Solution found! Get rid of common skin problems in 3 to 6 weeks with Ekhambee

Common skin issues for Women of color resolved

Get to know Ekhambee brand that offers a wide range of skincare that provides relief and solutions for common skin problems for women of color.

Aging skin is an inevitable step for every women, but can we improve the appearance of fine lines and dull skin? Nature is one of the most powerful sources of vitamins and mineral elements to support our skin. If you are in your 40s, dealing with the hormone changes, a good skin care routine is a must. Ekhambee offers natural solutions and anti aging products for you!

Is it familiar when your pores feel clogged and dirty? Skins feels oily? It’s a frequent issue that can be solved using non-comedofenic products. Try our editor’s picks by Ekhambee Mud mask 

and Toner Gel  that will shrink your pores and without drying.

“Bags” and dark circles around the eyes are a cosmetic problem that worries almost every woman degree or another. The main culprits of these misfortunes are the age factor (the skin loses its elasticity, and swelling is formed more often) and heredity (your skin cells may simply be prone to dense fatty deposits). Secondary - dehydration, lack of sleep, allergic reactions, hormonal imbalance, malnutrition, bad habits. In general, even those of us who do not usually have “bags” under the eyes can easily get them during a cold or seasonal illness. We found effective methods of dealing with the "eyes of the panda".

Wash off with cool water. Hot exacerbates puffiness and accentuates dark circles. If you are quite tolerant of low temperatures, use an ice cube to tone your face and periorbital area (if there are vascular networks and broken capillaries on your face, wrap ice with cling film). To keep your skin hydrated and avoid hyperpigmentation, Ekhambee brand offers All Natural Face Moisturizer.

Most of women found that is significantly reduced darkness around the eyes when used twice a day for 3 to 6 weeks!

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