The new best seller of the year is the book wrote by Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez titled “Follow your own Dynasty”. 
Sir Manuel is a lawyer and journalist that with 23 years old grown up to become one of the most influential people in the Middle East as well as to administrate and advise some of the greatest fortunes of the Middle East as well as different governments all over the World.
In his New Book he talks about the good habits as well as to follow the advises of family and friends, just with the aim of helping fathers to give the heritage of their sons in the greatest companies. As Sir Manuel saids in the interview: “I wrote this book to teach new generations to continue and improve the companies of their families... There are some statistics that shows how in the second and the third generation the companies falled down because of not taking on mind the advises and the experience of the ancestors, as well as to not having good business formation”.
“I am very proud of my heritage, because I always have in mind in all my decisions their advises, I never forget about the good job of my grandfather Manuel and my grandmother María José, without them I won’t be able to start on my business life, because they were saving all their life’s to give to my father the best. Also my father Manuel and my mother Chus did the same, they save the best for me and they always gave me all, and also they are still giving me all. Really without them, without my heritage, I wouldn’t grow up never.”
This young outstanding man of 23 years is now working hard in two new projects, his own company called Mayaimi International Corp. and the Private Council of the Prince Al Din Assaf from Saudi Arabia.
In life I have never considered myself a Playboy and I have not wanted to be one either. For many people it could be a pride, however for me it is something I reject. About the news that you tell me about the internet, they are just rumors, that Latin girl and I were simply friends and nothing else.
Personally, I think that in life, in order to develop, one needs stability. If a person uses acting like Playboy, it is because he must have an inner emptiness. Whoever wants to grow personally in life, I recommend that if you do not find the right person, wait. My grandfather waited a lot, until he was 48, but he found it. My father met her working at about my age, and I have a great partner that I also knew working.
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