Meet TR-Gang, rising star from Bangkok

TR-Gang is a talented DJ/Producer from Bangkok, Thailand. His music is hype and gritty with an electronic charm. Let's learn some more about TR and his career.

TR-Gang is influenced by classic EDM artists like Skrillex, DJ Snake, and DJ Soda. He likes how these artist create their music in new and creative ways. You can hear this same charm in TR's music. With his song "Hard" you can see the influence that hard EDM has had on him. Go checkout this song below.

Learning how to produce music professionally can be a daunting task, but TR learned how to do it by himself. He would watch YouTube tutorials to learn different techniques and eventually mastered his craft. In addition to his international influences, TR found that local DJ's like Queen Rana in Thailand really helped him formulate his sound. He actually began making music as a joke, but it ended up turning into something real.


-Signed: Blanco y Negro Music (spian)

-Signed: Jaywork (Italy)

--Signed: D.o.M (USA)

--Signed: Seven Hip-hop (USA)

-Signed Future House Radio

-Top 10 indie Alliance UK radio show

-Win vote Trust the Doc UK radio show

-Rix Victory

-Top 1 Spinning record talent pool

-Top 1,2 VIRPP genre Dustep


-Burn TR-Gang ft.Bindi the first

-Coco TR-Gang ft.Kandi bard

-Dream TR-Gang ft.Tim moyo

-Lit TR-Gang ft. Honey B Sweet&Slim spitta