This Boss Woman Is Making An Impact In The World!

Shaina Renee is a serial entrepreneur, a woman of faith, a mother, and a true power woman. She was raised in Chicago but has lived in several countries such as Italy, China, and Paris. Shaina has two degrees one in business marketing and another in hospitality. She started modeling at the age of 17 and has worked with many modeling agencies (e.g.) Elite Model Management. When traveling the world she noticed the lack of diversity for models and brands and this is when The Model Knowledge Group (TMKG) was created. A diverse creative agency that focuses on elevating your art. At TMKG they produce events, marketing campaigns, and overall outstanding brand development. TMKG has been around since 2014 and is making a difference every day.

Shaina is also a business coach, she is the founder of SRSL Consulting which is quite different from her fashion background. However, helping small businesses gain access to funding is a true mission; the lack of these resources is one of the reasons why most businesses fail. She wanted to change the narrative for women-owned businesses because to her being financially literate is important.

We asked Shaina to give us two key principles on how to brush up on financial knowledge.

  1. Read books. An excellent book is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

  2. Learn about investment strategies and hire a mentor.

Ms. Renee’s goal is to continue to build many businesses that impact the world, so her legacy can live on forever. One of her favorite quotes is “ I don’t like being put in a box, if God calls me to the mission, I know it’s the correct path”.

To stay connected with Shaina Renee or any of her businesses please go to

High-Profile Model Priya Soars with Naked Lynx Loungewear

Naked Lynx Loungewear was founded in 2020 by Priya Jain at the height of the pandemic, one year after she moved to New York City. Priya wanted to create a fashion brand that would empower women by helping them to project success through magnifying their personal appeal and by contributing to their overall sense of self-worth.

Prior to launching Naked Lynx Loungewear, Priya was well-acquainted with the world of fashion through her countless photo shoots and projects as a leading model. Her modeling resume would be nearly impossible to cover exhaustively, although her prominence in the industry is attested to by her innumerable collaborations with the world-class photographer Ash Gupta (mainly for 838 Media Group in Los Angeles as well as in Gupta’s own galleries).

Other high-profile photographers that Priya has worked with include Kesler Tran, Yves Huy Truong, Max Thompson, Jen Senn and Sam Demshek. Priya has walked for Veronica Paegen in the Miami Swim Week and in California for Nordstrom’s Trunk Club Business Wear, and she has modeled for such illustrious brands as Brilliant Carbon Jewelry, Gooseberry Swim, Wolford, Fae Swim, Veronica Peagen Swim, Raju Clothing, Blu Dream Swim, and 138 Water. Priya’s image became so in-demand both inside and outside of the modeling industry that she featured in music videos for Snoop Dog and Monday Justice.

Priya’s prolific modeling career has given her two unique vantage points from which to approach women’s fashion:

By working with highly talented photographers as well as the personnel of top luxury brands, Priya developed an intimate understanding of exactly what communicates success, beauty and personal magnetism.

Furthermore, as an in-demand model who has posed in countless photo shoots for the crème de la crème of luxury fashion, Priya developed an uncommonly intimate understanding of what exactly makes a woman feel successful, beautiful and magnetic.

Priya incorporates her unique insights into her own company’s approach to fashion, rolling out products that will better enable women to not only be their best selves, but to feel like their best selves, too. Since these products are largely informed by Priya’s modeling career, which has had a particular emphasis on luxury resort wear, the brand’s catalog offers silk and satin robes, swimsuit tops and bottoms, and high-end sweats.

Finding New Inspiration – From Barcelona to Bora Bora 

Priya is a committed cosmopolitan, running her company from both New York City and Los Angeles. Priya also makes frequent trips to the fashion capitals of Europe where she always gathers fresh inspiration. Her influence is not limited to the European and American continents, however. A self-described ‘travel junkie,’ Priya has also visited India, Japan, Bora Bora, Cancun and Anguilla. Priya finds inspiration not only from the fashion designers in these areas around the world, but in the regional aesthetics and flavors of these places.

