From Japan to Kenya, and the the world!

Sanae Ohno is one of the most talented photographers to emerge from Japan. Her background is quite unique, having first earned a veterinary physician's license and successfully practiced in that field. Now she is a professional photographer with an established career based in New York! She has been taking pictures at numerous fashion shows, live music scenes, and throughout the film industry. A long way from Japan and a lot different from veterinary medicine.

At the age of 16, Sanae went camping with Maasai people in Kenya. Her fascination with wild animals began with that experience, which led her to study medicine and become a veterinarian. 

Interestingly, the Japanese bagpiper named "Ally" asked Sanae to take pictures of her live stage performances. Ally was also a veterinary physician and studied at the same school with Sanae! 

After posting great pictures on social media, Blacko, a member of the Irish band "Johnsons Motorcar" saw them and sent a message requesting that Sanae also take pictures of his band on stage. She has been photographing Johnsons Motorcar's performances ever since. 

One after another, Sanae’s incredible camera techniques became famous among musicians and she started to work with many talented artists such as Overground Acoustic Undergraound, HY, Kurei Yuki’s, to name a few. She was extremely touched by the enthusiasm of 8000 audience members during Japanese concerts and of course, after that, she could not stop taking pictures.

She is no longer working as a veterinarian, and instead enjoys a thriving career as an amazing photographer who now lives in the United States.

Sanae studied at New York Film Academy, and obtained an MBA (Media Management) from MCNY. She has been taking photos for more than 30 brands at NY Fashion Week biannually, and is currently active in film, as well. Her biggest credit so far is the Hallmark movie “Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane”

Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane

Sanae has also been very involved in theater productions. One of her most memorable works was “Anna May Wong, the actress who died a thousand deaths”. It was a live cinema style show and they performed almost like a sitcom with film equipment, and Sanae worked as a frame designer and 1st camera operator. Filming included a scene set 100 years ago.

Anna May Wong, the actress who died a thousand deaths.

Sanae is thrilled to work in the USA especially because there are so many talented females in the film industry here. She is passionate about taking pictures of “moving” and living things, animals, musicians, actors and many more. Most importantly, she hopes that people will be “moved” by her photographs and films. We cannot wait to see more from Sanae Ohno and we definitely expect to be moved!

Photos by Sanae Ohno
1: Kurei Yuki (Otodama 2018)
2: Johnsons Motorcar
3: NYFW Laquan Smith Runway
4: HY (Rock in Japan 2018)
5: Martin Johnson (Johnsons Motorcar/ Overground Acoustic Underground)