Tips&Tricks for dry skin from Kim K

Sometimes skin has a low level of sebum, which is the natural oil that is produced by skin glands.  It is called dry skin and it cannot hold moisture and will look parched and feel tight when washed and in some extreme times, it can show some signs of chapping and cracking. The wind and very high or low temperatures can steal the natural moisture and make the skin feel tight across the bones. Dry skin can cause embarrassing flakes and any mark or dry skin will be very dull and show up on cheeks and near the eyes.  You may also find dry skin on the knees, hands and in the mid section.


The most common cause of dry skin is the lack of sufficient moisture from sebum. In some cases, this can be due to genetic conditions. There are also environmental causes like exposure to sun, cold, cosmetics, chemicals, and wind can cause dry skin too.  Other reasons can be poor diet.  A diet that is deficient in vitamin A and B is more likely to take away the skin’s moisture.  Skin diseases like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea are causes of dry skin.  It can be a result also of other conditions like diabetes and hypothyroidism and the use of certain drugs like diuretics, antispasmodics, and antihistamines.


Dry skin is also going to need a lot of easy cleansing, massage to stimulate the sebum production and a lot of quality in moisture and oil.  When you are washing your skin with soap it will take out the natural protective oil along with the dirt.  Use of a good moisturizer will return lost water content to the skin.  You can use neutral not acidic or alkaline products for washing the skin and abstain from using commercial soaps.  After the second cleansing you need to treat the skin lightly with moisturizing cream.


Once you have taken a bath or shower, you can apply baby oil over the skin. The area that is around the eyes needs to have a bigger application of the oil. You can also massage your face and apply some homemade remedies that are suggested by a doctor. 


Every morning you should treat your skin with a spray of mineral water.  You should then apply some beauty mask for dry skin and mix together one egg, teaspoon of honey, half teaspoon of olive oil and a couple drops of rose water.  This makes a great mask to use on your face and body. 


Eating a good balanced diet that is loaded with vitamins and minerals is a great idea. You should include some sulfur containing foods like onion, garlic, asparagus, and eggs as part of your diet.  You can eat more carrots and yellow and orange vegetables.  You should refrain from alcohol, caffeine, coffee, tea, and sugary drinks.  Other items to limit are French fries, and other junk food that are high in grease or fat.  This will help to keep your skin healthy and stop it from drying out.


"Rich&Beautiful" October issue is out!

We are so excited to present you Kim Kardashian as a cover girl of "Rich&Beautiful" October issue! Check the awesome pictures of Alexis Guerrero, First Princess of Miss Belleza Mexico USA! 

Read about Steven Vitali playing himself in "COVID-19 Call to Prayer God's Army" and Jesus is determined to show others that we need to come together in prayer during this pandemic. J chamberlain updates us on getting over the toxic ex and his music plans. All this and much more in this issue! Get your copy here!

Sebastian Duarte Griegо: Interview with Social Media Guru

Sebastian Duarte Griego, a name not know in many households yet present in over 4 million. This social media titan that  has built up a social media empire across multiple accounts. 

Sebastian had a childhood not too dissimilar to that of the rest of the public, his parents led a 9-5 life forever stuck in the rat race of the real world. Sebastian, approaching working age himself realised that this life was not one for him, instead he opted to explore his inner passion of entrepreneurship with the dream of creating his own vast wealth. 

Using his knowledge of social media Sebastian started his instagram journey all the way back in 2017, with a bit of consistency in his posting schedule the followers started rolling in with Sebastian reaching in excess of 40,000 followers within just a few months! 

Sebastian’s success in the instagram space led to him making a name for himself within the community and before long Sebastian was working with California based digital marketing agencies aiding them in boosting portfolios. This wasn’t the only hustle Sebastian had going on either, this driven entrepreneur also ran ecommerce sites, driving traffic via facebook ads, a money making method that has since become infamous in the online world. 

Sebastian’s influence spreads far and wide, directly influencing his 4 million followers via his social media accounts whilst indirectly doing the same to many more millions through his work aiding other large accounts.


CP: Hi Sebastian, thank you for joining us at Cosmo Press! How are you today?
SDG:I am doing great, thank you!

CP: How did pandemic affect your empire?

SDG:IT didn’t, in fact I was able to accomplish many milestones and expand my online business thanks to the extra time I was able to get due to being in lockdown.

