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Cover Girl of July Issue is a holywood actor and comedy queen Yui Shibata, leading actor in “Stalking Elvis”.

Creating a movie based on a real story is not always a simple thing to do. While some stories basically write themselves, there are also some that are very challenging and you do need to figure stuff out on your own. “Stalking Elvis” is a great movie that features Yui Shibata in the main role and the entire thing is based on true stories from factual mentally insane lunatic stalkers.
This is a SAG-AFTRA movie directed by Joseph Guinan. Josepth has been a casting director in Hollywood for a very long time. His specialty is casting people of color and a lot of his films/TV series feature those non-white actors. He is the creator behind Miss Igetu Soun, one of the most iconic characters in recent memory. It’ s truly exciting to see how everything comes together into the movie, and the casting of Yui Shibata is indeed perfect for this role. The name on its own is very catchy, it’ s similar to a Bond girl name, and it immediately attaches to your mind in ways you would not imagine.


The fact that this is based on a true story brings in a rather meta experience to say the least. You rarely get to have something like this to begin with, and the entire thing is so distinctive and also quite iconic that you will enjoy it immensely again and again. 

Written by Ella Herada. Read the full article in the “Cosmo Life” July Issue.


Exclusive interview with Lu Tirado — model, actress, singer and IT girl

Today we are happy to have Lu Tirado  model, actress, singer and IT girl  all easily combining in her fragile personality. Easy going and sunny, she shared few insides of her backstage life. 

CP: Hi Lu, we are happy to have you! You describe yourself as a fangirl that occasionally is singing, acting and modelling. It is such an easy attitude to life! Is everything you do comes easy to you?
LT: Some things do come naturally, but I’d say a lot of work needs to be done in order to accomplish bigger and better things.

CP: You've moved to LA at 18, how would you desicribe this city? 
LT: I absolutely love LA, it’s a city full of art, I feel like LA, it’s a city where you can be yourself and express yourself freely with no one judging you, everyone does their own thing.

CP: What made you move to Mexico? Do you prefer it to LA? What's special about it? 
LT: I was born and raised in Mexico City, so pretty much my whole life was here, and my parents decided it was time for me to come back home and persue a normal career, but I’m still working my way into the industry here.

CP: Now you devote your space time to modelling. What was the most fun collaboration you've done? 
LT: I did a boudoir shoot with “cuarto secreto”, it was super fun, since it’s something I had been wanting to do for a while, but opposite to what everyone thinks, I’m actually super shy, so I had to find the courage to do it. It was a photoshoot where I felt the most confident and free, it was an awesome feeling when I started to let go of my fears during the photoshoot, I didn’t want it to end.

CP: How would you describe your personal style?
LT: I have a difficult time explaining myself.  I can’t fully classify as edgy, preppy, boho(y), or girly. I do know that I lean towards modern, looking more for flattering pieces and color, lots of color.

CP: Are you a shopoholic? Where do you usually shop? Which are your favourite designers? 
LT: I don’t consider myself a shopaholic, although, I do love to shop for clothes every once in a while.
I usually shop online, Dolls Kill and stradivarius are my go-to shops. If I do shop in person and I’m in the mood to splurge, I usually go to top shop or free people.

CP: What is more important for you making financial success or having fun? 
LT: Having fun, definitely. I feel that the most important thing about a career, is to enjoy it and have fun, since it is what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life, so it has to be something you have to have a pasion for, I never want to do something for the money, that’d be selling out, which is something I’m never going to do.

CP: How did you chose what you wanted to do?
LT: Since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to be an artist, that I wanted to entretain people, I remember watching tv shows and saying that someday, I was gonna be on a tv show, of course my parents, thought it was just a phase, that I’d get over it, but I never did, this has and will always be my career path. But looking back, I think the moment I really set my heart on it, was when my aunt took my brothers and I to see the Lion King the broadway musical, because after that, I could only think of being on a stage.

CP: Do you have any proyects coming out?
LT: Actually, I do! A few days ago, I was honored to be part of Carlos Said’s new music video, which will be coming out later this month, he has an amazing team, and he is an amazing person and artist so it was truly heartwarming to be given this opportunity.

CP: What is your biggest dream?
LT: My biggest dream is to be able to have a stable job in the industry, doing what I love, and making people happy. Also, one being on a magazine cover would be pretty awesome.

CP: How did you learn to sing? You have an amazing voice!
LT: Oh, thank you. Actually, I’ve never taken a singing lesson in my life, my family never let me, since they thought it was a waste of time, and jr was just a phase, so I think it must’ve come naturally, since I’ve been singing my whole life. My technique, comes from trying to imitate Demi Lovato, and also I learned a few things from youtube videos.

