"Rich&Beautiful" Cover story: Why Karan Singh Started Documenting His Life and You Should do it too?

Karan Singh, a successful businessman, yet not least successful blogger tells his thoughts about documenting life on camera. Being a founder of “10 seconds every day” project, he reveals an amazing way to keep your brightest memory and never give up!

... another day, an idea stuck with me and I started a project called “10 second every day”. Basically the idea was to record the best moment of my day for 10 seconds every day till I can’t record anymore. It can be anything, maybe the beautiful sunset, laughing like crazy at a friend joke, crossing another level of fitness or maybe someone puking outside of a bar. Basically the idea to record 1, 2 or 10 seconds of your day or the best moment of your day which you want to remember for a lifetime. The whole purpose of this project was these 3 reasons.

1. I hate not remembering the things that I have done in the past. There are so many things we do on a daily basis, which we have no recollection of even after a month unless someone brings it up. So even if I live up to 60 years of age, I will have 33 hours of video, which encapsulates 35 years of my life.

2. The second reason was that it motivated me to wake up every morning and tries to do at least 1 thing interesting everyday (which later turned out to be funny). Something different which maybe I have never tried before or maybe something which I did earlier and really enjoy it.

3. I don’t believe in the bullshit of living in the moment. Yes, it's amazing to live in the moment, but there is no harm if the moment is so interesting that I want to capture it via my camera forever and after some time I realized that my life is just filled with such moments.

The one major issue, which I always faced, was that as the days, weeks and months go by time just seems to start blurring and blending into each other and these videos became the only ways I have to trigger my memory of all the good things happen to me. These 10 second videos became a way to bridge that gap and remember everything I have done weather its my first bungee jump, first trip with a random stranger, motivating speech you found online or falling for someone from a foreign country or anything that’s interesting, I have it all captured by me. 

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