Mariam Alammadi: Psychological help in COVID-19 pandemic

Mariam Alammadi is a Licensed Bahraini Psychologist who has been working in the mental health sector for the last eleven years. She has experience in leading an NGO, counselling, project manager, youth leader, psychotherapist and creating workshops. She is the founder of the Child Foundation Center (CFC) a psychological center that provides specialized care in counselling and milestone development. After the success of the Child Foundation Center and due to the demand, an adult section was added to practice. 

Mariam’s key interest is breaking the stigma of mental health in Bahrain she has written for several local and international publications as well as appeared on the local media to spread this awareness in our community.  She is currently involved in a research project with the Ministry of Education, Al Jawhara Hospital and an esteemed team of colleagues investigating mindfulness practices in public schools. 

Mariam is also the founder and president of Afkarech Female Network and Think Tank. The first female think tank established in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Mariam is passionate about helping women “determine success on their own terms”.  We invited Mariam today to learn more about her activities, especially during the Covid-19 situation.


CP: Hi, Mariam! How are you doing today?
MA: Hi, I am doing really well thank you for asking. The temperature is heating up in Bahrain its currently about 39 degrees. So, I am talking to you from a very sunny office this morning. It is my pleasure to share some light on mental health in the Kingdom of Bahrain and thank you for the invitation. I am really passionate about continuing to break the stigma particularly in the MENA Region hence aiding people to seek treatment more readily. 


CP: How are you doing in the lockdown situation?
MA: Lockdown in the Kingdom of Bahrain was slightly different in that we did not have complete lockdown. Masks were made mandatory and non-essential businesses were closed temporarily. Citizens were asked to be responsible and adhered to social distancing. Testing was made readily available for the beginning. Individuals were still allowed to exercise freely outdoors. Most facilities had already shifted to online which make it much easier for the general population. My center stayed open which I am really thankful for. We were also certified  and licensed to provide video therapy to patients. Our national health authority NHRA really recognised the toll that COVID19 would take on our community’s mental health. They anticipated this correctly as patients in my center increased by 38-39 per cent. 


CP: What were the pros and cons of beig locked? 

MA: There has been a lot of pros for this situation globally – we are getting back to basics – the essentials in life, feeling grateful for things we have possibly taken for granted, slowing down and we are becoming more mindful. The cons are obviously the loss of lives, distress of families being separated, not having proper outlets for stress and loss of jobs/financial stability. What we do know though is life will ultimately change and never go back to before – we will be creating “a new normal”.

CP: You are a founder of Child Foundation Center which provide a specialized care for kids. Could you tell us more about which kind of help one can get in the Center?

MA: I established the Child Foundation Center in 2018 and since it has been going from strength to strength. We specialise in counselling psychology but have a large range of services including milestone assessment, play therapy and psychotherapy. The CFC is essential a safe space  and support system for your whole family to grow healthy foundations to build upon. Whatever issues you are going through whether it is anxiety, anger management, self-esteem and or trauma we are here to help. I feel really privileged to be recognised globally for our efforts and having received several awards. 


CP: How would you estimate the amount of cases where the help is needed during the Covid-19? What is the effect of the lockdown on the people’s menthal health?
MA: We looked at the statistics last week regarding correlation to new cases and COVID19 as well as patients who were treated for anxiety returning to help and that was 38-39%. This has illustrated we all need help when it comes to our mental well-being. The most common presenting symptoms are anxiety and depression. We have also seen an increase is correspondence from our local community who want guidance on how to manage their stress, how to talk to children about COVID19 and how to maintain healthy relationships in the home while social distancing. We have been actively working with corporations by supplying them with guidelines and training to help their employees deal with their mental health. 


CP: That being said, what would be your immediate recomendations for people who are struggling with motivation, depression and probably even more severe symptoms?
MA: Having a daily routine is so important. If you are working remotely ensure you have some kind of routine and a work station. Or similarly if you are teaching your children at home- ensure to follow some kind of a lesson plan. By following a daily routine, you will feel more productive and be able to set targets. 


Take breaks from watching, reading or sharing new stories particularly on social media as not only may the information be incorrect it can also worsen the symptoms of anxiety. Currently a lot of individuals are following websites that are tracking the current health crisis and although it is good to have the information – you do not need to be constantly bombarded with information. Instead choose one or two timings during the day in which you read the news.  


Connect with others – try to video call or have phone conversations with others. Psychologically this has been proven to have more of a positive effect than text messaging. You can also use the time to reconnect with people that perhaps you have fallen out of touch with and would like to check on. 