CP: Can you tell us how did you get started with social media?
SDG: For sure, everything started in 2017 where I saw several people making a living out of instagram and other social media, I decided to start my very own page which led me to where I am today.


CP: Did you take any course on marketing?
SDG:I remember watching a few YouTube videos but nothing special.

CP: What would you advice for people who are starting social media blogging today?
SDG: I'd say that its never too late to start, people can get quite far with social media but the main key is simply being consistent.


CP: What in your opinion are the key features to succeed as a social media influencer?

SDG: There are many ways to succeed in this industry but the main thing is to stick to an original idea and start working on it non stop, like every other job it should be taken seriously.


CP: Is that true that today you won’t get following without investing in advertising even if you have the most brilliant content?

Yes, as I mentioned before, you need to see this as a real business and invest money from your own pocket when the time comes.

CP: What is your favorite social media platform for creating content?

CP: What is your motivational quote of the day?

SDG: There is no such thing as luck, its just preparation meeting opportunity.

CP: What is your biggest dream?
SDG:To be financially free.

Important film festivals go virtual due to the coronavirus in 2020.

Cannes, Guanajuato(#GIFF2020), Barcelona (#BIFF2020) and more join a new format of film festivals this year

Cinema enthusiasts around the world are in for a very pleasant surprise: famous online film festivals are online now and that open the door for new and independent filmmakers. The Barcelona International Film Festival or the Guanajuato Film Festival are samples of the creativity of the organizers to can run a real online experience of a film festival.

Not only the Barcelona International Film Festival has migrate online amid covid 19. Due to the global coronavirus outbreak, biggest cinema festivals have become used to doing many things online, which turns out to work surprisingly easy for festivals. 

The Global Film Festival, We Are One is another fantastic reference of what the festivals have to do this year to can serve as a small consolation for cinema addicts, after the cancellation of popular cinema events, like the Festival of Cannes. 

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the entire business of producing, distributing and exhibiting movies, with film festivals taking a particularly hard hit.

Organizers of film festivals scheduled for the spring and summer months have responded to the crisis by canceling, going online or postponing in the (probably vain) hope that the number of infections will recede enough to make their new dates feasible. 

Some famous film festivals are coming up with a innovative online version. The Independent Awards of the Barcelona International Film Festival will pivot all activity online.

The festival said: “Due to greatly increased concern regarding the epidemiological situation in the world, and record cases of Covid-19 infection, we at Barcelona International Film Festival (#BIFF2020) have made the decision to conduct the 2020 edition of all festival events entirely online from November 23-27, 2020.” 

BIFF2020 the independent awards, is open to audiences worldwide and will allow users to subscribe to the entire festival programme for seven days, or select individual titles and content, plus a variety of online activities to connect with filmmakers from over the world.

Be part of this film festival represents a unique opportunity to connect and enjoy digital screenings, panels, filmmaker Q&As, musical performances, and some of the most exclusive and original content of the professional and independent film industry. 

The Barcelona International Film Festival, The Independent Awards is open for submissions via Filmfreeway with a Gold discount of the platform.

Discover more at,

Or connect with the #BIFF2020 The Independent awards on the next platforms:

"Cosmo Life" Cover Story: MAJ Ramon Sumibcay

MAJ Ramon Sumibcay, retired Army nurse who was recently recalled back to active duty due to COVID-19. He is currently deployed in Germany. Ramon is also the past Western Regional Vice-President of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, 2018-2020.


Florence Nightingale, the Founder of Modern Nursing, would have turned 200 years old. In her honor, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife.” Florence is always best remembered for her strong sense of selfless service and her incomparable courage. Leaving behind an affluent lifestyle, she gathered about 40 women, trained them, as they joined forces to volunteer their services in Crimea to take care of British soldiers. Her first cold winter in Crimea could be traumatic. There were over 4,000 deaths. There were more deaths caused by cholera, dysentery, poor hygiene and sanitation, poor ventilation, and very substandard living conditions than from battle wounds. Those deaths as we know now are highly preventable. As a prolific writer and an astute mathematician, she was able to use data and statistics to convince the British government to respond to her plea for a better living condition. She implemented handwashing as a standard practice. By simply implementing preventive health measures, and improving hygiene and sanitation, death rate was reduced from 42% to 2%. Evidently, Florence pioneered in Public Health and nursing education. Nursing profession has strongest and most natural appeal from the Filipinos compared to other Asians. Filipinos have traits that are very well-fitted to the profession: compassionate and hard working. In return, Filipinos have found nursing profession as lucrative source of professional income. In almost every continent of the world, there is a Filipino nurse. In the United States, there are about 150,000 Filipino-American nurses. Many have taken different career pathways. Many have achieved highly specialized training, and many have attained higher levels of education. Leaders in the nursing profession have always promoted “Excellence in Clinical Nursing.” “Sometimes, I feel being less significant”, says Major Ramon, (MR) “because of the emphasis of excellence in clinical nursing practice as compared to public health nursing.”