CP: What has been the most difficult situation that you’ve gone through or are going through in your artistic career?
LT: One of the most difficult things is finding castings since most of them are invite only and as of right now, I donmt have management. Another difficult thing, is having people bigger than you in the industry, trying to take advantage, promising things they won’t ever do and they end up just stepping all over you. Also, not having my family’s full support is pretty hard. Luckily, these past few months, I’ve found incredible people, who actually want to help me and want to see me succeed, people who believe in me and keep pushing me to believe in myself and let go of my fears and shyness.

CP: Thanks a lot Lu!
LT: Thank you for having me!

Hollywood Model and Actress Kiersten Dolbec takes to the Red Carpet in Cannes

Hollywood Model and Actress Kiersten Dolbec takes to the Red Carpet in Cannes, France on May 20th, 2019. The actress also has a mysterious role in the End Game, Avengers which was not released in the final cut. Kiersten walked the 2019 World Premiere “purple carpet” for Avengers Endgame in April of 2019 in Los Angeles.

Here in Cannes, France, Kiersten was a guest of the World Premiere at the Festival de Cannes for the newest documentary about the famous soccer player, Maradona. The Maradona film premiere was directed by the Oscar Award winner, Asif Kapadia. “What happens to a child star when you grow up, lose your gift, have to face challenges like family,” the director explains. “Family stuff is personal stuff, messy and heavy. Amy and Senna never got to the point in their lives where they had to deal with that.”

The premiere was excellently portrayed highlighting the emotion and drama of the soccer player in a way that was relatable and pulled on the heartstrings of the many at the premiere. The world-famous soccer player went from fame to shame, and eventually almost lost his life to addiction. This movie is a testament to the human spirit that transcends even the expert world-class soccer skills that the great world class winner, Maradona was able to perform during his time.

Kiersten Dolbec was interviewed on the red carpet and commented, “The work of the Director Asif Kapadia is always excellent...This film highlights the struggles of people who are trying to cope with bias.” The film itself showed how the former world-class soccer player was highly regarded by some and by others was scorned. He lived a questionably luxurious life, with great fame, and with it came to an expected amount of pressures and circumstances that influenced the direction of his personal life. The amazing take-home point is his sheer determination in spite of drug addiction, public and private enemies, he still brought the team to victory to be one of the all-star soccer players of all time. #KierstenDolbec #CannesFilmFestival #FestivaldeCannes #Cannes #Maradona #Worldpremiere #Hollywoodactress

Photo #1 #2: the dress is made by STELLO, Photo no copyright Michael Costello designer, Image of Kiersten Dolbec 

By John Sill-up
Writer, Producer, HC Provider, Just an all-around fun guy 424 407 5271



Exclusive Interview with Bugsy Jeneva -- “Beauty and The Bars”

We have a great guest today! Her name is Bugsy... Bugsy Jeneva. 
An upcoming new Music Artist and Fashion lover out of Kissimmee, Florida whose vibe has been rattling the cages of Social Media right under our noses. Let’s get WOKE! 

Bugsy Jeneva is an edgy, stylish dressed, very unique breath of fresh air that the stuffy Entertainment industry should be inhaling. She has graced many lenses creating numerous photo shoots flexing her sense of style, beauty and fashion flow. Growing up in the best of both worlds of her mother’s beauty salons and father’s music studios, she is an awesome blend of Glamour and Grit. 

Bugsy tells us that she was very familiar with music and introduced to it at a very young age. She would just hang out, sit in countless studio sessions with her father watching him, analyzing the recording and writing process. Soaking it all in, keeping it to herself... until now.

Playing in a game that is highly saturated with look alikes, sound alikes and and think alikes...it can be a bit difficult to be noticed, if you’re not like “Them”. Luckily Bugsy blesses us with a new wave vibe mix of down south & a dash of up north. It's a great recipe especially when you’ve been raised on both regions like Bugsy has. 

She has been getting some nice support & feedback on her music with the Bugsy 2 Piece of her 2 songs “WHO YOU” and “BIG DAWG”. 
Both available now on Streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Google etc;) and music videos on her YouTube.

CP: Hi Bugsy, how are you today!

BJ: I’m great, thankful & just living life. 

CP: You are a rising music star, what was your way to becoming an artist?
BJ: I was raised around music studios since a young age, so it kinda just stuck with me. Eventually it sparked on its own. 

CP: Is it difficult to read rap? Do you do some distion exercies for articulation?
BJ: Not hard at all, I just find my happy place, zone & have a conversation with the music. You know. 

CP: When should we expect your first album?
BJ: Aahhh, the million dollar question lol. Well I’m just focused on singles, stacking the song catalog then plan on an EP first before jumping into album mode.