Get creative – it is important we channel our creativity during this time. This can help us feel like we have a purpose. Is there an online course you have always wanted to take? Have you always wanted to learn the guitar? Maybe you want to launch a business online? Whatever it may be now is the perfect time to start working towards a goal you have and want to achieve. 


Play online games with family or loved ones if you are self-isolating in different places. It is a great way to engage, have a good time and give you another focus. It also ensures you are spending time quality time together even if remotely. 


Try and tidy up your living space as this is psychologically proven to make you feel calmer and more positive. 


CP: In such a hard period of time, there are many adults that need help. We’ve learned that you opened and adult section as well, which is great in our opinion. Can you tell us a bit more what are the activities of the adult section?
MA: We added an adult section – CFC Psychology due to the demand from the general public. We were treating children and realising that parents themselves needed treatment often from the stress they were feeling. As the adult section was established we also began to work with young adults were developing their sense of identity in life and felt they needed guidance. We have particularly excelled with this section of the community and believe we have been very successful in creating a healthy foundation for them as they go forward into adulthood. 


CP: How one can reach out to CFC in case of need?
MA: You can contact us via out website: or our social media links: Instagram @childfoundationcenter there is also an online booking form. We are also contactable by email: and by calling +9739019001


CP: It’s been hard for everyone. Many people lost their jobs, some lost their relatives… All this is like a dark stripe in life…What are your recomendations for satying sane these days? 

MA: COVID19 has been a symbol of loss for many around the world. My sincere condolences to anyone who has lost family. I cannot even begin to suggest how you might be feeling but please know my thoughts are with you at this time. Even for those who lost their jobs and financial security it can be incredibly difficult. The first step of dealing with uncertainty is realising that we cannot control everything particularly in this situation. We may not be always able to control the outcome but we can change our response and perspective.  Recognise there is only so much you can do right now and that makes you a human being not powerless. 


We need to think positively and envision the best. Reflect on previous adversity we have had in our lives and realise that we can overcome this together as a community. Instead try to be a positive light to those around you and your family. See how you can help you community even if its remotely. Call neighbours who may not have a lot of family around them and need support during this time. 


CP: So, is it really necessary to visit a therapist. Many people would say, why a therapist, is it really necessary?
MA: A therapist is a trained, qualified, caring, non-judgmental licensed professional who is there to make you feel better. Your well-being is the most important component of the session. They listen, they discover if any issues from the past are affecting you currently, they make helpful suggestions and they help you restructure negative cognitive beliefs that you may have been holding onto. Everything you say is completely confidential. Is work bothering you? Do you have a similar pattern in all your relationships? Do you have low self-confidence? Is there a family feud that is causing you anxiety? Are you struggling to meet friends and don’t know where to start? These are all issues a therapist can help you with. So, who does not need therapy? The truth is everybody can benefit from therapy whether it is ongoing therapy or attending just for a mental health check-up. Our mental health affects every part of our daily lives and if we can get help – why wouldn’t we avail of it? You deserve it.




CP: What would be your motivational quote of the day?
MA: Lately I read a quote that really touched me “Good things fall apart so better ones can fall together”. You will survive what comes your way – you are strong, resilient and the belief better days are coming will get through darker times until brighter days are on the horizon. Never give up.  



CP: Thank you so much for being with us!
MA: Thank you for having me and I am honoured to be with you today. 


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  Roland express his distain of how sexism and racism has infiltrated the system set forth to protect the public. Every time he watches the media it open old wounds of his past. He stresses his situation wasn’t a case of police corruption just a case of loyalty to individuals he grew up with.

 The book takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotion. Eating the Forbidden Fruit is thrilling fusion of drama, humor, and romance. An inspirational story many will be able to relate to.

  The author is a strong advocate for Lupus Awareness as well as a Lupus warrior diagnosed 8 years ago.

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Meet Alli McLaren award-winning Australian Actress

Read an exclusive interview in "Eurowoman" June with award-winning Australian Actress, Alli McLaren, best known for her acting work on the Weinstien Company Film Regression which also starred Emma Watson and Ethan Hawk. Alli has also worked on the Hit Disney Channel TV Series Shake it Up! Alongside Zendaya and Bella Thorne. Other films Alli McLaren has starred in include: My Year of Silence (2015), A Writers Block (2013), Infidelity (2015), Stockholm (2019) – to name a few. Alli’s most recent focus has been on her two upcoming TV series: The Food Porn Hotline and The First Month is Free.