Priya is equally influenced by the simple pleasures of slowing down and soaking in a particular place. The feeling of laying in the sun on a picturesque beach is imbued into every one of Naked Lynx Loungewear’s products. As the company succinctly puts it, their products are “for the babe that likes to be seaside in Malibu or poolside in the Hamptons.”

The Values of Naked Lynx Loungewear  

Priya is a vegan of eight years and has an indefatigable passion for animals. For this reason, the company does not make any use of animal products in their catalog. With the proceeds from Naked Lynx Loungewear, Priya hopes to start an animal rescue sometime within the next ten years. The company also takes great care to source all of their products locally between New York City and Los Angeles, to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

With their catalog, Naked Lynx Loungewear aims to facilitate greater happiness and self-assurance in women around the world.

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The Queen of drama: Deja Renee releases single that burned the chart hot!

Deja Renee, a breakthrough artist of the year, just released her single “Jealous” which just hit #36 on the iTunes Charts! Wow, that is hot. Let’s talk about it.  

Deja Renee is not a drama queen but still can manage to master all angles of a relationship that is confined with jealousy. Through these emotions she still manage to put together a 80s concept from the sound of the beat and her lyrics. This song truly gives you an idea of just who is Deja Renee. Full of passion and emotion, bright and hot, Deja Renee is a true rising star of 2023!

Keep up with Deja Renee Spotify: Deja Renee


IG: @itsdejarenee
Artist: Deja Renee

She just released her single “Jealous” which just hit #36 on the iTunes Charts!

2023 Radikal Neon Gift Guide

Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of art, a functional night light, or a fun and playful addition to your home, we have something for everyone. From signs for the home bar to team logo signs and more, our signs are sure to add a touch of personality and character to any space. So, whether you're shopping for a friend, loved one, or even numero uno, consider giving the gift of neon with Radikal Neon.



The Ambilamp is a sleek and modern lighting option that is perfect for any contemporary home. With its minimalist design and sleek lines, this lamp will add a touch of sophistication to any room.

This lamp would make a great gift for anyone looking to update their home decor. It would be especially well-suited for a minimalist-style home, as its simple design will fit in seamlessly with the rest of the decor.

The perfect gift for any design enthusiast who appreciates unique and innovative home decor, the ambilamp's unique shape and RGB colors will surely catch the eye of anyone who appreciates modern design, and it would make a great conversation starter in any room.



Mini rad tiki - monotone

With its bold color and playful design, the Mini Rad Tiki will add a fun and lively touch to any room, and its small size makes it perfect for any space, from a bedroom to a living room to a home office.

This neon sign would be perfect for someone who loves to add unique and unexpected touches to their home decor. The light's bold color and classic design will certainly turn heads and make a statement in any room, and it would be a great conversation starter for anyone who enjoys hosting parties or gatherings at home.



Cocktails & dreams

The "Cocktails & Dreams" neon sign is a fun and playful lighting option that is perfect for anyone who loves to entertain.

Its playful design is sure to be a hit with guests, and it will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any home bar or entertainment space.

It’s also perfect for a fan of the classic film "Cocktail" starring Tom Cruise. The sign's playful design and reference to the film's famous line is sure to be a hit with any fan of the movie, and it would make a great addition to a home bar or entertainment space.



NZ on air

A true slice of Kiwiana, the "NZ on Air" neon sign is sure to add a touch of Kiwi charm to any space.

The perfect gift for Kiwi expats, our NZ on Air sign is sure to cure homesickness. The sign's playful design and reference to New Zealand's public broadcasting service are sure to be a hit with anyone who has fond memories of 2000’s Kiwi culture, and it would make a great addition to any space.



LA dodgers

This neon sign would make a great gift for any die-hard Dodgers fan who loves to show off their team pride in their space. Iit would be a great addition to any space that is decorated with sports memorabilia.