CP: You are famous for your unique breath in style and exquisit looks. Where do you get your inspiration?
BJ: Wow thank you, not famous yet however, anything that looks like it doesn’t go together or even match. That is what calls me. Definitely something that makes you do a double take, that’s how I go about choosing my looks and style 

CP: Where do you usually buy your clothes?
BJ: It varies on the vibe that I’m on that day but Urban Outfitters has a lot of chill cozy clothes & I also shop online. 

CP: Your looks are very different that make you stand out of the crowd. What is fashion for you?
BJ: Fashion is about being cozy, feeling confident, comfortable & bold in anything you wear. Being able to whip up looks from any piece that catches your eye. Big name or not. 

CP: When should we expect your next release?
BJ: Very soon, summer is approaching so please stay tuned! 

CP: What would you recommend people who’d like to go into music?
BJ: To always be yourself, stay focused & don’t worry about the hatred or negative opinions. Stay the course.

Connect With Bugsy on Social Media!
Instagram @bugsy_jeneva
FB: @itsjustbugsy

Cosmo Press Interview with Actress Sofya Belova

CP: Sofya, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

SB: I have a Finance degree and Masters in Business. I am originally from Russia. I have lived in USA for 10 years, and I have a US passport. I have taken 6 month classes at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and an intensive course at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

CP: At what point did you decide to become an actress?

SB: I decided to become an actor when I was 10 years old. I participated in school theater, singing competitions and dance, before taking acting classes in Moscow, Russia.

CP: What type of acting role would interest you the most and why?

SB: I love comedy, drama and action. But, my ideal role is comedy, I love humor and especially humor from different cultures!

CP: Ideally, where would you like to see yourself five years from now?

SB: I see myself in five years accomplishing my goals in acting in a big production.

CP: How can people find you online and get updates about you?

SB: People can find me on instagram, my name is SofyBelova2018.

CP: Thank you for the interview, we wish you great achievents in your career! 

Sofya's Instagram Page



Meet Paula Berwanger known as Julia in NHK’s Omotenashi No Kiso Eigo

Paula Berwanger is one of the most promising foreign actresses in Japan.

Early Childhood

Paula’s parents married in Japan and, although she was born in Brazil, she moved to Japan at the age of one. Her father established a translation company in Tokyo in 1979 and her mother obtained her PhD in Anthropology from Tokyo’s Sophia University.
As a child, she attended the International School of the Sacred Heart, in Hiroo, Shibuya, where she became a native-level speaker of English.


Today, she is involved in all areas of English-language entertainment in Japan.
She played a recurring role, Julia, on NHK’s English-language drama Omotenashi No Kiso Eigo (おもてなしの基礎英語). Over the period of just one year in Japan, she worked for some of the main television channels (NHK, TV Nippon, TV Fuji, and TV Tokyo), in other popular shows such as Sekai Ichi Uketai Jugyou (世界一受けたい授業) and Unbelievable (アンビリバボー).

“Omotenashi” means hospitality. In the series, Julia (Berwanger), arrives in Japan on her own as a foreign young woman without knowing how to speak Japanese, and comes to stay at the “Omotenashi Hostel”. The hostel manager and owner’s daughter, Sanae (Karen Miyazaki), uses basic English to help her guests Julia, David (A.J. Hamilton), and Owen (Michael Filosa) get by in Japan. They learn how to use a soroban, throw a hot-pot party, go out for ramen, and learn how to write their names in the Japanese writing systems of hiragana and katakana. The DVD has recently been released by NHK and accompanies a book with the script, with which audiences can follow the story and learn English.

After the drama is aired commentators, led by half-British half-Japanese dual native Harry Sugiyama, replay the show and explain the English expressions.
She also performed an original play called Connections which was commissioned by the fashionable Wise Owl Hostels for its 2nd Anniversary. It was a one-woman-show inspired by Jean Cocteau’s The Human Voice and there are rumors that there might be a second production in partnership with Wise Owl Hostels for 2019.
Within the independent bi-lingual film scene, she was the lead actress and executive-producer for the feature-length film Poster of a Girl. She also directed and produced a short film about the dichotomy of modernisation and tradition in Japan called Drops of Salt.
Behind the scenes, she became the current producer of the Japanese national tour of the International Theatre Company London, a British Shakespearean company that has been coming to Japan since 1994 with support of the British Council. She teaches acting techniques for adults at the Yokohama Theater Group, one of the oldest English language theater companies in Japan. She has coached established actors such as Jessica Robinson of Theater Iridescence, who played the title role in the bilingual production of Medea in Nagoya.

“Born in Brazil, she is a legitimate actress who trained academically at The William Esper Studio in New York. Her great acting abilities are well known among our NHK clients and she can adjust each working environment extremely well,” her representatives FreeWave commented, which is the best agency for foreign actors in Japan.


