A Must Read: “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia” is out soon!

You can’t miss this out! We are beyond excited to present you the third book of a series by the talented author Christopher Laird.


Christopher Laird is an author from Detroit, Michigan. He has been writing science fiction since he was 15 years old. He has only now realised his dream of publishing two best selling novels(ORIGINS AND ETERNITY'S PAST). Mr. Laird is also working on a stage play for his upcoming short story THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS: FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF AN ALIEN, which is the third book of the ORIGINS series.


Christopher Laird is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Laird is currently studying at Harvard University to deepen his understanding of Psychology. Mr. Laird is  also an active member of The Detroit Institute Of Arts and The Detroit Zoo to help them to become world recognised institutions.


Join Christopher Laird as he reaches new bounds in his journey to write compelling stories. He currently has stories that will be adapted into stage plays and his Amazon best selling novel ORIGINS is in the process of hopefully being optioned for a motion picture. Keep up to date with Chris Laird as he continues to usher us into a new era of science fiction. Join his Facebook fan page to keep up with him: facebook.com/chrislairdscifi. You can also check out the news section on his site: www.chrislaird.net 

We interviewed Christopher about the upcoming “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia”.

CP: Hello, Christopher! How are you doing?

CL: I am doing well, thank you.


CP: We can see the Covid period was really productive for you, since you are coming with the third book! So exciting. Or was it already finished?

CL: During this difficult time, I had more than adequate time to put the finishing touches on the novel. It has really benefited me. Although it was nearly complete, this down time as allowed me to expedite the process in my favor.


CP: How in general was Covid-19 pandemic for you?

CL: It was certainly an interesting time. It was a great time of introspection. It really helped me to put my life in perspective and evaluate where I am in my life and what I need to do to improve on myself.


CP: The two first parts of the ORIGINS series became Amazon best selling novels, that’s impressive! Do you expect to beat this success with the third part?

CL: We certainly hope so, that is our goal. With the parameters of the pandemic, it may impede several marketing avenues we have used in the past. We just have to improvise and try new things to get the word out. Doing virtual book tours via Zoom and other formants are options we are going to pursue.


CP: Well, let’s come to our main topic. Tell us about your inspiration with “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia”.

CL: It has been a fun series to write. I have enjoyed continuing the series as fans have been throughly entertained. I enjoy the characters as they continue to progress through their arcs. They are evolving and that is what makes writing about them more exciting.


CP: Is the third part final in the series or do you plan to have a continuation?

CL: We plan on doing a continuation. As long as fans continue to buy, I will continue to write. There is even a possibility of the series extending beyond its current plot if people want more of it.


CP: Your reader’s testimonial: “this would be a great movie if they ever decide to do it”. Actually, do you plan to create a movie script based on the novels?

CL: We already have a stage play based on a short story from the series. It was set to debut this winter. Due to the pandemic, we had to postpone it until December 2021. It is called "The True Meaning Of Christmas: From The Perspective Of an Alien. In addition, we are also working on getting the series on the big screen. A script is currently in the works, but nothing has been green lighted as of yet.


CP: So when is the release of the part 3 planned?

CL: It will be released this fall. It is currently in the final editing phase and will be released sometime in the 4th quarter of the year. Fans can go to my website www.chrislaird.net to stay updated.


CP: Thank you so much, Christopher, for you time! We are looking forward to the release of “Origins 3: The Children Of Mykia”!