Our ‘LA Dodgers’ neon would be perfect for any LA native who loves to show their hometown pride, or a fan of the Dodgers. The sign's bold colors and team logo design are sure to be a hit with any baseball fan, and it would make a great addition to any space that is decorated with sports-themed decor.



LA skyline

The "LA Skyline" neon sign is a beautiful and unique lighting option that is perfect for anyone who loves the city of Los Angeles. With its stunning depiction of the city's skyline and bold colors, this sign is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any space.

This neon sign would make a great gift for anyone who loves the city of Los Angeles and wants to show their pride in their home or office. Its beautiful depiction of the city's skyline and bold colors are sure to catch the eye of anyone who loves LA, and it would be a great addition to any space.




The "Sprinkle" neon sign is a fun and playful lighting option that is perfect for anyone who loves all things sweet and indulgent. With its bold colors and playful design, this sign is sure to add a touch of sweetness to any space.

One potential gift recipient for the "Sprinkle" neon sign could be a friend or family member who loves to bake and is always whipping up delicious treats. The sign's playful design and bold colors are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves desserts, and it would make a great addition to a kitchen or home bakery.




The "MJ" sign is a fun lighting option that is perfect for any fan of the legendary basketball player. With its bold colors and iconic design, this sign is sure to be a hit with any fan of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

A great gift for any die-hard basketball fan who loves to show off their love for the sport in their home or office, this sign’s bold colors and iconic design are sure to catch the eye of anyone who loves basketball.

The "MJ" neon sign is a fun and unique lighting option that would make a great gift for any fan of the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan.



It was always you

"It Was Always You" is a beautiful and romantic lighting option that is perfect for anyone who loves all things love and romance. With its bold colors and sincere message, this sign is sure to add a touch of love and charm to any space.

The "It Was Always You" neon sign is perfect for a friend or family member who is in a romantic relationship and wants to show off their love in their space. "It Was Always You" neon sign is a charming lighting option that would make a great gift for anyone who loves all things love and romance.




Perfect for the garage, the "Workshop" neon sign is perfect for anyone who loves working with their hands and creating things. With its bold colors and playful design, this sign is sure to add a touch of creativity and inspiration to any workspace.

This neon sign would make a great gift for anyone who loves to work on DIY projects and is always tinkering with new ideas and creations. Its bold colors and playful design are sure to catch the eye of anyone who loves to work with their hands, and it would be a great addition to any workspace that is dedicated to DIY projects and creativity.


We have a wide variety of unique and eye-catching products that make for great gifts for any occasion. With a range of sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, you're sure to find something for everyone in 2023.

The 2022 Fresh Faces Project Awards Honors 30+ Influencers and Innovators From Around the USA

At The 2022 Fresh Faces Project Awards, the organization and its Founder, Calynn M. Lawrence, bestowed a variety of awards, titles and honors to over 30 hand selected creatives, entrepreneurs and public figures from all over the USA at their annual pro bono ceremony! Some of their most notable honorees include television star Andre Bellos, retired nursing leaders Leretha Thomas, Marianne Galloway and Adia Anderson, and pageant queen/education leader Dr. Delmar Dominique Peterson.

The Fresh Faces Project is a nonprofit initiative owned by the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation. They have provided free and discounted PR & Marketing services to over 700 beneficiaries since their inception in 2014. They made history in January 2021 as being one of the largest pro bono marketing agencies in the world and have been seen on the front pages of media giants such as but not only Yahoo! Finance, Billboard HipHop, E! News Sri Lanka, New York Times Daily, The Washington Mail, The Los Angeles Tribune and more! They’ve been coined a “legion of legends” in the media led by the Founder, Calynn M. Lawrence (Ms. USA Universe Tourism 2021), that has been called “Supergirl of Small Business PR (Various outlets),” “One of The Greatest Minds In Creative PR (A Valid Review),” and “The Queen Midas of Small Business Marketing (Humor & Style Magazine).”

