Tips To Increase Your Instagram Visibility

You recently opened an account on Instagram and wondering how you will increase your reach within a short time. Below are snapshot strategies and tactics that you can use to improve your engagement as well as space. 

However, with these tips, you will guarantee more people into your account. 

Post Unique And High-Quality Content

According to Instagram, ranking higher on your followers' list goes hand in hand with producing high-quality videos as well as great content. There is no brainer here; the most shared liked content on Instagram is often visually striking.

When making a shot, consider bold colors and breathtaking landscapes. Make a video to stop everything they are doing and hit 'Like' on your post. Even if you are in a boring industry, high-quality videos will elevate your position. 

Make Use Of Crazy Filters

The multitude of filters available on Instagram can elevate a poor-quality video to breathtaking with just a few screen taps. Instagram researchers have found that filtered images have 21% more viewership chance and 45% more likely to get a comment than those without filters. 

They also found that the most useful filters add some 'warmth' to your post. High contrast images will improve the exposure of your pictures.  Filters create an excellent first impression, which is essential for your post. 

Connect With The Audience

The most important thing on this platform is your audience. Try and respond to every comment; even a simple 'thank you' will make your brand appear personable. 

The most successful brands rely on visually compelling or captivating stories to connect with the audience. This can be done by sharing beautiful stories accompanied by interesting or unique quotations. Here, look for anything you think will capture the attention of your views. 

Consistency Is Key

According to Buffer, the most consistent brands on Instagram posts an average of 1.5 mages in a day. While putting up videos or contently is vital, ensure you don't bombard your audience with too much boring content. The trick here is to find a magic number that works well for your audience. 

When posting, think about everything from filters, the colors, lighting, and caption to develop your identity. Moreover, it is essential to create a unique visual identity to recognize your brand. 

Don't Forget To Use Hashtags 

Another easy way to increase your following is by the use of Hashtags. If you are not sure how a hashtag works, think about your brand's primary keywords. If your target audience is based on a particular region, use location-specific hashtags. 

If you are stuck and still unsure how to go about it, use online resources. Enter a hashtag related to your post, and a list of popular hashtags will automatically pop up. 

Take Your Time And Study The Competition

Look at the brands related to yours, particularly those with a massive following. Check what they are doing right and what you are not doing. Examine the difference between the content they post and your content. 

While copy-pasting is not the best thing to do, implement those techniques, consider that which your competitors are doing right, and implement them as your strategy. 

Reach out to influencers

Influencers are individuals with a massive following. A study conducted by Nelsen found that 92% of consumers trust individuals over brands. While numbers are a good thing, it's not always about quantity; quality also matters. 

An influencer could have a considerable following that does not fit your buyer persona. Putting your money on such an influencer is like draining down your cash for no fair use. Invest your money on an influencer that will make your posts generate comments. 

  Evaluate Your Success

Ask yourself why one of your posts will generate 100 likes and another 500 likes. Did you use filters in one? Is it about a hilarious caption, or the post just resonated with your audience? 

Once you figure out why some posts are famous than others, you can go ahead and capitalize on what you did right buying cheapest Instagram views on your prominent posts. 


While you do all this, remember the most important thing is to make your brand as relatable and personable as possible. Make high quality and relevant content, and the algorithm will reward you at the end of the day.