Delicious Mango Lassi Body Scrub — Food for your body

Hi friends, today we'd like to present to you the yummy food... for your body! It's a delicious Mango Lassi Body Scrub made of 100% Natural ingredients, with some key ingredients of the organic source means there is Zero Synthetic Chemicals used that may have any adverse effects. Not tested on Animals and doesn’t include any animal derivatives, it is 100% suitable for a Vegan lifestyle.

Mango Lassi Body Scrub is used while you are taking a bath, you take some of it and rub your body, leave it for few minutes for all the goodness to be absorbed then rinse with warm water.

It Helps to Exfoliate
Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is one of the most important aspects of your skincare routine for body

It Helps to Hydrate
Helps Hydrate your skin, it helps increase the amount of water in your skin cells, which results in a healthy, smooth and plump complexion.
Vitamin E and Glycerine are the two ingredients inside the body scrub | mango lassi helps to hydrate your skin

Helps with Skin Detoxification 
Body Scrub |Mango Lassi a great partner for weekly detox. When body scrub| Mango Lassi is used in the shower, the warm water and steam give the pores a chance to open up and toxins to be flushed out. While these natural ingredients assist in detoxing in the body.

We also would like to present you Zaharah Beauty Essentials, a local Australian family owned skin care business, who are local outstanding new business award finalist for 2018. All products are 100% Australian Made, from Aussie ingredients, made packed and delivered in Australia within the local community.

To learn more about the product and order, visit the website and follow on social media:

ICO NYC Artist Marko Stout's art is making our August R&B Cover

    New York artist Marko Stout is considered by many to be the coolest and most relevant multimedia artist working today. Stout’s raw and gritty style has made him a sensation in New York, particularly with the millennial crowd who “connect” with his work. These younger fans have carried the social media buzz and developed a cult-like admiration for Stout, which has gained him even more attention. This has been noticed by art collectors, causing an increase in both the demand and the prices of his work. Today Marko is telling us about his vision of art, inspiration and sex.


Read the full interview in "Rich&Beautiful" August issue.

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"Cosmo Life July" sorted!

Beautiful Kalent Ziaz is our cover girl in July! Learn how she manages her actress, writer, producer& director roles and which projects are coming soon. Audrey Soie, designer of wearable art scarves shares her ideas about marketing, Fashion week styles and reveals what her best-selling products secret. Find inspirations for manicure in summer and learn 5 signs to know if abuse is present in the office.


Amazing Wearable Art by Audrey Soie

Audrey Soie [ôdrē sua] is a designer from France. She loves and knows how to fill plain daily activity with bright colours and positive emotions. Her scarves will bring anyone into an unusual world full of sweet memories. Every scarf has its own story!

All Audrey Soie accessories are made of high-quality natural materials. Each piece is unique and individual in all respects, that is why our products are manufactured in limited series. Our customers say that they have found ‘what no one else has’. 

She creates unique wearable art pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. Her scarves are transforming a basic outfit into a chic piece that you don't stop getting compliments about...

Audrey Soie Web

Etsy shop

Audreu's Facebook Page



Exclusive: Nelly Valentino’s new boyfriend… Tada!

OMG Gossip girl is here! Love her or hate her she's the co-writer of every song you listen to on the radio. Songwriter Nelly Valentino aka Kylie Jenner's best friend has definitely made a platform for herself. We interviewed the 22-year-old and she had a lot to say about her music collabs with JLo, Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth. In the NBA world we know one person isn't happy about Valentino's dating rumours and that is… drums rolls, please! NBA star Chandler Parson. We know when it comes to dating Nelly Valentino is no expert but we did some digging and my oh my gosh! Does she know how to pick'em! Her new rumoured boyfriend is a Doctor and he is HAWAAAAT! Dr Ralph Hawat Aesthetic Medicine is located in Beirut, Lebanon and he is off the market! I mean how could you go wrong with dating one of the most beautiful and talented girls in the music industry?! Nelly Valentino… can we have some pictures of you two lovebirds together? 



Shania The Artist reveals secrets of her new track “JUDGE ME”

Shania The Artist reveals the truth about the creation of her track that caused a storm of emotions by her fans.
“JUDGE ME” is a song I wrote when I was going through a lot of pushback starting out in the industry", - she said. 

"If you listen to others, you’ll give up before you get started. People feel they know you through social media. But the truth is that people hide a lot about themselves unless you are really going through it WITH them".

The track “JUDGE ME”, released June 8, 2018, has been making lots of noise by fans of Shania The Artist and not only that but the single is available on all digital markets.




OMG Music bomb from San Francisco!

Fierce, irreverent, and fresh, The Wyatt Act burst onto the music scene with the force of an orgasm in a meteor shower. The San Francisco band is the creator of "SlamRock" - a new style that combines Guinevere Q's slam poetry with jazz rock.

Check them out, you'll be amazed!