This year the ceremony hosted a thorough program with three separate honors that were available to guests! They bestowed LIfetime Honoree awards to guests who had shown immense support to their cause and made sizable contributions to their industries and communities. They offered Innovator Awards to creatives and entrepreneurs who have been making waves in their fields. And, most notably, they had the official coronation of their second class of Royal Ambassador queens, The Artists of Altruism, who will reign for the next year representing the organization in their philanthropy, business and entertainment work! Some of them were repeat queens who did well in their reign last year. One of whom, Destiny Faith, was the 2022 Service Leadership Award winner for having the best service portfolio.

The profiles of these chosen queens are not only notable but highly impressive and the work that they have already done in their communities speaks volumes! It is no wonder they were given the highest honors available within the organization, royal ambassadorship to reign for an entire year as the faces of the cause. Some of their quotes include:
“Throughout my rein this year I plan to focus on being the advocate for all victims of sexual assault, but most importantly children. Being a survivor myself I know how hard it is to come forward and I hope I can be the courage others need to report their own assaults.”
- Destiny Faith, Ms. Fresh Face Universal 2022, 2021 Service Leader Awardee
“Our family faced a huge tragedy this year that left my husband paralyzed chest down. During this time I've learned the hard way the complications and impacts of spinal cord injuries. I will be using my crown to not only speak out on SCI and everything surrounding it but as well as the role spouses/family take on when they become full time caregivers to one injured.” - Carolyn, Ms. Elite Fresh Face Universal 2022
“As the appointed Ms. Elite Fresh Face USA 2022, I have the opportunity to serve my reign congruently with my 2023 title as the "Most beautiful on Earth" Miss Tourism Pageant Ambassador. Although the word pageantry seems glamorous, I always gravitate towards platforms that encapsulate philanthropic qualities. With that being said, as an ambassador of the earth I will strive this year to create fun events in and around my community to showcase global awareness.”
- Michaela, Ms. Elite Fresh Face USA 2022
“My Pageantry Platform is raising awareness and garnering resources for the homeless population in America. This issue is important to me because it affects so many people, especially young mothers and members of the BIPOC community, both of whom are groups I belong to and empathize with. A quote that inspires me is ‘The Happiest People I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others’ by Gordon B.Hinckley.”
- Marshae, Miss Fresh Face America 2022 “ I'm a breast cancer survivor, 19 years and counting. This is something that is near and dear to my heart. So, this year I will focus on that, but will be open to anyone who may need a listening ear, dealing with any type of cancer or chronic illness. I'm here to support those who are fighting or have fought disease. No one should have to deal with it alone. I have supported these causes long before I was diagnosed. Thus, if I can help make even a moment in someone's life, it will be well worth my effort.”
- Miriam, Ms. Elite Fresh Face America 2022
“ I received a shining star award while thriving through the pandemic and now am advocating for Colon and Renal Cancer. My mom, Alice Morgan died from Colon Cancer in 2006 and my Nephew, John Hackney, Jr.(AKA Little John and my Fred) died from Renal Cancer in 2015. So, I want to stress to everyone the importance of screenings and early detection to help fight for this cause. Being that, My platform is bringing awareness to Colon and Renal Cancer. My mission statement is ‘When it comes to Cancer Screenings, don’t just do it for you, do it for those who love you.’ ”
- Linda, Ms. Forever Fresh Face USA 2022
The ceremony is invitation only and self-funded by their parent company with no ticket sales, entry fees or nomination fees to make it 100% accessible to every demographic! Its Founder sets this in place because she does not want anyone who deserves recognition to be stifled by their financial situation. Thus, the food, drinks, raffles and actual awards are of no charge to guests as a part of their pro bono cause. The credit for this amazing event also goes to the contributors who made it happen outside of its Founder! She gratefully thanks the volunteers who exemplify the mission of the initiative : Photos by A Taste of Chicago, Nikhaule from Insight Communications, Lovely Arielle, and Larry Miller. Decor & catering was done by Damuchi Does It, Leretha Thomas & Toriano Lawrence. Set Up And Take Down was done by their beloved volunteers. They also received two generous post-ceremony donations from the Galloway and Anderson families.