CL: How did you start your career?

MR: Nursing was a second career. I left the military service to go to nursing school. Earning my bachelor’s degree at the age of 41 was one of the greatest milestones of my life. In the early years of my nursing career, I was a clinical staff in a busy unit - Renal and Advanced Med Surgical Unit. Based on patient medical histories and their own stories I often wondered why there were so many sick patients. Patients in that unit were mostly, ESRD, Diabetes, Kidney transplants, and Hemodialysis. I knew then that I would take a career pathway at the other side of the spectrum, the Preventive side. When I joined back the active duty component of the military, I was excited that US Army Nurse Corps offers Public Health Nursing as a specialty. Just like every Army Nurse, I had to start all over again at the bedside nursing. My first unit was the Medical-Oncology Unit. I could not get away from my previous question why there were so many sick people.


CL: In your opinion, what is pandemic and how were you involved in a pandemic, a term very often used now?

MR: Pandemic is simply an epidemic of infectious disease that’s usually spread from one country to another, becoming global.

In 2007, I finally saw my career as Public Health Nurse in the Army. Army Public Nurse is a member of the big Preventive Medicine Department. The intense Army Preventive Medicine Course is required for all the allied healthcare professionals. In that course, I had learned brand new set of terminologies quite different from what was learned in nursing school such as epidemiology, surveillance, outbreak, epidemic, pandemic, contact tracing, determinants of health, etc. More relevantly, I learned about epidemiological triangle of disease transmission: host (us), agent (microorganism) and the environment (hand washing, hygiene, sanitation and social distance (isolation), density. It is a basic understanding that if one of the parts of the triangle is taken away or done something, there is no disease.


CL: COVID-19 is not the first pandemic that you’ve have been actively involved, right?

MR: The outbreak of the 2009 pandemic novel H1N1 virus put my nursing career front and center. When the pandemic was detected in the country, all military bases worldwide were put on high alert. Each Public Health team in every military installation prepared and trained for the worst scenario. Guidelines were established and published. Basic and common-sense public health measures were imposed such as handwashing, hygiene, sanitation, covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing, and social distancing, a new terminology that altered people’s interaction with one another.


CL: Do you remember how it started?

MR: When the first case was confirmed under my watch, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. I had to contact with the index patient and establish his circle of contacts right before he was experiencing symptoms. Contact tracing was a very tedious work, but this was the first step how to identity who could be exposed. People identified in the tracing were required swab testing. With full collaboration and cooperation from all the different agencies, military and civilian, and following the strict guidelines implemented, the case was easily controlled and mitigated. No other case was confirmed, at least in that particular installation. Obviously, it does not need a rocket science to defeat even the most virulent virus. As the pandemic corona virus (COVID-19) started to be transmitted in the country, it was a déjà vu and it brought back memories of the previous pandemic. In this COVID-19 scenario, more stricter guidelines were imposed such as banning of large gatherings, Shelter-in-Place, Stay- at-Home, Lock Down. The spread of the virus was far more rapid than we have reacted to it. If only every individual, every community, every community leader, religious leader, every politician, and every policy maker, reacted quicker to the pandemic virus, it could have been a game-changer. Maybe we could not predict or prevent the occurrence of an epidemic or pandemic, but when it happens, the basic public health measures that we should have been practicing such as, hand washing, covering mouth when sneezing or coughing, staying home when feeling, should be our first lines of defense. Older people and people with underlying health conditions are more vulnerable because of their weakened immune system. Healthier people have stronger immune system to fight against any virus or microorganism. The sooner the virus is controlled and mitigated, the need for Treatment is greatly diminished. 

A Must Read: “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia” is out soon!

You can’t miss this out! We are beyond excited to present you the third book of a series by the talented author Christopher Laird.


Christopher Laird is an author from Detroit, Michigan. He has been writing science fiction since he was 15 years old. He has only now realised his dream of publishing two best selling novels(ORIGINS AND ETERNITY'S PAST). Mr. Laird is also working on a stage play for his upcoming short story THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS: FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF AN ALIEN, which is the third book of the ORIGINS series.


