Exclusive interview with Jada Allen

We are proud to present Exclusive interview with Jada Allen!

"My name is Jada Allen aka as Jae, I’m a 20 year old singer and song writer. I’ve recently started my music career in 2020 with my song closer and recently released my latest single “self love”. My goal to do with music is to branch out enough to be able to inspire young girls creativity and show them what it means to be a true artist but most importantly a business woman. It’s always important to know exactly what you want and to be assertive with your career. If I could give up and coming artist like myself any advice it would be. Don’t worry about how you’re viewed as much as you’re worried about your ability to creative and push your empire to the next level. Don’t focus on the end goals as much as you focus on the very adventure “making it” is. Remember that money, fame and status isn’t the end goal , the goal is to have the life and dreams you’ve always desired and nothing more over shadows that. Hard work and dedication is the key!"