"Cosmo Life April" cover story Melisa Ruscsak

Successful writer, podcaster, businesswoman Melisa Ruscsak agreed to meet with us to share the secrets behind her success inan exclusive interview for the “Cosmo Life” cover  story.

“People look at me and see a woman who looks put together. What many don’t see is my struggles to get here. From a rough childhood, two failed marriages, and a medical emergency that should have never happened. You see where I am today , yet without the strength from my past I would never have gotten this far. Without finding mentors who have believed in me, I wouldn’t have been able to change my mind set to what I need for my company to succeed.” - says Melisa. The strength of Melisa shines from within letting her spread her positivity, love and kindness to the world. We are proud and excited to ask Melisa some questions you’ve always wanted to know.

Hi Melisa, we are happy to have you on the cover! What projects are you presently working on?

Oh, wow. Projects that I’m working on? Well, let’s break this down a little as I do too many things all at once. So in the realm of publishing I have just released the first issue of Trient Press Magazine for Authors and Entrepreneurs. My new novel “The Secret of the Sword” which is book 1 of “The Obsidian Chronicles” Is just  coming out. Plus, my publishing house is releasing several new releases. Then there is the Radio show and Podcast that is awesome to be able to talk to others on.  


But let’s switch gears a little bit as I also have a few modeling and acting gigs coming up. Nothing big as this is my hobby. Where, as my screenplay writing also has several features coming up.  


How has stardom changed you?

Stardom? Oh no, I’m not a star, or at least I don’t see myself as one. I’m just a person chasing a dream that very few would dare to chase.


How do you balance your work and private lives?

Work life is easy, everyone calls me by M.L. I keep set business hours although my version of set hours is not your 9-5 est. it’s a time slot where I can reach anyone regardless of country or time zone and still have hours to sleep. 


Now private life. If you look at my social media you won’t find too much about my private life. It’s private. I may post something about my daughter but that’s proud mommy moments. Everything else is private.

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