Christopher Laird is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Laird is currently studying at Harvard University to deepen his understanding of Psychology. Mr. Laird is  also an active member of The Detroit Institute Of Arts and The Detroit Zoo to help them to become world recognised institutions.


Join Christopher Laird as he reaches new bounds in his journey to write compelling stories. He currently has stories that will be adapted into stage plays and his Amazon best selling novel ORIGINS is in the process of hopefully being optioned for a motion picture. Keep up to date with Chris Laird as he continues to usher us into a new era of science fiction. Join his Facebook fan page to keep up with him: You can also check out the news section on his site: 

We interviewed Christopher about the upcoming “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia”.

CP: Hello, Christopher! How are you doing?

CL: I am doing well, thank you.


CP: We can see the Covid period was really productive for you, since you are coming with the third book! So exciting. Or was it already finished?

CL: During this difficult time, I had more than adequate time to put the finishing touches on the novel. It has really benefited me. Although it was nearly complete, this down time as allowed me to expedite the process in my favor.


CP: How in general was Covid-19 pandemic for you?

CL: It was certainly an interesting time. It was a great time of introspection. It really helped me to put my life in perspective and evaluate where I am in my life and what I need to do to improve on myself.


CP: The two first parts of the ORIGINS series became Amazon best selling novels, that’s impressive! Do you expect to beat this success with the third part?

CL: We certainly hope so, that is our goal. With the parameters of the pandemic, it may impede several marketing avenues we have used in the past. We just have to improvise and try new things to get the word out. Doing virtual book tours via Zoom and other formants are options we are going to pursue.


CP: Well, let’s come to our main topic. Tell us about your inspiration with “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia”.

CL: It has been a fun series to write. I have enjoyed continuing the series as fans have been throughly entertained. I enjoy the characters as they continue to progress through their arcs. They are evolving and that is what makes writing about them more exciting.


CP: Is the third part final in the series or do you plan to have a continuation?

CL: We plan on doing a continuation. As long as fans continue to buy, I will continue to write. There is even a possibility of the series extending beyond its current plot if people want more of it.


CP: Your reader’s testimonial: “this would be a great movie if they ever decide to do it”. Actually, do you plan to create a movie script based on the novels?

CL: We already have a stage play based on a short story from the series. It was set to debut this winter. Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone it until December 2021. It is called "The True Meaning Of Christmas: From The Perspective Of an Alien. In addition, we are also working on getting the series on the big screen. A script is currently in the works, but nothing has been green lighted as of yet.


CP: So when is the release of the part 3 planned?

CL: It will be released this fall. It is currently in the final editing phase and will be released sometime in the 4th quarter of the year. Fans can go to my website to stay updated.


CP: Thank you so much, Christopher, for you time! We are looking forward to the release of “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia”!

Joy Ahn Ngu's latest Hit on God TV - Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn

Joy Ahn Ngu is the fashion-forward mother of two who has helped her parents, beloved Pastor Ché Ahn and his dynamic wife Pastor Sue Ahn, add and develop a media brand to their internationally-recognized Christian networks including Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California and HIM International Ministries which comprises tens of thousands of churches worldwide. Poised for success, Joy was raised in the Christian ministry from the early days when her parents would hold services within their own home for just friends and family.

Soon, though, the ministry grew and the Ahn family name became synonymous with Evangelical Family success stories. “My parents have always sought to be vulnerable and to use our family experiences as testimony whenever possible,” Joy explains, “which is why I believe that we are relatable and likable and have had a profound impact in the communities they Pastor.”

Today, Joy Ahn Ngu lives in Pasadena, California with her husband and two small children. She has executive produced and co-hosts a break-through show on God TV called Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn where sought-after Christian leaders such as Cindy Jacobs and Mark Chironna discuss a multitude of fascinating topics and everyday interests. “The show was entirely my father’s vision. What I love about my dad is his ability to relate empathetically to all people. I have a deep respect for him because he is Kingdom minded - to him it is always about how he can help others,” Joy explains, “The show provides a look inside personal relationships, personal stories, and very real vulnerable moments. It’s very special and like nothing else, because it

brings internationally recognized preachers, evangelists, leaders and prophets into a safe space and introduces the viewer to their most relatable sides.”


Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn airs Tuesdays at 8:30pm EST on GOD TV!


Watch here!


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