The event is a fantastic extension of their nonprofit work and is a beautiful way to honor and uplift talents who are changemakers in their community! The Fresh Faces Project does an outstanding job of selecting a phenomenal pool of honorees every year who embody the heroism, talent and diversity that they represent! This year was no exception with a stunning roster of real world rockstars on their honoree list.

If you would like to support, join or learn more about the Fresh Faces Project, please visit for more information on their upcoming opportunities to participate and give back!

Meet a new breaking Los Angeles based music label God Knows Records

In the age of TikTok and short videos, is that true that being part of the music label is not importnat? In fact, even though virality is more accessible, than ever, recrd labels are more important than they have ever been! And here s why.

We’d like you to meet a breaking Los Angeles based music label God Knows Records.

Established on desire and fulfillment, God Knows Records is a Los Angeles based, independent record label and publisher, a part of the story of great talents in music.

First of all, the label is home to the next generation of the most promising artists. God Knows Records understands that each artist is their own individual, reserving the artist development to be flexible and suitable to their story and vision.

God Knows Records is run by people with experience in the industry who know what kind of music your audience wants, and how to bring out the best in new artists.

The third reason is that for live instruments, that expensive studio time and access to the producers is something that God Knows Records provide the musicians leading to better sounding music.

God Knows Records are also perfecting the PR of the artists. Check the insta of the artists Dorin Hirvi - @dorinhirvi, Sicksways - @cultleaderharley, Harley - @sicksways who are the members of the label.

Lastly, while self-releasing music is an option for unsigned artists, getting music onto popular distribution platforms like Spotify, Beatport and iTunes can be an arduous and sometimes expensive process. This is where record label come in. Digital music distribution is not always straightforward or easy to wrap your head around. God Knows Records advise artists on which platforms to distribute their music through, and can get the music onto those platforms for them, saving the musicians time and money.

Shark Sports Investment Club Now Offering Services for Average Bettors and Direct, One-On-One Consultations

Club specializes in sports betting risk management


Shark Sports Investment Club, which specializes in sports betting risk management, is thrilled to announce it is now offering a $50 monthly service charge for average bettors and direct, one-on-one consultations for clients looking to risk amounts in six and seven figures.


Located on Madison Avenue in midtown New York, Shark Sports Investment Club is a clubhouse for sports bettors and people looking to capitalize off the sports betting market. In addition to its sports betting risk management specialty, Shark Sports Investment Club provides monthly services and individual opportunities for clients to make money. The club has more than a decade of experience.


As evident on CEO James Moultrie’s Instagram account @sharksportsbitch, this clubhouse is lifestyle-based around sports betting, beautiful women, cigars and luxurious living. It’s logo and content are color theme-based with the self-proclaimed and unique teal color – coined “Shark Sports Investment Club blue” by Moultrie.



“We are in the matrix of sports betting and have the poise, discipline and moxie to get the job done at a high level,” says Moultrie.


According to a story in Forbes, New York’s online sports betting market is expected to hit $1 billion in annual revenue. The legalization of sports wagering has spread across the country since 2018, when the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, the Forbes story states.


A story in Forbes from February 2022 notes that last year Americans wagered a record $57.22 billion on sports, up 165 percent from 2020, bringing in an all-time high in revenue of $4.29 billion.


Shark Sports Investment Club can be followed on Instagram at @sharksportsbitch.



The Body Dec 22

We are excited to present an amazing model Mia Clarke on the cover of The Body December issue!