Sebastian Duarte Griegо: Interview with Social Media Guru

Sebastian Duarte Griego, a name not know in many households yet present in over 4 million. This social media titan that  has built up a social media empire across multiple accounts. 

Sebastian had a childhood not too dissimilar to that of the rest of the public, his parents led a 9-5 life forever stuck in the rat race of the real world. Sebastian, approaching working age himself realised that this life was not one for him, instead he opted to explore his inner passion of entrepreneurship with the dream of creating his own vast wealth. 

Using his knowledge of social media Sebastian started his instagram journey all the way back in 2017, with a bit of consistency in his posting schedule the followers started rolling in with Sebastian reaching in excess of 40,000 followers within just a few months! 

Sebastian’s success in the instagram space led to him making a name for himself within the community and before long Sebastian was working with California based digital marketing agencies aiding them in boosting portfolios. This wasn’t the only hustle Sebastian had going on either, this driven entrepreneur also ran ecommerce sites, driving traffic via facebook ads, a money making method that has since become infamous in the online world. 

Sebastian’s influence spreads far and wide, directly influencing his 4 million followers via his social media accounts whilst indirectly doing the same to many more millions through his work aiding other large accounts.


CP: Hi Sebastian, thank you for joining us at Cosmo Press! How are you today?
SDG:I am doing great, thank you!

CP: How did pandemic affect your empire?

SDG:IT didn’t, in fact I was able to accomplish many milestones and expand my online business thanks to the extra time I was able to get due to being in lockdown.

CP: Can you tell us how did you get started with social media?
SDG: For sure, everything started in 2017 where I saw several people making a living out of instagram and other social media, I decided to start my very own page which led me to where I am today.


CP: Did you take any course on marketing?
SDG:I remember watching a few YouTube videos but nothing special.

CP: What would you advice for people who are starting social media blogging today?
SDG: I'd say that its never too late to start, people can get quite far with social media but the main key is simply being consistent.


CP: What in your opinion are the key features to succeed as a social media influencer?

SDG: There are many ways to succeed in this industry but the main thing is to stick to an original idea and start working on it non stop, like every other job it should be taken seriously.


CP: Is that true that today you won’t get following without investing in advertising even if you have the most brilliant content?

Yes, as I mentioned before, you need to see this as a real business and invest money from your own pocket when the time comes.

CP: What is your favorite social media platform for creating content?

CP: What is your motivational quote of the day?

SDG: There is no such thing as luck, its just preparation meeting opportunity.

CP: What is your biggest dream?
SDG:To be financially free.