What perfume will tell about you?

Fruity Scents

The ultimate partner in crime, the girl who likes her scents to be a bit fruity is always keen to party or embark on a new and exciting journey. Spontaneity is practically your middle name. You are a ray of sunshine for those who may be having a bad day because of your ability to lighten the mood.

Classic Scents

Just like the perfume you love to wear, you are sophisticated, polished and timeless. This also means that you are intriguing and people always want to know more about you. You enjoy the finer things in life, such as weekend trips to Paris and fancy restaurants, and can spot a fake handbag a mile off.

Floral Scents

You know those people who just have the ability to light up a room? That’s you, girl! Warm and sunny perfectly describe your chilled-out disposition. This definitely doesn’t mean that you can be easily taken advantage of – floral lovers might seem gentle and dainty but they can be fierce, too.