Christine Reidhead is a cover story of "Eurowoman" June

Educator, Podcaster, and  Humanitarian, Christine Reidhead, is an Assistant Professor and the Founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Organization, AfrikRising. We asked Christine to comment on the current situation about COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation.  And, took a chance to talk about a few exciting happenings, like her, #1 Best Seller, "GET THAT JOB!”, her recent award, “10 Best CEOs to Watch 2020”, podcasting and much more in our exclusive interview. 

EW: Hi Christine, you live in the heart of the Navajo Nation, with the COVID-19 outbreak, where it is the highest affected area per capita. How are you coping with these challenges?
CR: We have 500 people that have tested positive for the coronavirus, in our small town of Crownpoint, NM, so its pretty scary. Im just trying to stay home as much as possible. I love to work, so Ill work just as hard at home as I would at work. Many of my students have had family members who have died from this coronavirus. Its really sad. We are losing some good, good people.


EW: Oh, that sounds pretty tough! Are there enough medical supplies at the hospitals? I hope everyone can get proper assistance.

CR: They are working on it. Hopefully, as time passes, the State of New Mexico and the Navajo Tribe, get more assistance from the federal government. There are not a lot of hospitals in and around the Navajo Nation, so that is a challenge. But the Navajo people are resilient and they will overcome this challenge facing their people. I couldnt be more proud to have the opportunity to live and learn more about their tradition and culture. They are a misunderstood people and I wish they would get more respect.

EW: You and your sons made masks for the people on the Navajo Nation. As you mentioned, this area has really been hit by the coronavirus. Tell us a little more about that experience.

CR: As COVID-19 began spreading on the Navajo Nation, it got me very worried about the people, especially the elders. Nationally, the masks were sold out in stores. It got me thinking, and guess who I thought of? My mother!  My mother is a quilter, so she donated a lot of fabric to allow us to sew these masks. We ended up making over 500 masks to give away. It was challenging, but a great experience.

EW: We cant but mention you being one of the 10 Best CEOs to Watch 2020! Wow! Can you tell us a little bit about that accomplishment?

CR: Yes, it was a great honor to be one of the 10 Best CEOs to Watch in 2020. As for the non-profit, I feel blessed to be a part of AfrikRising. We are simply out there trying to help lift the burdens of others. There is always someone out there who is struggling, and can be helped. Thats what life is all about, serving and thats what we do at AfrikRising. We cant reach everyone, but we try to do the best we can.

EW: Your nonprofit, AfrikRising, is really doing some good things in Africa, especially during the coronavirus pandemic! Can you tell us about your recent projects youve completed?

CR: We just completed Project Face Mask. On our AfrikRising Board, we have a fashion designer, Emmanuel Aluka. He made 150 masks that were taken to a hospital and police station in Lagos, Nigeria. He said when he was handing out the masks, he got mauled by people that were so excited! These COVID-19 times are scary, and we need to make sure we are thinking about those who are affected by this virus no matter where they live.


Read the full interview in "Eurowoman" June

MNJgang Luxury Collection Launches Cool Gangsta-Inspired Set of Tees, Hoodies, and Tanks

One of the coolest luxury apparel lines to come out of CAlifornia “Madam Norma Jean GANG” embodies the LA culture like no other brand has. Redefining what the world thinks of gang culture Madam Norma Jean Gang calls themselves a lifestyle gang instead of brand. A gang that represents positivity and street luxury.


“Coming from LA gang culture I decided to create something that was the true foundation of the culture that I was apart of. Take out anything violent or criminal and the foundation is loyalty, hustle, leadership structure and fearlessness. Rewriting the narrative through my eyes someone who lived this.”


In the 1990’s, founder Kitty Peterson was a gang member in Los Angeles.  Having lost over 15 peers to gang violence, Kitty decided to make a positive change in her life by taking what she learned from the streets and turning into the MNJgang fashion brand of today.  Kitty believes that everyone has a little gangsta in them, which is why her line will appeal to many individuals from around the world.


Beverly Hills, CA – Just like music, fashion has also taken inspiration from gang culture. The latest fashion brand to emerge in this genre is MNJgang, a luxury lifestyle collection of tees, hoodies, jackets, and more, all soaked in the coolness of gang culture, minus its violence.

MNJgang is aiming at changing perceptions of gang culture, often misidentified with violence and gore, but never with its intrinsic support systems, brotherhood (or sisterhood), and bonds of love and loyalty. All of these systems, however, are reflected in the new fashion collection from MNJgang, now available online.


