Exclusive interview with Kai Michaels Fly Secrets brand creator. Fly to the sky!

Fly Secrets is more than a brand, it’s a way of thinking. Successful people have no limits in goals setting. We all look to the sky! Fly Secrets hopes to inspire anyone who wears or sees these clothing to have an uplifting day and believe that anything is possible!
We interviewed Kai Michaels to get to know all the secrets of Fly Secrets.

CP: Hi Kai, thank you for accepting the invitation! How are you feeling these days? It’s a brand new world we are facing.
KM: “Hello, thank you for having me here today. Yes, it is a brand new world. No, I cannot complain. Things are moving slowly, but they are moving.”
CP: We love the idea and mindset of Fly Secrets. It tells that everything is possible when you put your mind to it! And it is a great help in the pandemic nowadays not to give up! How did you come up with the idea for your brand?
KM: “I just happened to be in my car one day. I picked up my sketchbook, and started drawing the pilot character. I thought, “I can create a whole universe for him”. At first, it was just for my eyes. When others starting noticing my art. The characters took a life of its own. People really seemed to enjoy the concept living life above. Which is the basic concept of Fly Secrets.”
CP: The clothing of Fly Secrets are not only original, but also comfortable and cozy. Was this the idea behind the design?
KM: “Yes. From the very start, all of my designs have been hand-drawn. I usually keep a sketchbook. At least one or two with me all the time. Just in case inspiration hits. As far as the clothing itself goes, the moment that I found a specific material that I liked. I put out an example of a few friends and others to receive feedback on the material. I got great results for one, and I stuck with it”
CP: You have not only the clothing, but also phone cases, basically things that are highly visible in everyday life. Do you plan to extend the accessory line?
KM: “Yes. Very much so. The accessories will be extended to, but not limited to stickers, posters, hats, socks, and backpacks. The sky’s the limit!”
CP: How long did it take you from the idea to having the full line of products?
KM: “Honestly, everything came slowly. Started from sketching to locating a printing service, getting orders put in for samples. Once those samples came back and posting pictures on social media to get feedback, then I would sit in Photoshop to produce mock-up. So I could see what they would look like virtually.”
CP: How long does the production process take?
KM: “It usually takes a week to a week in a half.”

CP: Nowadays it’s been tough times for everyone. What is your secret not to give up and stay in positive mood?

KM: “Yes, it has been a tough time. Honestly, I have been building relationships lately, and the people that I have been in contact with have been giving me great feedback. The positivity is what keeps me going.”

CP: What is your biggest dream right now?

KM: “To spread the message of Fly Secrets across the globe. I would like to open my own stores, and give a platform for up and coming artists and fashion designers as well.”

CP: What is your motivational quote of the day?

KM: “Our minds are a limitation, but we all have wings to fly. All you have to do is believe”

CP: Thank you so much, Kai, for making us Fly to the Sky today!


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Christine Reidhead on success of the book, Covid-19 situation and nonprofit AfrikRising activities.

Educator and Humanitarian, Christine Reidhead, is an Assistant Professor and the Founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Organization, AfrikRising. We asked Christine to comment on the current situation with Covid-19 that we are facing and took a chance to talk about the success of her book "GET THAT JOB!”, activities of nonprofit AfrikRising she is leading, work at Navajo Nation, podcasting and much more in our exclusive interview. 

CP: Hi Christine, with Covid-19 breakout, it
’s a brand new world we are facing! How self isolation has changed your lifestyle? 

 As a professor, it seems much busier! We have been working around the clock finding the best solutions for our students to continue their education with the lack of computers and internet access as some live in very remote areas of the Navajo Nation. Distance education is resurging and is becoming the new thing. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a little scary as our community has been hit pretty hard with the virus, so were all trying to stay quarantined and staying safe. There have been three straight 57-hour weekend lockdowns mandated by the Navajo Nation President, to try to prevent more spreading of the virus.

CP: How about your work as an assistant professor? How has it been affected? 

