We often see successful women that can afford anything and think that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. And this cannot be further from truth! The reality is that successful people struggle hard and optimize their lives to do what they are best at. And by doing what they are truly passionate about they achieve success!
Marilyn Monroe hired a cleaning lady as soon as she could afford it. She wanted to devote all her time to career and acting. Delegating tasks that are hanging on you is the key to success! And today we want to share with you an amazing service that will help you be excellent in the task that most women are not keen on — doing laundry!
Marieke van der Graaf is a CEO of Laundrylicious, first online laundry service that serves all Southern California. It has never been easier before! Your laundry will be sorted, picked up, washed, dried and delivered to your home! We decided to ask Marieke few questions about this amazing service.
CP: Hi Marieke, I personally never liked doing my laundry and I am sure many women feel the same. And going to dry clean is expensive and often takes a lot of time. Using we even need to call anyone. It is a easy as booking online and everything else will be done for you! How did you come up with this idea?
MG: Most of my clients are successful attractive people who are very busy with their career and sometimes kids. They don’t have time to do the laundry but they don’t need a full time housekeeper either. And they want to look great! I’ve been dreaming to have such a service myself to solve my problem, so I created a business that I am passionate about and I want to share it with the world!
CP: How long would it take from the booking online to the clean laundry delivery back to my home?
MG: We pick up the laundry and return it within 48 hours. We fold it and hang it up like you just bought it new. We make your garments look perfect, from shirt to socks.
CP: It is great when you can plan you life and delegate tasks to be effective and successful. It is also incredibly fast! Do you accept all kinds of clothes?
MG: Oh, absolutely! We pickup all your household linen, your comforters, dry cleaning and if anything needs alterations we can take care of that too. We have 24 hour and 48 hour services available and can accommodate same day service as well.
CP: It is great, because it gives an opportunity for women to do what they are best at and free the time for the family and friends! Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us! 
MG: It was a pleasure. My mission is to help people achieve success by doing what you know best. And I will do what I know best in my business with Laundrylicious!
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