Ursula Maria: A Show, A Movie And A Commercial

Actress Ursula Maria, who has just shot an international commercial that is currently being edited, is filming her new show “The Gatekeepers”, a show that focuses on both the music as well as the film and television industry and shines a light on what is really going on behind the scenes.

In the show Ursula is talking to producers, directors, music supervisors, editors, songwriters and many more to find out how they got started and what it takes to not only survive but also thrive in this cutthroat business. Questions like “what can you do if you want to get your music placed in movies and tv shows” and “what are the things you wish someone had told you early on about the business that you know now” will be answered by a high caliber of people, from academy award nominees to industry veterans.

Aside from the show, Ursula is getting ready to shoot a feature film, which will be physically extremely demanding. A teaser has already been shot and is currently being edited. “All that dance training, working out a lot and being very athletic definitely comes in handy now. It is also part of why I have been cast in this role”, she says. “I cannot wait to start filming.”

About the thriller Ursula has just finished shooting, which is currently in post production, she says “I absolutely love the script. I am very excited to see this film on the big screen when it’s finished!”.

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