 We now work 24/7 to assist with connecting students to have online access and reconnecting with their instructors. Its been a huge challenge as both instructors and students have had to make adjustments dealing with family, school, housing and finding the financial means to stay afloat. Academic eligibility sometimes feels it’s on the backburner when you think about the bigger picture of life. Our students are strong and resilient so I know we will get through these recent challenges. Its always difficult for anyone to experience change, but once we look back on it, we will see how much weve grown from the experience. I feel this will be a great and memorable experience for all of us, in the overcoming of enormous life changing challenges.

CP: You are the founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Organization AfrikRising. What are its recent activities? How the work has been affected by the global pandemic?


 We just completed a project at Oluyole Cheshire Home in Nigeria, Africa where we took food into the home of the disabled. We are currently working on another project called, Project: Face Mask, in Lagos, Nigeria. An upcoming project is scheduled to begin in Ghana, Nigeria where we will provide food to families. Our most recent project was delayed due to the closure of Africa, just as we initiated the project. But, we are confident we’ll be able to make this project happen for the families in need. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it will only take longer to achieve our projects but will continue by preparing for the planned upcoming activities.



CP: We’ve learned that you work on the Navajo Nation. How long have you worked there?

 Ive worked at Navajo Technical University (NTU) for about eight years. I love working here and love the people. NTU is located on the eastern region of the Navajo Nation and serves approximately 1,200-1,500 students annually.

CP: You also hold weekly podcasts bringing up the nonprofits, sports talks, advocacy, the Tribal College Movement. Why did you choose podcasting over, let
’s say now popular youtube or instagram blogs? 
CR: Podcasting is fun and I really enjoy it. I
m not sure why I went that route instead of those others. I just enjoy talking to people as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I try to tap into to learn a little more about them and their successes.

CP: We can
’t but mention the brilliant success of your first book "GET THAT JOB!" ACE your JOB Interview - Every Time! That became Amazon #1 bestseller. Congratulations! To your mind, what were the key points that made your first writing experience such a huge success? 
CR: Just lots and lots of hard work from the time that I get off my 8 to 5 job! You definitely have to work around the clock at every angle you possibly can reach. And, just keep hustling. Anything worth doing takes a lot of work.

CP: Do you plan release of the second book? 
CR: I should release my second book this month. I
m pretty excited about this book. I feel I’ve learned a lot with my first book and now am just trying to improve every day.

CP: What other projects have you done recently? 
CR: With the coronavirus pandemic in our lives, assisting with the immediate challenges it’s brought has been a major focus of ours at NTU. So, a lot of my time is spent helping with it.

CP: It
’s amazing! You find time for everything, and it is so inspirational to listen to you! What is your motivational quote of the day? 
If you have dreams then wake up early, put on your boots, and start your hustle. Avijeet Das

CP: Thank you so much for finding time to talk to us in this uneasy situation. We are truly hope the world becoming better! And it is important to stay motivated and keep going, exactly like you do! 

Listen to Christine
’s podcasts: https://christinereidhead.com 

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The Atlanta Book Hit-Maker strikes again!

Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. is blazing the trail for Women of Faith to exponentially SOAR in this season. With a host of Future Best-Selling books lining up, multiple Virtual Women’s Empowerment events all throughout May and early June, Cosmo was finally able to catch up with the ‘Publisher of Purpose’- CEO and Founder, Min. Nakita Davis!

CP: Min. Nakita Davis, Welcome and thank you for agreeing to meet with us. Lets hop right into it! The world has made many shifts in the past few months. Tell our viewers how your Best-Selling publishing house is effortlessly able to shift and elevate during this pandemic?

Min. Nakita Davis: Well first of all, All the Glory belongs to God.  He is the source of my life and my strength. I am honored to be interviewed on your prestigious platform!  Secondly, I tell my Queen Authors and co-authors all the time, ‘You don’t have to get Ready- if you Stay Ready.’  Although this has been a shift that many of us have not seen, God still reigns, and the bible tells us that there is nothing new under the sun. So, I say all of that to say, my team and I have continuously used all our innate gifts and talents to successfully pivot in this season.

