Stay tuned with El Mo3: Pandemic Emergency Release!


CP: Hello, how are you doing in the pandemic? 

EM: Hi, Overall I feel good. Doing my best not to worry about whats going on. I AM staying away from the News channels & eating healthy and drinking lots of water in the hopes I do not catch this virus


CP: How the pandemic affected your daily life? 

EM: To be completely honest. It hasn’t effected me as much because I usually only hang out with very few people. All close friends of mine and that is if I am not working. i am dedicated to staying in the studio. Majority of the time I am working.  The one thing I wish I could do though is see my parents.  Unfortunately for their protection I must not see them. 


CP: Did you want to give people an extra bit of happiness and motivate them while being locked out? 

EM:  Yes, I want people to have a moment of time where their problems are forgotten.  Getting lost in the music for anyone is such an important part of what I do. The artists I listen to do that for me.  So why not pass that on.  


CP: What inspires you now when things got so crazy? 

EM: The madness inspires me. It helps me work. I’ve always been brave during tough times. Tough situations will either make or break a person. For me especially now that we are under quarintine, isolating self can be such a tool while on the path to self discovery. 


CP: By the way, why El Mo3, what does your name mean? 

EM: In Italian EL MO Means The PROTECTOR. I am using my platform as a way to give to people and help make history. Huge fan of DeadMau5 and loved what he did with his name.  So I thought wouldn’t it be cool to have a 3 at the end. Plus the name was brought up to me by my friend Ricky Tepperberg. 


CP: We know that music is not the only passion of yours. How about gaming? It must be a gamer's paradise today, isn't it? 

EM: OMG YES and it will only become much bigger.  Ive been participating in Tournaments before E-sports was around.  Gaming for me is a good way to take a break from the music. I have fun but sometimes I need a break from the games as well. 


CP: If you'll be able to play with any artist alive or dead, who would it be? 

EM: FRANK SINATRA. I can never have to much of Frank. 

Alive for sure DeadMau5.  Joel is one of those guys that just never stops working and he never switched styles of music for any reason. He is the same ole Joel.  


CP: What is your professional goals for 2020? Any new releases? 

EM: I am currently producing a tech house album. I released my first EP on February 28th which is still doing really well.  At the end of the year I will do another EP.  Another goal of mine is to be featured on Billboard magazine.  


CP: What is your biggest dream? 



CP: What is your inspirational quote of the day? 

EM: Live in the Moment. Tomorrow is Never PROMISED. 


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