatures make your hair more susceptible to snags and knots forming, requiring often painful brushing to remove - and hence further causing damage. This is one of the reasons why supermarket commercial shampoos add wax to their products such as paraffin, because it reduces tangling. 

However, paraffin and other harmful ingredients such as sulphates, come at a cost. They dry out and leave your hair vulnerable to breakage, while drying out your scalp making it flakey. The path to healthier hair can not be found in modern chemistry, but rather we must return to all natural ingredients such as essential oils, herbs and yes, surprisingly - real gold particles. 


One of the most exciting developments has been the addition of real gold nanoparticles to shampoos. Of course many commercial products use artificial gold flakes for aesthetic purposes, but there is more gold in the ring you won at the fair than can be found in supermarket shampoos. Continuing research evidence supports the conclusion that in the presence of real gold particles, other healthy ingredients such as essential oils like jojoba or avocado oil - penetrate deeper and more quickly into your hair and scalp, leaving it naturally moisturised and nourished. As a result, gold particles help to reduce hair loss and dramatically reduce a flakey scalp.

 Real gold particles even help to naturally cleanse the hair. Interestingly, by regularly shampooing with gold-based products, you are able to reduce the concentration of environmental pollutants present in your hair and on your scalp. According to a study published in 2017 in Environmental Nanotechnology, gold nanoparticles are very effective in shampoo because they allow for more thorough cleaning of hair follicles. They act as an optical sponge that attracts and absorbs dirt effectively while having the added benefit of smelling nice.

Regular exposure to pollutants causes excess oil production on the skin, which leads to acne and skin damage. Gold nanoparticles are able to carry dirt and excess oil away from the skin via electrostatic charge during cleansing. 

This allows for more thorough cleaning while reducing skin irritation due to excess oil production. Real gold nanoparticles are much gentler than harsh detergents or soap without sacrificing performance. They're also much more effective at removing dirt, oils and other impurities from the skin.

 Finally, real gold has lots of amazing power to both intensify and accelerate other nourishing ingredients found in high quality natural shampoos which promote healthy hair growth and scalp health. It promotes new growth by increasing circulation and strengthening collagen bonds in the scalp and hair follicles. In harmony, natural essential oils and herbs work in tandem with real gold particles to promote healthy hair growth. Finally, there is the obvious cosmetic benefit in that real gold particles are the best proven way to increase shine and radiance in your hair.


Now that we understand why we should be using real gold particle shampoo, which one is the best? We took a look at two boutique natural shampoos on the market and rated them based on:

Their Ingredients - we did not even consider shampoos containing sulphates, paraffin or preservatives. Only all natural, vegan-friendly shampoos made our list

Real Gold Content - we only tested shampoos which had real gold particles as a primary ingredient. We therefore ignored products where gold what the last or one of the last ingredients

X Factors - do we like the brand story? Not all companies are alike and we know that more women are paying attention to sustainability, women empowerment and often prefer niche boutique brands over large companies looking to pump out the latest consumer trend 

STONISHINGLY ONLY TWO SHAMPOOS MADE OUR CUT: Dr. Gabriella Golden Shampoo (UK) - 250ml / Euro 68.95

Anna Farrell All Natural Gold Particle Shampoo (Switzerland) - 250ml / Euro 35.00


We begin with Dr. Gabriella’s Golden Shampoo from the UK, which at almost double the price of the competition, had a steep hill to climb to convince us. The price is unsurprising in light of the celebrity endorsements found on their webpage. Even Sarah, Duchess of York.

But this review is not about how well the shampoo is marketed, rather how well it cleanses and nourishes your hair. Firstly, we loved the amount of lather and how clean our hair felt after shampooing. However, the perfume they use is quite strong and may not suit sensitive noses. We also felt that the shampoo was a bit watered down, which detracted from the perception that it is a premium shampoo.

After drying, our hair felt smooth and was quite manageable, maintaining moisture even after blow drying. All in all, an excellent product, but as our pro and con analysis reveals, many of the results are achieved through chemistry and not natural ingredients. 


Sulphate and paraffin free
Rich lather, but we found the perfume added to be a bit overwhelming Essential oils including Argan Oil and Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil


Double the price of their competition
The shampoo includes silicones and polymers as a means of fooling you into believing your hair is more moisturised than it is. (Acrylates Copolymer, Dimethicone) and more concerning: Triethanolamine which is environmentally toxic and potentially carcinogenic
Not as concentrated as we would expect from a premium shampoo

Manageability is achieved largely through chemical means (Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride) rather than using more expensive and healthier natural oils.

Next we turn to the new shampoo on the block, namely Anna Farrell Swiss All Natural Gold Particle Shampoo. We

were naturally curious about a real gold particle shampoo from the country known for its gold! In a sense, this is a bit of a “David meets Goliath” review, as Dr. Gabriella’s product is from a large and well known beauty clinic in London, and Anna Farrell makes one product and one product only: her all natural gold particle shampoo.

Perhaps it is this very fact which allows for such focus on what she is doing, and as our test confirms, in our humble opinion she is making the best gold particle shampoo in the world. As we stated, one of our key criteria is the amount of real gold particle content in the shampoo. In the case of Anna’s, it is the third ingredient versus the 10th in the almost double priced Dr. Gabriela Gold Shampoo.

Like our experience with Dr. Gabriala, the lather is both luxurious and plentiful. However, the scent of Anna Farrell’s shampoo is how I imagine the afterlife to smell - it is that extraordinary. What a wonderful bouquet greets you during washing. We particularly appreciated how concentrated it is, as even at half the price of the competitor we reviewed, we are still keen to get as many washings as possible from the 250ml bottle.

After rinsing, your hair feels smooth and thankfully just the right hint of that wonderful scent remains. We loved how moist and shiny the hair felt and looked after drying - not a tangle to be seen. Equally nice, was that we didn’t feel the need to wash it again until well into day three. Her shampoo genuinely and gently cleans, while locking in moisture and radiance. No doubt about the quality and quantity of the gold particles, you definitely visibly notice the difference which they make. On a side note, we love the story behind this brand. Anna is passionate about making a great product, as well as doing so in a sustainable and responsible manner, while having an impact on women entrepreneurship. We are always excited to see young women entrepreneurs experience the success of their hard work.


Sulphate and paraffin free
Rich luxurious lather, with a heavenly scent you have to experience to believe

Exclusive essential oils including rarely seen Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil and Persea Gratissima Oil which brought soothing moisture to our scalp
High concentration of real gold particles leaving the hair beautifully shiny and radiant

Boutique shampoo brand with their heart in the right place - vegan friendly, not tested on animals and sustainably produced


At Euro 35.00 for a 250ml bottle, unfortunately still out of reach for many of our readers

“Made in Switzerland” means higher cost to import as it is not an EU Member Availability of her shampoo - as demand has been very high 


In the gold particle shampoo scene, we have a winner: Anna Farrell Swiss All Natural Gold Particle Shampoo. She has created a unique shampoo which delivers the full benefits of real gold particles. To be honest, it is refreshing to see that boutique shampoos are resonating with customers. Large shampoo companies can always out market and out produce, but consumers are increasingly demanding products which are not just of exceptional quality, but also sustainably produced. These smaller producers have a clear market opportunity, because they are in a better position to produce exclusive formulas with healthier and more beneficial ingredients. When customers’ needs are more important than shareholders, that is definitely a winning formula for success!