We were already publishing International Best-Selling books and we were already developing authors to level up by sharing their message on larger scales. But we pivoted by adding more Virtual opportunities to connect with Women of Faith.  In the past month or so, we have hosted 3 to 4 Successful Virtual events. The Women Win Author & Business Summit was held in March and received great featured coverage on CBS news 19, NBC affiliates, and many more. Attendees were BLOWN Away by the wealth of knowledge and expertise that our Keynote speakers brought to the table and were ready to SOAR after our 2-day event. Next, Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer hosted our Write It. Speak It. Live It Masterclass and our highly acclaimed Learn & Earn $1,000+ Hosting Your Own Virtual Summit Masterclass- both in April!

The women enjoyed our event so much, that we are kicking off our highly valuable~ wildly profitable Virtual SPEAKER Society Membership May 8th! We still have just a few spots left for Women of Faith who are ready to take their gifts, talents, book, or business, and leverage it on a Virtual Stage that Pays again, and again, and again! The goal is simple, teach Women how to fish in this season by hosting their OWN wildly profitable Virtual Events!

Lastly, our Devo & Glow Camp is kicking off June 8th as a response to Covid-19. Its an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G bootcamp designed to help Women of Faith share their message through a Best-Selling Devotional book in 90days or less. Open enrollment ends June 1st.

CP: Wow, You seriously have a lot going on! I imagine that you are balancing all of this and your family life. How do you keep your sanity?

Min. Nakita Davis- (Laughs) Great Question- I don’t! (laughs again.) No seriously, I give it to God.  I do the best that I can to meet the commitments, deadlines, and results that I’ve communicated to my clients & authors alike. Regarding quarantine home life- I laugh- a lot and Smile more than I frown. Look, life is hard- it was never promised to be easy- just worth it. I also recognize that I can’t do it alone. My husband is absolutely amazing and covers me in the tight spaces. Throw in 2 Great kiddos and we always make it work with the help of Christ.

CP: Great advice- do what you can! So, talk to our readers about your upcoming event. We caught wind through the grapevine that there is another Women Win Author & Business Summit in the works.

Min. Nakita Davis: YESSSS! Gotta love social media and the press. But yes, we are working diligently to bring our guest, BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER in this season. We have expanded the event to 5 blissful virtual days and have included Top international leaders and Stellar Award-Winning Vocalists to our mix. We did not come to play! If attendees enjoyed our debut Women Win Author & Business Virtual summit back in March- then they are going to go through the roof when they see what we have lined up at the end of May! This 5-day Epic International Virtual event will kick off Saturday, May 30th – Wednesday June 3rd.  Queens should follow us to get open registration dates @jesuscoffeeandprayer on FB & on IG.

They Do Not want to miss this!

We still have just a few spots remaining for Powerhouse Speakers, Women of Influence and business expertise- but they must hurry if they want to join our esteemed panel of Glow-getters of Faith!

CP: I know your time is valuable and you are woman on the Go! So just a few more questions. As a best-Selling publisher with all your success. What advice would you give to someone wanting to write their book now- with all the uncertainty?

Min. Nakita Davis: It’s really simple- Just Do IT! Let Go of Your Fear and inhibitions. Let Go and Let God! Somebody needs to hear your voice. Somebody needs to grow from you. Somebody needs your testimony and triumph story. You are the KEY to Breaking Generational Curses- but YOU HAVE To MOVE! If you need help- reach out to us at www.jesuscoffeeandprayer.com Book your consultation and lets begin a beautiful partnership that will get you moving form A to Z! With 27+ Best-Selling authors in just 10 short months~ we are anointed and appointed for this THANG!  Let us help you produce your Best-Selling Book and leverage it to step on stage and GET PAID too!

CP: Well there you have it folks! Get with Min. Nakita Davis over at Jesus Coffee and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. for All your publishing/ author marketing and strategy needs. Based off your reviews on Facebook and other sources, I can see why they call you the ‘Publisher of Purpose!’

Min. Nakita Davis: Indeed, Indeed- to God be the GLORY!

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Victoria Liu CEO of BYPPO Exclusive interview


CP: What is Byppo? 

VL: Byppo is an online ordering app that allows vendors to list their products so that their customers can pay, tip, and place an order quickly through our services of curbside delivery, express pickup, and pre-ordering.

