NICOLE D'SETTēMI, writer and poet, cover girl of "Cosmo Chic" Christmas special edition!

 It’s the Christmas season and everybody is hustling about; getting ready for the holidays this year as always! Our guest this winter, writer and poet, NICOLE D'SETTēMI, is prepping for something a little different. — Addictarium, the poet’s first published piece, has recently been relaunched as a paperback now available in libraries and stores everywhere! For the writer, this may appear normal, but Nicole’s road to artistry has been a slightly different one. The offbeat, mystifying, and sometimes perceived as ominous poet, sits with us to discuss a wide range of topics and describes why she prefers the title artist over writer, any day! But before we begin, some background information on Nicole may be of interest to our readers. The 36 year-old former art model, published novelist, poet, and visual pop-artist is a talented woman, with an engrossing life no matter how you arrange it. Nicole, who has been a bit of a “gypsy” or “nomad” at times, as she declares it, explains that she was professionally trained for Photo-Journalism, until she became addicted to heroin in the early 2000’s. A woman who always had a pen in one hand and notebook in the other, Nicole proclaims poetry and writing were for her, something she wanted to do privately, for herself, originally. Never professorially, she explains, with a certain air and it’s hard to decipher whether she is disappointed in that decision, or satisfied by it. But, such as everything with this poet a sort of mystery, as I visit her at her home in Hudson Valley, a fully functional creative art house she shares with her fiance, who is also an artist, I am often baffled by the inexplicable, artistic poet who sits before me. Upon entrance to her home, one filled with decor that most would put on display during festivities, and a closet to match, immediately I feel I’m dealing with a strange female, slightly disturbed, who is difficult to describe. She laughs hard--and wildly--on occasion, when you bring something like this up. A naturally reserved girl when first meeting you, with a soft-spoken and yet, friendly manner, it’s hard to believe she can become so splanchnic, so alive, when you watch her other work. Her performance art and music videos which she publishes on her personal channel, Poetica Beauvoir are a gratifying dose of energy. It’s not that she isn’t animated close-up, but she has a tender quality in person which her videos do not always reflect. Nor her writing or poetry. She calls Poetica her “digitized lounge,” and lights up when I choose to discuss it; “the lounge is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. You see, what I’ve known, what I’ve learned from a very young age, is that connection, human connection, is really the only thing that matters. What we’re here for. What I’m here for.” She pauses thoughtfully, “and the channel is so personal, it is a bit edgy I suppose, but I connect with other artists and poets that way, and yes, it can even be jaw-dropping sometimes--what I can morph into; the animal, that insanity, but it’s me. Part of me. The same way shyness is part of me.”

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