Exclusive interview With Model, Actress, Cosplayer Reshá

Today we have in our studio Reshá, for an exclusive interview. We are so excited!

CP: Hi, how are you today!
A: I’m great, happy to be here!

CP: What is your inspiration for the day?
A: Gratitude, I’m just grateful for everything in my life right now and it reminds me to keep going every day so that I can inspire others!

CP: You’re a model and you have fantastic pictures! What was your craziest experience on the photoshoot?
A: The craziest thing I’ve done so far is climbing the side of a mountain for waterfall photos that I never even got!

CP: What is the most memorable picture that was taken of you?
A: I enjoy cosplay modeling the most and my favorite shoot was when I took photos of my Starfire costume. I got a lot of support from one of the photos going viral in a meme.

CP: Tell us about your acting experience. How did you come to act? Was it an easy thing for you?A: I got into acting by accident, I was told I would never make it as a model so my agency started sending me to acting auditions. I did a few small gigs in middle school and later did theatre in high school but I was never trained professionally, I just imitate what I see.

CP: What is the most touching story that you've had in acting?
A: When I was a kid I made friends on set very easily and the other kids were excited to meet young actors like them so that would be my best memory is just being on set with my friends talking about how much we hate algebra together haha.

CP: We know that one of our hobbies is cosplay. How did you get into that?
A: Video games and anime are what inspired me to start making costumes. I started getting serious about it when I was around ten years old and I started hand sewing bigger projects. I couldn’t afford much so I used to use thrifted clothes or old sheets and just try to paint or dye it to look like the costume, it was terrible.

CP: Do you go to some events or cosplay festivals? Which?
A: I used to go to conventions all over the world before covid hit, but I hope that I can go to Twitchcon this year. I’m a huge fan of the larger anime and comic cons so I might not be able to attend any for a bit haha.

CP: What is your biggest dream?
A: My dream is to gain more experience in the acting world and one day be on a show. I’ve always wanted to be on TV and I’m hoping one day I’ll get to live my dream.

CP: If you can have an opportunity to act with any person dead or alive, who would it be?
A: I would love to work with Halle Berry or Nina Dobrev, I look up to both of these women for their strength, beauty, and talent. It would be amazing to learn from either of them.

CP: Thank you so much for the inspiration!