Franchise TYG Drops New Album for the Fans

Good news for the fans of Franchise TYG finally came through with the artist’s new album to be released soon in January. For fans of music artists, waiting is one of the most hectic situations that one can imagine. However, after waiting several months and while pandemic restrictions ruined everyday lives, the news has surely uplifted the spirits.

Marquise G. Lightfoot or as the fans know him Franchise TYG is a hip-hop artist from DC. He became a sensation for the industry with his song "Ice on Me" Remix. The song was released back in 2019 and started to gain listener growth. By September 2020, the song was widely listened on Spotify, and Franchise TYG gained successive growth in the industry ever since.

The song peaked at no.11 on iTunes, which is when the artist paid attention to introducing new collections of his hip-hop remixes. 

In an up-close and personal interview, sources were able to get some insights into what the artist is working on. "Everyone has an opinion. You just need to take it with a grain of salt," TYG replied when asked how he perceived his critics. "Right now, I’m focusing on my new album’s project, making sure that it’s perfect not just for the fans but for me as well.”

“If I had known what I’m looking forward to doing, I would’ve engaged with my music a lot differently. From budget allocation to music location, marketing, and all that, I would’ve considered every factor with the knowledge I know now,” TYG replied when asked regarding the difference between him today and back in 2019.

His interests are somewhat different; though TYG was caught in a hurdle when asked what he would prefer listening to all his life. The 3 albums the artist mentioned included N’Sync’s No Strings Attached, Jay Z's Greatest Hits, which was still difficult for him to choose from, and lastly Bruno Mars' 24k Gold. Though the artist felt a little bad for not picking up anything from the King of Pop Michael Jackson's greatest hits.

One of the keen elements about Franchise TYG was his confidence. “I’ve learned a lot of lessons but there wasn’t anything that had stunned or surprised me,” the artist replied when asked regarding his what he found surprising during his journey.

Just like other artists, Franchise TYG prefers working alone when writing his music. However, he’s a team player; yet according to him he “likes working when the environment is in his control.” 

Every artist has his favorites and for Franchise TYG, Jay Z or Drake are the ones that he would prefer opening a show for. Even though he aced his school with A’s, TYG was clear about how he felt regarding his twice arrest and jail for possession with intent.

Whatever the past may be, Franchise TYG is now focusing on improving and progressing in his music career with all zeal. The artist is all clear regarding himself and what he needs to put in his music for the fans to recognize him. 

Artists like TYG need to focus on creating music that would stir emotions and zeal among the fans. This has been one of the keen focuses for the hip-hop artist and TYG is making sure that he becomes the apple of the eye for his fans.

The music industry sees unreal talents now and then. For Franchise TYG, the journey has just begun, and launching his new album can surely create his space as a hip-hop icon.