Cosmo Chic February is out!

“You may want to remember the name - SKAG - a band with a wild techno industrial vibe. Their harsh and abrasive sound combined with the characteristic vocals of Lincoln Torreyson is hard to forget. But it’s more than music. SKAG creates visuals that compliment their music just right. Halloween-like costumes add atmosphere and mystery, just like those created by the sound they play! We are excited to have Lincoln Torreyson for an exclusive interview and ask him everything you wanted to know about SKAG.” 


CC: Hello, Lincoln, we are so excited to feature you on the cover!

LT: Thanks! It's a pretty dope mag you guys got here and it's my pleasure to be the cover story for this issue!


CC: How’s 2020 been for you? We’ve all been locked up! How did it result on your music?

LT: 2020 has definitely taken its toll on us all for the new normal starts to seem normal I ask myself why but I think the truth is as much as we don't wanna hear it, this stuff happens and by "stuff" I mean crazy shit! Crazy shit has been happening since the beginning of time and it's well documented its just our turn to experience it. As far as music goes, I've recorded a lot of material! I'm constantly mixing and sampling something new all the time! It's literally my therapy through all of this crazy!


CC: Everyone’s moved to online it seems! What in your opinion would be the influence of COVID-19 on the music industry?

LT: Anyone that's an artist with access can upload and stream! That's a great thing! As with more and more artists emerging everyday the web just becomes more and more saturated and it makes it harder for those newer unheard of artists to stand out. Music has changed so much since I was a kid it's crazy! COVID has definitely pushed a more digital market for sure.


CC: Do you think people would go as far as organising ZOOM concerts with thousands of people online? Would you be up for something like that?

LT: I could totally see something like that being organized and absolutely without a doubt would participate! It's a beautiful idea! But don't get me wrong when I say that it will never compare to the real thing, the real deal is the best of the best and it always will be!


CC: We love the vibe of your music! It’s harsh and industrial! Just like the name of your group sounds. Is there any particular meaning under the word “SKAG”?

LT: SKAG is old school 1970's slang for heroin… so it simply means dope! With that being said I'm glad you enjoy the vibe!


Read the full interview in "Cosmo Chic" February issue.

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