Important film festivals go virtual due to the coronavirus in 2020.

Cannes, Guanajuato(#GIFF2020), Barcelona (#BIFF2020) and more join a new format of film festivals this year

Cinema enthusiasts around the world are in for a very pleasant surprise: famous online film festivals are online now and that open the door for new and independent filmmakers. The Barcelona International Film Festival or the Guanajuato Film Festival are samples of the creativity of the organizers to can run a real online experience of a film festival.

Not only the Barcelona International Film Festival has migrate online amid covid 19. Due to the global coronavirus outbreak, biggest cinema festivals have become used to doing many things online, which turns out to work surprisingly easy for festivals. 

The Global Film Festival, We Are One is another fantastic reference of what the festivals have to do this year to can serve as a small consolation for cinema addicts, after the cancellation of popular cinema events, like the Festival of Cannes. 

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the entire business of producing, distributing and exhibiting movies, with film festivals taking a particularly hard hit.

Organizers of film festivals scheduled for the spring and summer months have responded to the crisis by canceling, going online or postponing in the (probably vain) hope that the number of infections will recede enough to make their new dates feasible. 

Some famous film festivals are coming up with a innovative online version. The Independent Awards of the Barcelona International Film Festival will pivot all activity online.

The festival said: “Due to greatly increased concern regarding the epidemiological situation in the world, and record cases of Covid-19 infection, we at Barcelona International Film Festival (#BIFF2020) have made the decision to conduct the 2020 edition of all festival events entirely online from November 23-27, 2020.” 

BIFF2020 the independent awards, is open to audiences worldwide and will allow users to subscribe to the entire festival programme for seven days, or select individual titles and content, plus a variety of online activities to connect with filmmakers from over the world.

Be part of this film festival represents a unique opportunity to connect and enjoy digital screenings, panels, filmmaker Q&As, musical performances, and some of the most exclusive and original content of the professional and independent film industry. 

The Barcelona International Film Festival, The Independent Awards is open for submissions via Filmfreeway with a Gold discount of the platform.

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