CP: Why did you start it? 

VL: I started Byppo originally because I went to a football game while at University of FL studying for my Masters of Accounting. I was standing in a long line trying to purchase water and realized the problem and wanted to find a solution.

CP:How has it changed today? 

VL: Byppo originally was working with sporting venues and entertainment centers, but now has evolved to include restaurants due to the demand of our services during the pandemic surrounding COVID-19. 

CP: I heard you are offering your services for free. Why? 

VL: COVID-19 has made a real impact on local businesses and many are looking to just surive. Byppo is all about supporting local businesses during difficult times and we know large delivery companies like Bitesquad, UberEats, Postmates, and etc. are still taking a large percentage of their sales. By using Byppo, we are hoping to help businesses through waiving all our vendor fees so that restaurants can keep as much profits as possible.


CP: How has it impacted your business and the community?  

VL: COVID-19 has changed the way many industries are doing business. It has definitely caused my company to pivot at times like these and now that we are offering our services for free for the community, we have seen such a positive feedback. Many of our local restaurants have been so grateful for us and giving them a platform that keeps their business up and running.

CP: How is Byppo different from Bitesquad/Doordash/UberEats? 

VL: Byppo does not do residential delivery like Bitesquad/Doordash/UberEats. We focus mainly on online pick-up orders and curbside delivery where the restaurant delivers the customers order to their car in the parking lot. We also do not take large percentage of sales like these companies do. We are a local startup focusing on our client needs and offer lots of customization for our vendors that many of these large companies do not do. 


CP: How do restaurants get started with Byppo? Can you work with restaurants across the US?  

VL: To easily onboard with us, simply reach out by emailing us at vendor@byppo.com or call 352-226-2820. We can definitely work with any restaurants across the U.S. easily. We are already starting to expand to new states, such as a new restaurant in Boston.

CP: How can people find out more information about you guys?

VL: To find our more about us, visit byppo.com or by checking us out on the ABC TV20 local newsthe Patch News in Miami, and newsbreak.



The Adele of Mumbai - Mallika Mehta

India is eagerly waiting for the big Live concert Jukeboxx by Adele of Mumbai, singer and songwriter Mallika Mehta, that was unfortunately postponed due to the Corona virus pandemic and surely will take place when things are better.

Mallika Mehta, often referred to as “Adele of Mumbai” is known for her fun mashups and versatile singing.

Truly amazing voice of Mallika conquered the hearts not only of native Indians but she is internationally recognized for her debut EP: “EVOLVE: The Story of Her”, along with her latest single “Finally Free”. She has been singing since the age of 5 and has opened for some renowned Bollywood artists like Kailash Kher and Shankar Ehsaan & Loy. Mallika has also performed at the Kalaghoda Music Festival and was the primary act at IIM Indore’s Annual Fest.
She has two sold out concerts to her name – “Rhythm” and “Fusion” .

In the quarantine world Mallika has been performing and going live on Instagram for her fans. She is working on her new EP which will soon be released. She truly hopes that her songs will bring some more positivity and happiness and will lead to the better world.

Besides writing her own songs and working on the music and recording, Mallika also sings in multiple languages them being, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi & Spanish.

Mallika is also an alumna of Berklee College of Music, Harvard University, NYU and Kellogg University where she has studied Music as well as Marketing.

Follow Mallika for all updates:

Instagram -MallikaMehtaMusic

Facebook -MallikaMehtaMusic

YouTube - MallikaMehtaMusic

Know God Multimedia: Bible inspired wisdom and knowledge

Know God Multimedia is everything about God. Born out of the urge to establish and make disciples to expand the kingdom of God on earth.
We seek and push to equip individuals and families with bible inspired wisdom and knowledge that enables them have one on one relationship with God, and also learn step by step how to communicate with God by themselves. Part of our Mission going forward is to build a God society for all people and all Nation, both local and international to reach out to the lost, the broken-hearted and to the less privileged, we are hoping to engage in Transformational projects and charity works for different communities worldwide, allowing the love of God flow through us to the world.

