Exclusive Interview with Bugsy Jeneva -- “Beauty and The Bars”

We have a great guest today! Her name is Bugsy... Bugsy Jeneva. 
An upcoming new Music Artist and Fashion lover out of Kissimmee, Florida whose vibe has been rattling the cages of Social Media right under our noses. Let’s get WOKE! 

Bugsy Jeneva is an edgy, stylish dressed, very unique breath of fresh air that the stuffy Entertainment industry should be inhaling. She has graced many lenses creating numerous photo shoots flexing her sense of style, beauty and fashion flow. Growing up in the best of both worlds of her mother’s beauty salons and father’s music studios, she is an awesome blend of Glamour and Grit. 

Bugsy tells us that she was very familiar with music and introduced to it at a very young age. She would just hang out, sit in countless studio sessions with her father watching him, analyzing the recording and writing process. Soaking it all in, keeping it to herself... until now.

Playing in a game that is highly saturated with look alikes, sound alikes and and think alikes...it can be a bit difficult to be noticed, if you’re not like “Them”. Luckily Bugsy blesses us with a new wave vibe mix of down south & a dash of up north. It's a great recipe especially when you’ve been raised on both regions like Bugsy has. 

She has been getting some nice support & feedback on her music with the Bugsy 2 Piece of her 2 songs “WHO YOU” and “BIG DAWG”. 
Both available now on Streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Google etc;) and music videos on her YouTube.

CP: Hi Bugsy, how are you today!

BJ: I’m great, thankful & just living life. 

CP: You are a rising music star, what was your way to becoming an artist?
BJ: I was raised around music studios since a young age, so it kinda just stuck with me. Eventually it sparked on its own. 

CP: Is it difficult to read rap? Do you do some distion exercies for articulation?
BJ: Not hard at all, I just find my happy place, zone & have a conversation with the music. You know. 

CP: When should we expect your first album?
BJ: Aahhh, the million dollar question lol. Well I’m just focused on singles, stacking the song catalog then plan on an EP first before jumping into album mode.

CP: You are famous for your unique breath in style and exquisit looks. Where do you get your inspiration?
BJ: Wow thank you, not famous yet however, anything that looks like it doesn’t go together or even match. That is what calls me. Definitely something that makes you do a double take, that’s how I go about choosing my looks and style 

CP: Where do you usually buy your clothes?
BJ: It varies on the vibe that I’m on that day but Urban Outfitters has a lot of chill cozy clothes & I also shop online. 

CP: Your looks are very different that make you stand out of the crowd. What is fashion for you?
BJ: Fashion is about being cozy, feeling confident, comfortable & bold in anything you wear. Being able to whip up looks from any piece that catches your eye. Big name or not. 

CP: When should we expect your next release?
BJ: Very soon, summer is approaching so please stay tuned! 

CP: What would you recommend people who’d like to go into music?
BJ: To always be yourself, stay focused & don’t worry about the hatred or negative opinions. Stay the course.

Connect With Bugsy on Social Media!
Instagram @bugsy_jeneva
FB: @itsjustbugsy