What is Otaku? Yui Shibata is a “kawaii” girl in “Graduation”

“Kawaii” means cute or lovely in Japanese. Japanese pop culture and its iconic fashion are very famous around the world. A short film called “Graduation” is the story of three high school students, Echo, the  student council president, Nona, a gangster, and Joi, a mysterious geek (Otaku). “Graduation” was screened at the Sacramento International Film Festival and received acclaim from critics.

Like the popular cartoon The Powerpuff Girls, each student in “Graduation” is represented by their own color. Echo (Joanna Cho) is red, Nona (Michelle Park) is blue, and Joi (Yui Shibata) is yellow. Yui Shibata, who played Joi in this film, was born and raised in Japan. Her incredible comedy skill moved casting directors, and she was cast as this charming, mysterious high schooler. Joi is very quiet but she has a kind heart and her inner power is gigantic. Quite often, the Japanese people are known to be reserved and quiet, but they can also be pretty tough and strong. Joi doesn’t speak much, but she offers a water bottle to Echo who was just knocked down and had a nervous breakdown. Joi comforts her, which demonstrates her kindness and empathy. Yui played this character Joi with deadpan humor, but she also adeptly portrayed the character's huge inner power. Audiences enjoy both the humor and heart in this character.

This film is well designed, with beautiful color combinations. Joi’s yellow glasses are cute, and add a little spice to this film. Don’t forget to check out her nice socks. It’s fun to explore “kawaii” Asian fashion.
Japan is famous for anime culture, and young Japanese girls are so becoming in their cute outfits. Yui is an authentic Japanese girl who went to high school in Japan. She also studied acting in the USA at Palomar College and California State University in Fullerton, where she received her BA in Theater Arts. She knows both Japanese and American cultures very well.
Yui became a well known theater-based actor in San Diego and Orange County in California, and then she moved to Los Angeles where she signed a contract with the Avant Artists agency in order to find more TV and film jobs. Since then, she has booked many comical and dynamic roles.
Yui established her acting career in the USA, and she is very popular among Japanese pop culture fans. However, we cannot just categorize her as a cute actor who came from Japan. She is a symbol of Asian actors and specializes as a crazy otaku comedienne. Her distinguished comedy skill makes audiences crack up even before she speaks.
She has just finished filming a new movie in which she has a lead role. She said this new part is very different from Joi in “Graduation” by being very energetic and powerful, yet quirky and crazy in a very good way.
We anxiously await her next work!

From Japan to Kenya, and the USA...to the world!

Sanae Ohno is one of the most talented photographers to emerge from Japan. Her background is quite unique, having first earned a veterinary physician's license and successfully practiced in that field. Now she is a professional photographer with an established career based in New York! She has been taking pictures at numerous fashion shows, live music scenes, and throughout the film industry. A long way from Japan and a lot different from veterinary medicine.

At the age of 16, Sanae went camping with Maasai people in Kenya. Her fascination with wild animals began with that experience, which led her to study medicine and become a veterinarian. 

Interestingly, the Japanese bagpiper named "Ally" asked Sanae to take pictures of her live stage performances. Ally was also a veterinary physician and studied at the same school with Sanae! 

After posting great pictures on social media, Blacko, a member of the Irish band "Johnsons Motorcar" saw them and sent a message requesting that Sanae also take pictures of his band on stage. She has been photographing Johnsons Motorcar's performances ever since. 

One after another, Sanae’s incredible camera techniques became famous among musicians and she started to work with many talented artists such as Overground Acoustic Undergraound, HY, Kurei Yuki’s, to name a few. She was extremely touched by the enthusiasm of 8000 audience members during Japanese concerts and of course, after that, she could not stop taking pictures.

She is no longer working as a veterinarian, and instead enjoys a thriving career as an amazing photographer who now lives in the United States.

Sanae studied at New York Film Academy, and obtained an MBA (Media Management) from MCNY. She has been taking photos for more than 30 brands at NY Fashion Week biannually, and is currently active in film, as well. Her biggest credit so far is the Hallmark movie “Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane”

Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane

Sanae has also been very involved in theater productions. One of her most memorable works was “Anna May Wong, the actress who died a thousand deaths”. It was a live cinema style show and they performed almost like a sitcom with film equipment, and Sanae worked as a frame designer and 1st camera operator. Filming included a scene set 100 years ago.

Anna May Wong, the actress who died a thousand deaths.

Sanae is thrilled to work in the USA especially because there are so many talented females in the film industry here. She is passionate about taking pictures of “moving” and living things, animals, musicians, actors and many more. Most importantly, she hopes that people will be “moved” by her photographs and films. We cannot wait to see more from Sanae Ohno and we definitely expect to be moved!

Photos by Sanae Ohno
1: Kurei Yuki (Otodama 2018)
2: Johnsons Motorcar
3: NYFW Laquan Smith Runway
4: HY (Rock in Japan 2018)
5: Martin Johnson (Johnsons Motorcar/ Overground Acoustic Underground)