Exclusive interview with Sidney from Sidney Kay Designs

Sidney Kay Designs was founded to help local businesses build the essential digital marketing solutions to effectively improve their online presence and promote business growth.

Sydney is a consultant at Sidney Kay Designs. She helps busy small business owners simplify digital marketing with local marketing systems that are focused on local search visibility, website visitors, more leads, and sales. Sidney is spotting and filling in the gaps in marketing strategies that promotes growth of the business. 

“Your brand deserves a strong foundation and clarity and that’s why I’ve dedicated years and service to helping clients since 2014 hash out their most pressing marketing dilemmas.” Says Sidney, - “It’s my mission to help you take your business online with the digital marketing essentials that you will need to support your traditional marketing efforts and campaigns.”

We met Sidney to ask her everything about marketing and business growth!


Hi Sidney, how are you doing today?

I’m doing great! It’s an honor to be here today, love your magazine, you've had some impressive guests.

We are so excited to hear about your company Sidney Kay Designs. Sounds like everyone needs it! Marketing is a hard thing especially for small businesses who don’t have huge budget for promotion. Which are the most common mistakes business owners make it their strategy?

Not Having A Digital Marketing Plan
One of the most common mistakes that small business owners make in their digital marketing

strategy is not having a marketing plan. You may get lucky, but you will waste time and money. It’s important to have a marketing plan that spells out your marketing strategy, specific tactics you’ll use, how much they’ll cost and how much time they’ll take can streamline your efforts and increase chances for success.

Refusing to Try New Marketing Activities

Most small business owners are overworked, time-stressed often juggling multiple priorities at the same time. Which makes it all too easy to fall victim to complacency in their marketing activities. However, marketing is ever-changing and it’s imperative that you show up consistently to promote your business, and remain open to new ideas and different types of marketing. Make decisions based on your analytics, reporting, and be patient. There isn’t always a quick fix, but pick the most appropriate marketing strategy and tactic that addresses where you currently are and what you’re trying to achieve.

Using Social Media as a website replacement

Believe it or not some small business owners feel that there’s no point in having a website when you can have a Facebook page. Choosing to have a Facebook page over a website, is like building a house on rented land. Your social media efforts should drive people back to your website, promote brand awareness, generate leads, or even book appointments. Take advantage of all the wonderful things that social media has to offer, but don’t forget that social media is rented property, you own your website so make smart, savvy, and strategic decisions.

Overlooking the power of local marketing

If your business caters to a local audience, has several service areas, and/or has a brick and mortar location, local marketing is a must-need strategy. This is the most common overlooked marketing tactic that brick/mortar small businesses tend to make. Local marketing allows you to hone your resources on a select audience, one that can actually respond to and shop from your digital and print advertisements. Small business owners that are having success in their local marketing efforts tend to to have or have done the following.

  • ●  Have a mobile friendly website

  • ●  Localize your website.

  • ●  Claim your local listings on third-party websites and directories.

  • ●  Invest in local SEO.

How did Covid-19 impacted digital marketing?

The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the importance of having an digital marketing strategy and having the infrastructure to take your business online, engage with your customers, and have e-commerce solutions to generate revenue. The pandemic was truly a reality check for the businesses that weren’t prepared and haven’t invested in their marketing before the pandemic hit. Most businesses that I’ve encountered and had the pleasure of working with continued their improvement/transformational digital marketing plan throughout the crisis. Covid-19 really forced small business owners to slow down and look at areas of their marketing they may have neglected,as well as explore new exciting marketing activities. Small business owners are strong, and are the fabric of our economy. Through digital marketing they have continued to build their brands and generate the required leads and sales.

What is the best social media platform that you would recommend for businesses with small budgets?

There are several social media platforms, from Twitter to Facebook, Instagram to one of the latest popular platforms TikTok, however regardless of what platform you choose to invest your time, effort, and marketing dollars on. You should define your target audience before you spend any money on social media marketing campaigns. As well, as find out what platforms your customers are using, then pick one and do it well. Make sure that you develop and track your content success. Facebook and Instagram tend to be user friendly for small businesses and offer an abundance of insights and targeting to help you get the most out of your marketing budget. But at the end of the day, no social channel is better than the other; it simply depends on the audience that you are trying to reach.

Is it possible nowadays to get organic growth on social media?

Yes, it’s indeed possible. Organic social media can be an effective strategy to grow your social media channels if you’re ready to think outside the box to engage with your audience. You have to be consistent and look at your audience and content and figure out what social channel fits your audience best. You can reap lots of rewards from organic social media marketing, including boosting your SEO, increasing your brand loyalty, and connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

A lot of small business owners try to manage everything themselves. Do you have some time management tips and tips on how to start delegating?

That’s a great question! The first tip is to not take everything on at once, instead determine what tasks will be addressed, and keep each project narrowed and focused. And use project management software where it makes sense to do so. We use Asana and most of our clients use it as well. Once you define your project objectives, you should then take time to plan, and assign tasks wisely, leverage partnerships with reliable partners and nurture those relationships as they are vital for bringing your marketing and projects to completion, as well as running a profitable business.

What kind of services could one get at Sidney Kay Designs?

We specialize in local search marketing, website design, social media, and branding. We also partner with Shopify and provide e-commerce website design and consulting. We love small businesses and our services are tailored to fit specific needs of small business owners and niches. We’re also launching a digital marketing course specifically for small business owners that covers everything you need to know before investing in digital marketing.

How could one get in touch with Sidney Kay Designs?

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram @sidneykaydesigns and on Twitter @Sidneykdesigns. We’ve also launched a Facebook Group called Business Essentials. It's a private Facebook group for small business owners, entrepreneurs can connect, share resources, get access to free masterclasses, DIY marketing tips.


What is your motivational quote of the day?

“Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are” – Theodore Roosevelt