I want to change the way people see gang culture because it’s not all bad,” says Kitty Peterson, founder of MNJgang. “If you take out the violence, you are left with the foundation of its culture, which is love, structure, loyalty and sisterhood. All our products represent our different cultures, worldwide sisterhood, beauty, love and the gangsta in all of us.” 


We asked Kitty Peterson about the latest news and launches of MNJgang new collections.

CP: Hi Kitty, how are you doing in this strange period of time?

KP: We are facing very difficult times, it is the big change from being able go outside and travel to just being locked down. Hopefully it will be soon over!


CP: Have you been able to get some positivity out of lockdown? Spending more time with family?

KP: Absolutely! I enjoy my time and try to get the best out of every moment.


CP: We hear that MNJgang is going to launch a new collection of super matte red lipsticks just after pandemic. Tell us everything about it!
KP: We are so excited! It is a long time project I’ve been working at and there is so much thought and work I put into it!


CP: It is so great to create red lipstick for women of different etnicities and skin color! I have not seen the project like this before and I am sure there are so many women that are in search of their perfect shade of red!

KP: The idea for the all red lip collection was to compliment all skin tones. It has always been so difficult to find reds for women of color so I created 7 different shades of reds so we all can find our Perfect red.


CP: You have lots of clothing in MNJgang collection right now: the Unisex MNJgang Hoodie, an All-Over Gang Gang Print Crop Tee, the Women’s Gang Crop Tee or the Unisex Long Rider Kitty Sleeve Tee… How did you come up with the idea to compliment the collection with different shades of red lipstick?

KP: Many of my clients are of different ethnicities and I have seen them sturggling to find a perfect shade for their skin tone. I though it would be great to do this cool gift for my loyal clients as well as for new clients that may want to get the perfect red lipstick into their make up bag! There is a unique piece for everyone and this is what is so great about this collection!


CP: Your clothing line is also made from ecological and recycled materials. It is hard to overestimate the importantce of ecology nowadays! Is the production of these pieces essentially more expensive than casual cotton and spandex Tees?

It’s super important to us that our products are ecological friendly. The MNJgang customer expects a higher quality product from us and they don’t mind paying a bit more then other street wear company’s. Luxury comes with premium prices.



MNJgang welcomes subscribers to for a chance to win the entire "Madam's Only" red lip collection.

For more information, please visit:

Contact Information
Kitty Peterson (Kitty The Madam)
311 N Robertson Blvd #917
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

S.W.I.M. exclusive interview on their album release, Covid-19 and music future

Someone Who Isn’t Me is a new music project by three women in Athens: Marilena Orfanou (synths, composer — Berlin Brides, DJ Loo)
Maria Hatzakou (drums — film producer at Haos Film)

Gina Dimakopoulou (guitar — Katrin the Thrill)
They love analogue sounds and toy synths, chaotic guitars and fake strings, female vocals and off-beat rhythms. We are excited to chat with them on the hot topics in exclusive interview.

Stay tuned for exclusive interview with S.W.I.M.! 

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Invisalign your teeth with Banning Dental Group

A smile is the surest symbol of joy. It has been rated to showcase the highest positive content and emotional security and is a tell-tale sign that one is content and happy. Every smile is unique to an individual and the situation. Whether it's a wry smile, a flirtatious grin or a hearty laugh, everyone enjoys a natural smile, and everyone looks for reasons for it. A perfect smile, however, may not always be easy to get. You might need some help.


If you have struggled with crooked, crowded or misaligned teeth and braces seem like a nightmare to you, you best believe you are up for a beautiful revelation - presenting, Invisalign.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand of clear orthodontic aligners that help align and orient teeth. These aligners work as a series of custom-made well-fitted trays that help straighten teeth in as much time as metal braces. Because they are essentially invisible, they are more preferred by teens and young adults as compared to the bulky framework of braces.

Invisalign clear aligners are generally made with specialized hard plastic and in conjunction with 3-D technology making the procedure both painless and non-invasive. The Invisalign digital scan allows you to visualize teeth positions and orientations before the fabrication of the trays.

How long does it take to straighten the teeth?

Usually taking around 10 to 24 months, if you are an adult who has had braces as a kid, it can take as little as 10 weeks with the invisible aligners. A single Invisalign tray is used for 2 weeks after which another tray may be assigned, continuing the cycle until the teeth are aligned perfectly.

An Invisalign aligner should be strictly worn 22 hours a day and should be cleaned periodically.

Are you eligible to get Invisalign?

