MNJgang Luxury Collection Launches Cool Gangsta-Inspired Set of 
Tees, Hoodies, and Tanks

One of the coolest luxury apparel lines to come out of CAlifornia “Madam Norma Jean GANG” embodies the LA culture like no other brand has. Redefining what the world thinks of gang culture Madam Norma Jean Gang calls themselves a lifestyle gang instead of brand. A gang that represents positivity and street luxury.
“Coming from LA gang culture I decided to create something that was the true foundation of the culture that I was apart of. Take out anything violent or criminal and the foundation is loyalty, hustle, leadership structure and fearlessness. Rewriting the narrative through my eyes someone who lived this.”

We asked Kitty Peterson about the latest news and launches of MNJgang new collections.

CP: We hear that MNJgang is going to launch a new collection of super matte red lipsticks just after pandemic. Tell us everything about it!
The idea for the all red lip collection was to compliment all skin tones. It has always been so difficult to find reds for women of color so I created 7 different shades of reds so we all can find our Perfect red.

CP: Your clothing lie is also made from ecological and recycled materials. It is hard to overestimate the importantce of ecology nowadays! Is the production of these pieces essentially more expensive than casual cotton and spandex Tees?
 It’s super important to us that our products are ecological friendly. The MNJgang customer expects a higher quality product from us and they don’t mind paying a bit more then other street wear company’s. luxury comes with premium prices.

In the company’s most recent news, MNJgang is launching their hot new "MADAM'S ONLY" collection, with seven shades of super matte red lipstick, once the pandemic is over. Until then, there is a wide variety of merchandise to shop, including the Embroidered Champion Bomber Jacket, the Unisex MNJgang Hoodie, an All-Over Gang Gang Print Crop Tee, the Women’s Gang Crop Tee or the Unisex Long Rider Kitty Sleeve Tee.

MNJgang welcomes subscribers to for a chance to win the entire "Madam's Only" red lip collection.
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