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2.Daily Devotion And Time With God 
Social Media Handles:
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Behind the Scenes with Actress Lunden De’Leon

“There’s nothing more exciting than developing a strong character and taking her from script to screen,” says De’Leon.
“I’ve had the opportunity to portray some very powerful women throughout my career and for that I am grateful .”

Having starred in over fifty movies and television shows, Actress Lunden De’Leon has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Her list of credits includes the blockbuster comedy “We’re the Millers,” Bravo Television’s “True Fiction”, “Sweet Home Carolina,” "Somebody's Child” and just recently, the Netflix drama “Blackbear" as well as the thriller “Broken Halos.”

In “Blackbear,” De’Leon portrays the role of Nurse London, a no-nonsense nurse caring for her patient. The film stars Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight).

De’Leon goes from playing a nurse in "Blackbear" to portraying the wife of a slain cop in the film “Broken Halos,” a thriller about a police officer who goes through a traumatic experience when his partner is killed. De’Leon plays the role of Patricia.

“Broken Halos” is produced by G! It’s Entertainment, a film production company based in Los Angeles and South Carolina with films airing on Lifetime and Hallmark.

"Blackbear" is currently streaming on Netflix.

Instagram: @lundendeleon
Twitter: @2Lunden
Facebook: ActressLunden

Todd Barrow: The House That Love Built, exclusive interview

Cosmo Press presents an exclusive interview with a Texas based independent Country artist, Todd Barrow. Get to know more about Todd Barrow and be sure to visit his website after our interview: www.ToddBarrowMusic.com

CP: Hi, Tod! We are facing a brand new world today. Suddenly, millions of people are stuck at home. How did covid-19 pandemic affected your life?
TB: This has been a challenge for all of us. This so called, new normal is very strange. Going out to the grocery store wearing a mask. Social distancing while in public. Impacted all my live shows being cancelled.

CP: Was it hard for you to stay in self isolation?
TB: Absolutely! I like being around people and in social settings. Very hard to be isolated but understand that it is saving lives.

CP: How does the global situation affected your concerts?
TB: When Covid-19 hit all shows were being rescheduled then cancelled. Had to start thinking about new ways to still perform live music.

CP: All the festivals are canceled or postponed worldwide… What are your thoughts of the impact of covid-19 to the whole music industry? When do you think the concerts would come back to normal?

TB: Major impact on the music industry especially for artists, bands & musicians. The bigger events hire workers to take tickets, serve food & drinks, etc. Believe towards the summer time things will open up.

CP: Did you get some positive moments out of staying at home? Spending more time with family, dedicating more to music…
TB: A lot of material to write about during this crisis. Historic times we are experiencing now. Being around loved ones always helps to not feel alone. Developing new ideas for the future in the music industry.

CP: Did you get some home setup for recording while we are stuck inside?
TB: I quickly had to get familiar with how to work the i-phone camera for facebook live streaming. Microphone, lighting, back drops,etc.

CP: In summer you released a new single “Hell and Back”, it is almost prophetic words nowadays, don’t you think?
TB: You are so on the right track. Learning from the past that the human spirit finds a way in turbulent times to make it. Getting through it and getting stronger.

CP: I can see that “Hell and Back” basically tells the whole story, how the world changed nowadays. Simple things are so difficult and we learn to appreciate the small moments that we used to take for granted. And your single “The House That Love Built” gives us the hope, that we all should cherish. The world will become better! And one day difficult times will be over. Do I get this right?
TB: Love how you phrased this. We can make a difference when we do our part. You are essential and have purpose on this planet.

CP: Do you plan a new music release?
TB: Working on several new tunes. Still in contact with talent buyers for future shows. Practice, practice, practice!!!

CP: What are the current projects you put your hands on?
TB: Current project is called, Country's Just Cooler. Message about real country culture... Radio promoters tell me it has gone #1 in Europe.

CP: What is your inspirational quote of the day?
TB: "Be the change that you want to see in the world"- Gandi

CP: Thank you so much for sharing with us! We hope life will become good again, just like in “The House That Love Built”!

Listen to Todd’s music: http://www.ToddBarrowMusic.com

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