No matter what age you are, as long as your adult teeth are fully grown, you can consider Invisalign as a valid option. This could be for teenagers too. Invisalign is a viable orthodontic treatment option. Whether it is gap teeth, open bites, and crowded teeth or position of a single tooth, Invisalign may be the best option.

In cases where your dental problems are severe, you may require other type braces to align your teeth.

Why choose Banning Dental?

Banning Dental Group specializes in Invisalign and braces using the most advanced digital technology and equipment aiming always to provide the

most comprehensive and current treatment to their patients.

All orthodontic treatment is with the supervision of orthodontic specialists in their practices. This gives you the assurance that you receive the best treatment and most affordable treatment to straighten your teeth.

How is Invisalign superior to traditional braces?

Invisalign clear aligners come with a wide range of benefits that win the orthodontic conquest against traditional metal braces.


      Aesthetics: Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible and give better visual regard to onlookers as compared to metal braces. Who would want to land up with a mouth full of metal when you can have a great-looking set of pearly whites?


      The comfort of wear: Since these Invisalign aligners are made up of plastic, nicks and cuts caused by the traditional metal wires and brackets of braces can be avoided.


      Convenience for removal: The biggest drawback of metal braces comes with its inability to be removable. Invisalign aligners are more relaxed with the duration of wear and can be removed every time you want to eat.


      Faster results: Invisalign aligners have been recorded to work faster than braces in straightening teeth and arranging them in great alignment.


      Predictability: Working with advanced technology, clear aligners straighten teeth more predictably and comfortably. You can see the end result on the digitized image to get an idea of what your teeth would look like after the treatment.

Are all aligners the same?

Now, you may have heard also of discount mail-order aligners. While those can straighten partially your teeth, they may worsen your bite and damage your gums and the supporting bone leaving you without legal recourse. Clear aligners aren’t “a fix-all treatment” by themselves. To ensure a properly aligned and safe bite, it takes a skilled orthodontist who knows what to advise you and how to use them therefore correctly and can use the aligners in combination with advanced tools and specific techniques to give you not only a brighter smile and but also a better bite.

Get your smile assessment today

With all the benefits of the Invisalign, there is no doubt that it is an easy and affordable method to regaining your confidence to smile. Yield the welfare of Invisalign clear aligners and make your everyday filled with smiles and waves of laughter. As a clear-cut and outstanding alternative to conventional braces, Invisalign aligners are really revolutionary wonders for misaligned teeth! Get your free consultation at your nearest Banning Dental Group clinic and let your smile journey start there.

Marieke van der Graaf: “I will help you achieve success by doing what you know best”!

We often see successful women that can afford anything and think that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. And this cannot be further from truth! The reality is that successful people struggle hard and optimize their lives to do what they are best at. And by doing what they are truly passionate about they achieve success!

Marilyn Monroe hired a cleaning lady as soon as she could afford it. She wanted to devote all her time to career and acting. Delegating tasks that are hanging on you is the key to success! And today we want to share with you an amazing service that will help you be excellent in the task that most women are not keen on — doing laundry!

Marieke van der Graaf is a CEO of Laundrylicious, first online laundry service that serves all Southern California. It has never been easier before! Your laundry will be sorted, picked up, washed, dried and delivered to your home! We decided to ask Marieke few questions about this amazing service.

CP: Hi Marieke, I personally never liked doing my laundry and I am sure many women feel the same. And going to dry clean is expensive and often takes a lot of time. Using we even need to call anyone. It is a easy as booking online and everything else will be done for you! How did you come up with this idea?

MG: Most of my clients are successful attractive people who are very busy with their career and sometimes kids. They don’t have time to do the laundry but they don’t need a full time housekeeper either. And they want to look great! I’ve been dreaming to have such a service myself to solve my problem, so I created a business that I am passionate about and I want to share it with the world!

CP: How long would it take from the booking online to the clean laundry delivery back to my home?

MG: We pick up the laundry and return it within 48 hours. We fold it and hang it up like you just bought it new. We make your garments look perfect, from shirt to socks.

CP: It is great when you can plan you life and delegate tasks to be effective and successful. It is also increadibly fast! Do you accept all kinds of clothes?

MG: Oh, absolutely! We pickup all your household linen, your comforters, dry cleaning and if anything needs alterations we can take care of that too. We have 24 hour and 48 hour services available and can accommodate same day service as well.

CP: It is great, because it gives an opportunity for women to do what they are best at and free the time for the family and friends! Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us! 

MG: It was a pleasure. My mission is to help people achieve success by doing what you know best. And I will do what I know best in my business with Laundrylicious!


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